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Stocks, Stress, and Acupuncture

I just recently received my first acupuncture and coupling therapy or should I say rather relaxation time. I just got the massagers info off the internet and she was very friendly and willing to charge me a lower rate for my income. She first did massage, then coupling which is like heated suction on your back to take out acids, and then needle pins in my hands, feet, ears, and head. It is suppose to reduce or get rid of stress for a week. I’ve been pretty upbeat and I have to say more then usual. Even my roommates have told me last night I’ve done a 180, but I think it was more of just being in a good mood and joking the horror movie more than anything. I also got to jam out with my friend on our music project so that was awesome.

Stress recently has gotten the best of me because I’ve been trading so miserably, decreasing my networth day by day, and seeing the pearly gates of heaven burn burn burn infront of me.
If I plan to make a difference in the world with money I’m going to have to make it, not lose it.

I recently, or should I say finally, got my bran new custom 6’6″ classic fish surfboard. I’ll post pictures soon. It’s very wide and fat more than I expected, but very quick.

As for stocks there has been super profitable plays all that I did not trade because I am in over my head in losing dead end trades. I really don’t believe in investments. I laugh at people saying I’ll wait 10 years for a stock to move in my direction. For myself I’d be really old by then. Why would I want to wait 10 years I suppose it’s the same type of person that strictly invests in IRA’s, 401K’s, and planning on retiring after 20 years of military or civilian corporate employment. Well that isn’t me! I want to succeed in trading options now within a certain time frame so I can retire early, much earlier then my peers. I’m sick of working. Working is for droids. I want to “live” and I really mean that in the wholeness of “live” not just work my whole life for no real purpose.

Well enough on the philosophical approach.
Big gainers recently have been probably #1 AMZN and AAPL. More calm big movers for the liquid market would be the QQQQ’s. If you haven’t you really need to check out the big mega trend. Could this be a very bullish year or is the market ready to puke up some serious profits?
Many stocks turned this week after the Dow hit $13,000 level. My MAY 05 105 PUTS in FXI are going my way and all the main charts are lining up for a big fat fall on FXI’s big ass. Things can always change and I may still be wrong if I don’t sell soon for a negotiably decent profit of around 20% for the month.

Recently I’ve seen a change in momentum on WTVI.PK. Not a stock I’m too fond of but its not even a stock its just a penny stock. If it IS TRUE that they enrolled a real astonishing 50,000 new members then its a big milestone and accomplishment for the boring yet “trying” website. This could create major new buying and at $.0035 cents WTVI.PK isn’t cheap, but curiosity.
Will curiosity kill the cat again?

5 responses

  1. I believe in investing AND trading. But waiting 10 years for something to happen is dumb. Mostly I invest by giving money to managers. I think your problem at the moment is the get rich quick mentality is pushing you into dumb bad trades out of desperation. Park some money in a fund or something and then focus on learning to trade consistently with the rest – don’t risk it all on your own ability in other words until you are really good. Trade something that is liquid – you can get lucky with these penny stocks – or lose it all, but much better to trade ITM options on large caps or something like that.

    May 2, 2007 at 1:48 am

  2. Tim

    Great post. Love the honest assessment of what you want and how to get there. Good luck!

    May 2, 2007 at 8:27 pm

  3. I believe the same. 10 years is too long and as for penny stocks its rare to pick one that succeeds to be worth more. I’ve made some bad trades, maybe my worst trades, for 2007. In a weird way if I lose all my money I’ll be forced just to sit back and watch the market, which I don’t want to happen, but it might be for the best since I can’t keep to my trading plan.

    May 8, 2007 at 8:49 pm

  4. Hey Tim.

    Thanks for the comment. You can’t lie when you lose big dollars.

    May 8, 2007 at 8:50 pm

  5. nice, interesting post

    November 29, 2007 at 3:18 am

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