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will big drops in the DJIA become normal? below 9,000 markets continue to fall – call and put options

I noticed yesterday that during the high of the day the majority of my practice trade call options were doing okay but ended up down by the end of the day. For my put options everything is correct which shows stocks will continual to sell off even when they are way out side the bollinger bands or even creating bullishing engulfing candles the next day red/white. Now with the DJIA below 9,000 i think the REAL selling is going to begin. Again, am I going to start buying put options? if I do I break my discipline trying not to do any real trades for one year. i mean, i’m not losing anything NOT trading, right? sure, my friend has made a good chunk and am I feeling impatient, greedy, and trade happy yes, this is the reason why i must not trade until i’m disciplined enough to know a good or bad trade and be smart enough to get out when i’m wrong, which I’m still not. is this saying I won’t do a few real trade put options before the year is over? hmmmm.

i will be posting my put and call practice plays. you can definitely see the puts are in green and calls are in red. tomorrow should be an up day after down 3 days stocks “should” bounce up, but from my experience usually stocks selloff more on a friday expecially near expiration on options.

after -777pt DJIA drop predictable “sold off” rebound begins

I didn’t even realize how low stocks sold off until I saw today before the open. I would have traded short-term like 1 day in/out call options on them especially the good stocks. But if you watched GOOG today it dropped again to all new lows. Scary. Very scary, but awesome at the same time if you were playing intraday put options on it. I’ve noticed in my optionsxpress account now whenever I am looking at financial stocks basically all of them say “no short selling allowed”. They are really starting to protect companies too much. If a trader is short selling a company then he is betting on the company falling for good reasons. In the real free markets there should be short selling. If the trader is wrong he’ll lose all his money so the trader must no something.

Although I expect the market to continue falling I can bet the market with such a large drop and even a large come back +5% across the board on indexes will move up one more day before they continue you to fall. Now that I think about it they may just rally into Thursday when the Senate votes on the bail. A great economic blog called Giving Up Control makes some real points about the bailout, congress, and wolves disguised in clothes.

Here are my call option plays for tomorrow:

practice call option trades

practice call option trades

call and put practice plays

weekly i’m going to start posting an updately call and put practice plays for all the stock options i watch. this will help me keep up with what is falling and increasing in price. it will also prevent me from buying in the wrong direction. options are meant to be short-term so all the practice plays are meant to be traded within a week. all these option trades are 95% only decision maded on chart technical analysis and company numbers. news has already been into effect into the chart picture (or at least i think so)

this week’s call and put stock option practice plays:

fn call and put practice plays

fn call and put practice plays