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Data on recent option trades going into april earnings

My two recent option plays:

Symbol: .QQQEX
Description: QQQQ MAY 50 Call
Stock: QQQQ at 44.13
Action: Bought To Open
Quantity: 30 contract(s)
Price: $0.14
Commission: $45.00
Reg Fees: $0.00
Net Amt: $465.00

bought qqqq’s because I think heavily nasdaq tech stocks are ready for a run into april earnings.
also on the weekly chart the stock rsi is about to cross over and stock looks to move up big

Symbol: .APVEI
Description: AAPL MAY 145 Call
Stock: AAPL at 143.22
Action: Bought To Open
Quantity: 3 contract(s)
Price: $9.95
Commission: $14.95
Reg Fees: $0.00
Net Amt: $2,999.95

bought aapl calls going into late april earnings call + big news on new iPhone which will be annouced in June 08. will likely sell calls before earnings then rebuy calls after earnings going into the new iPhone annoucement. also charts in my opinion show a real U shaped bottom reversal moving up on daily charts, weekly stock rsi has already crossed going up. 2 white soldiers on weekly breaking downtrend.

new trend charts posted – pause – who care’s abouting being a billionaire

I’ve updated some charts and posted them on flicker (right side). I still don’t understand why so many search “how to become a billionaire”. How about just being successful financially independent with no debt? I always find myself getting into trouble with business debt. It is suppose to be good debt, but I continually buy the wrong investments. Recently, at the trailor rv park, only 3 of my 7 trailers have been continually rented which 100% sucks. I dislike being negative, but I wish God would jolt me just a bit of luck, a bit of success, and bit of enjoying life. Since for me enjoying = doing well on investments, life on a regular day basis seems pretty shitty. I really don’t like putting myself down. Its crazy for all the accomplishments I’ve done for myself, but what I REALLY WANT and desire is to fill my bank accounts with TONS of money. With current negative disturbing cashflow this just ain’t gonna happen for myself. The financeninja will turn into the “broke-ass ninja”. For real.

This second trailor park I’m considering buying for $190,000 the fokes seem real nice and actually honest trying to desist me from buying the park if it doesn’t feel right doing it. Maybe they are right. Maybe I shouldn’t buy it, but now with student loans used to fund my first park which has turned out to be less than profitable decision I’m in a state that I have to buy or trade to earn enough to pay off this new load of debt and I mean a butt load of $43,000 new dollars owed to Mr. loaner.

Another option is to refinance my current single family home I rented for 45% more than its worth at a low interest rate and use that cash to pay off all my high interest loan debt being my car at 8.5% and new student loan at an amazing 12.5%! I would have a bigger mortgage, yet less to pay monthly being able to pay down the mortgage again while trying to enjoy life.
Trading is stressful. I’ve actually felt better a bit not stressing to trade even though I DESPERATELY need the money again, shit.

I was in a good fucking position in Feb 07 – fucked that up, then finally got in a good position in Sep 07 – fucked that up too. Dang. I wish I had a good mental problem like excuse but I don’t and have to accept this bad decision. Hey maybe they weren’t bad? Maybe just not the right timing or not well thought out since I’m so wrapped around making more and more instead of keeping what I have. “Conserving wealth” has been popping out at me and even my older friends have been telling me “hey pay off your car NOW!” and I’m like “nah man going to make this earn more and buy more real estate”; So I’m starting to understand who the smart and wise ones really are…even if they aren’t rich, aren’t billionaires, they are at a point I don’t understand yet because I still have TIME to go through ups and downs, stressful ones that is of course…

Well check out the charts. Even though I’m forcing myself not to do real trades although I DID somehow manage to me trade a sweet play on HOKU JAN 15 Calls (earning 250% bought at .15 sold at .70). Only made a $450 profit off $150, but I traded and I should have not. I’m trying to discipline myself not to trade. On TOP of this I just deposited $1800 of my rent collections to my account. Shit here I go again………..

I guess if I am going to trade it better be life/death trade and way IN THE MONEY and HAVE TONS OF TIME.