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Current stock market conditions + NTRI, JSDA, GOOG

For the first trading day of April stocks are up probably from fund managers buying them up, but on 233min, Daily, and Weekly charts I don’t see any stock trades. It almost looks as if stocks are starting to turn over to fall or have a bearish rally. The two stocks that come out that do show a continuing uptrend are NTRI @ $53 and JSDA @ $22. Jones Soda Inc (JSDA) is currently up 10% so I’d wait to buy into this “hot stock” at the moment. To read more on it check this out. It is being compared to Hansen Inc. (HANS @ $38) to be the next big beverage profit machine. Google (GOOG @ $456) looks like it is turning over on the Daily chart, but the 233min chart shows it has been sold off and possible ready for its next run. As you see in the 55 minute chart below it shows GOOG being sold off for the past 7 days and today created two white soldiers that broke the short-term trend down. Possibly tomorrow we might see a large spread.

GOOG 55 Minute Technical Chart (click on chart to enlarge)

goog stock chart

I sold out of my NTRI JUL 50 CALLS today for a 30% profit in 1 month holding the option. It was a bad trade, I’m actually in a crap load of bad option plays, I should of waited and not bought into any position in the current market condition. So now I’m in a bind to slowly wait for stocks to swing in my favor to sell out at breaking even or profitable. For instance my BA APR 95 CALLS are definitely not going the way I thought Boeing Co. would move. It has already received around 5-7 big orders and the stock, although moved to $91, has not reflected all the positive news that will boost its earnings and increase its capital. BA sits at $89 pissing me off. I feel my option will run worthless and then in June its bullish historial run will happen so I definitely got in to early unless I am “lucky” this month to get a quick big run to sell me out of my position profitably. BA does look like it is at its low for its stock trend going up and down so it might have a run soon. Another option I bought NYX SEP 115 CALLS stock went down to $82 now back up to $97 talk about major loss. Again, if I would of waited for a better play I could of bought it way low and made a small fortune within a months time. Lessons I suppose you can only learn from losing money and trading during times you should be waiting on the sidelines of the field anxious to play. I do have a lot of time left in the CALL, but once it hits $105 I should be sold out + 100% though I could of been up around +500% if I waited to buy when there was a true reversal in momentum.

As for my two penny stocks CCNG.OB and WTVI.PK. They are doing what penny stocks do basically blow up and die. Although both companies are following through with their plans, gorwing their business, what they aren’t doing is growing investors confidence. both positions are down -50 to -75% and I’m not happy and will have to wait much longer to profit once they have respectable moves if they make any real money to surprise new investors to buy their stock. I plan to rebuy both CCNG.OB at the .0001 level. Recently a stock trader has mentioned ETIM.PK and its pretty funny that a company is selling “collectable casket/urns” nonetheless people actually do but crazy stuff for pets expecially. I liked the website and I’ll have to review more. People do die everyday and so do pets with limited lifespans so I could see how it could be a profitable business even when your “core” customers die too! (WTVI.PK) following a minor uptrend, BA, NTRI just came out with a new press release on posting wedding video. I have to admit this is something definitely I don’t see or hear about on the web. The company is either crazy for thinking this up (being a private more intimate memory) or they are brilliant and wedding video posting might be worth $$$. I guess in the months ahead as they establish themselves on the internet (because it doesn’t just happen overnight coming from experience). WTVI.PK stock price has been volatile because it is a penny stock and because of this you shouldn’t ever be afraid. You aren’t invested your next egg or childs college tuition, you are rather investing a few thousand dollars or the price of a nice flat screen Tv. It is a speculative company.

WTVI.PK has been starting to follow a minor uptrend and lets all hope it continues with increased buying in the stock (the only way it will go up). I noticed today much of the buying probably was from the press release from over 13 million shares traded. For such a small company many shares are traded because relatively any investor can buy a couple 100,000 shares for less than a couple thousand dollars which is hard to do with any dollar stock.
Current stock price is support in the .012 to .02 range. Click on picture to enlarge below.

WTVI.PK Daily Stock Chart daily stock chart

Current Boeing has created a large candle with increased 787 orders and follows a strong uptrend. Check out chart.

BA Daily Stock Chart

BA daily stock chart

Nutri Systems Inc. has recently popped after earnings and mildly traded lower from the volatile sudden increase. 200 million share buyback is in place by company and target has been raised to $76 from increased growth. Besides this the companies correction was good so investors could get back in at $44 stock price. If the stock does not hit $49 by the end of the week I’m selling off my options most likely if the stock trade reverses itself. Currently the trade has a good story, but NTRI hasn’t been picked up on yet or Jim Cramer. Today it traded lower but 8 minute chart shows its still bullish to move higher into the next trading day.

NTRI 8 minute stock chart

NTRI 8 minute stock chart

NTRI Daily stock chart

NTRI daily stock chart

Bought back WTVI.PK @ $.023 – WTVI Marketing Plan

In WTVI’s latest press release the company does not say when they will use the $1 million dollars either before or after May 1st at least they have a plan now. A marketing plan that isn’t specified yet its a plan. I wrote WTVI asking them to please specify on how they will use the money whether it be on banner Ads, Google Ads, Overture, Linking, TV, Radio, or Pop Up Windows. I’d like to see their Ads when they come out to build their user database.

Currently at around $.018 to .025 I feel their is support and that is why I bought back some shares back like I planned to do when the stock dropped to a price where I felt it should be at. I would of waited to drop lower, but the price has been bouncing back up anything below $.02 so I purchased today at $.023. Once WTVI starts generating some revenue from advertising (when they get paid advertising) the stock will be worth at least $.10. With a little bit of hype, press releases, new investors buying stock, and growing user base the stock has a likely hood of rising to $.20 cents by May 1st. This is a BIG “IF” the company does aggressively market their website, new users come back to the site to use it again, and advertisers also agree that the site will also generate them revenue. Even at $.10 to .20 cents is an excellent profit on any amount of shares you have.

I’d really like to see the companies management come out with with a press release saying they are going to buy back as many shares as possible. It would show that the chairman and employees believe in their own company not just speculative short selling investors. Even if the chairman said he was buying back $10,000 worth I’d see that as showing he has credibility in what he says he is going to do.

Another stock following WTVI’s pattern, but has not been bought up by investors that is generating business currently is CCNG.OB (Charts of it are below also).

Below is Charts of WTVI 55 Minute, 233 Minute, Daily, and Weekly stock chart:

55 Minute

wtvi 55 minute stock chart

233 Minute

wtvi 233 minute stock chart


wtvi daily stock chart


wtvi weekly stock chart

CCNG, a product company, offer collectables for business to business retail and consumer retail (through and internet marketing) has started to receive orders. The company has also been in business many years and has recently gone on the pinksheets to grow the company. The currently price of the stock at $.0008 does not reflect the revenue it is already receiving. I estimate the stock to be worth at least $.01 – .05 depending on continued growth, residual orders, and paying off debt. Below are some stock charts of the 55, daily, and weekly.

CCNG.OB stock charts:

55 Minute

CCNG 55 minute stock chart


CCNG daily stock chart


CCNG weekly stock chart

Current option and penny stock plays I’m in.

Currently it looks like the Nasdaq could possibly be ready to start its next bull rally. Many stock charts are showing some selling, but long-term everyone is buying into different Tech sectors.

QQQQ’s Daily stock chart

qqqq stock chart

Recently I saw CCNG.OB was connected to WTVI.PK, but hasn’t been picked up yet. This company already has a good plan in place and is thinking ahead. They aren’t needy of to be a hit because they receive much of their business from other businesses buying their products to sell retail. It just recently had an order that will most likely give them repeat business and they are using an internet marketer which is a very smart thing to do if you want an internet presense to receive more exposure to big companies needing their products. I think they are taking the right steps to be successful. I also think their site is setup much nicer, more professional, and the image of the CEO is more updated and friendly stating “yeah I’m an older guy with a beard, but I’ve been in business for a long time and I can do the job right”. This is what it shows me. Alex’s picture from WTVI’s site looks to be from the 1980’s and its just a bad picture. I wish he’d update it. I see it as bad public view. If you say you are an internet video guru at least have a really nice looking image of yourself.

CCNG Daily stock chart

CCNG stock chart

Lately Casino’s have surprised me and they continue to profit and take peoples money. Atlantic City, NJ is making it more gambler friendly restructuring all the casinos and that is why I think LVS and TRMP are good casino plays. Currently the charts show a reversal in price for a possible move up either this month or in this year.

LVS Daily stock chart

LVS stock chart

TRMP Daily stock chart

TRMP stock chart

Last NYX exchange stock has been hammered down and recently shown some bullish trading. The DMI has just recently started to go down again when I saw it going up. This stock is kind of mixed and I’m a bit confused myself. The big trend shows it moving up and if Tech is in then I see this stock moving up higher.

NYX Daily Stock Chart

NYX stock chart

Follow up on WTVI.PK ( and other stocks.

So far I was at least right about choosing to sell when I did. Sure I could of made a bigger profit, but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to get in and get out. If I’m wrong will all my profits be gone and my initial investment? Highly likely. If Feb 19, 2007 shows a good product I plan to buy back in at a higher price because then I feel the company has some to generate money with. I actually like the idea of it being the first Hispanic video social site. This is more interesting then being the first wi-fi tv like site since there aren’t any sites offered services to hispanics out there. I’m not surprised to see WTVI traded over 75 million shares today, which many of those selling off the stock because if they were all to buy it would of been in the teens (cents). If you have already sold pat yourself on the back. If you are holding on for dear luck well then to the best to you. I hope you make a million bucks, but I’m not sorry if you don’t.

Since I’ve been on the mid-watch and stayed up just to finish this post I see WTVI did another press release (of course themselves not an outside source) on updating there site here. This is definitely going to spike the penny stock again. I notice it says “1000 new personal pages”, but what about just uploaded video in general; is there a limit? A standard in $25,000 stations? I really don’t think they get it yet. There is nothing about formatted tv shows or anything new to keep visitors on the site. Personal pages are only as good as the site is. I’m curious what the site will show in its “sneak preview”. I think a lot of investors currently buying shares aren’t even young enough to “know” what a good social internet networking site is to a young person. This is a problem. Hahaha. It’s even funny. If you are an investor do you have a page? a page? a page? a page? AIM? hahaha..well if you don’t then sign up and test it out and compare it to after Feb 19 then you will know if you have a great investment or not. Here are some charts below (click to enlarge).

WTVI Weekly Stock Chart

WTVI weekly stock chart

WTVI Daily Stock Chart

wtvi daily stock chart

Other stocks I’ve been watching I think are about to move up are MA, CAT, and BA.
All three companies are in an accelerating growth sectors either breaking a large downtrend or
slowly pacing its way up through solid earnings growth.

MA Daily Stock Chart

MA daily stock chart

CAT Daily Stock Chart

CAT daily stock chart

BA Weekly Stock Chart

BA weekly stock chart

BA Daily Stock Chart

BA daily stock chart

To end this post I found this really interesting news article on CPTH.OB talking about cellular phone subscriber growth in India. I was actually searching if Idea cellular has a stock symbol and was traded, but from my research and knowledge it doesn’t (If I’m wrong let me know!). I’m almost 100% certain I’ve come across this Critical Path company years ago researching stocks. Looks like it has plummeted to a super low. If this article is correct and reliable then CPTH could easily having a great quarter now that Idea Cellular is its biggest customer. They should make a profit with all those subscribers and turn into a profitable company again. I’m going to email the company and see what their plans are. It currently trades at $.13 cents. If Idea Cellular was publicly traded I’d really be interested in it. Another broadband service in India currently traded that is receiving tons of growth is SIFY. See charts below. (Click to enlarge)

Telecommunication Plays in India:

CPTH Weekly Stock Chart

CPTH weekly stock chart

SIFY Weekly Stock Chart

SIFY weekly stock chart

INP ETF Fund & ERIC Technical Analysis

India has been growing as an emerging country and starting to put in place the technology that will turn it around. Broadband internet is being placed throughout India. Wi-Fi cafes are becoming a hit and if the country does anything right we should see continued movement upwards in this ETF fund INP. A specific wi-fi company in India is SIFY.

INP Weekly Chart

INP week stock chart

INP Daily Chart

INP daily stock chart
2/23/07 Recent INP has broken through it support level around $53 and trades a little over $51.
All charts show it going down further until the downtrend is broken.

Another stock riding the internet technology wave is Ericsson Co. a telecommunications backbone company that provides 3G wi-fi services and networks. It’s earnings is April 24, 2007 and it has a solid trend up. It also has a low PEG score of 1.38, 13 Fwd earnings, expecting a surprise with increased earnings guidance.

ERIC Daily Chart

ERIC daily stock chart

ERIC 233 Minute Chart

ERIC 233 minute stock chart

It seems technology hasn’t been fully bought expecially telecommunication stocks. I believe this tech sector will gain the most this year just because for its growning need for this type of technology, positive news, analysis are buying it, the big players are putting their funds into it, and wi-fi/wireless/cellphones are the biggest trend right now. SIFY, ERIC, and ANAD seem like great plays. I don’t see any trades on any of the ANAD charts currently. It just received an upgrade and its speculative if the stock will show a profit this earnings. A big investment firm believes in it and it is a major player in the 3G and wireless technologies. Most of these stocks or competitors with these stocks offer leap year options for 2008 and 2009. I’m definitely considering just buying 10 contracts for 1 or 2 of these companies and not trading for the rest of the year. If companies are regular purchasing into the companies the stock should continue to trade higher, get upgrades, and the way the trend is setting the place for a wi-fi life profits should follow.

I am triumph! I am a king on valentines day! My first real adult disciplined trade.

Okay so I’m up $45,000 so far in my WTVI trade and the candlesticks are extremely large hitting BB’s and for the past couple of days its been straight upward movement. I’m expecting some type of pullback but I could be wrong. I thought to myself it doesn’t matter if I’m wrong and the stock would of made me a millionaire or if the stock drops to nothing and I regret not selling. So I thought to myself what is $45,000 worth to me? Well the biggest thing that came to my mind is that its one years worth of full-time income at my current rank in the USCG. With that said I immediately got out a dice and said “if it rolls even I’m holding it and if it rolls odd then I’m selling it”. It rolled a five and odd number. I was asking God subconsciously what should I do even though I knew I should sell it. I thought this is the first time I would put greed aside and conquer victory early instead of at the last minute. I feel like I’ve grown up and gone on to second grade with this trade. I ended up selling WTVI at $.047 and made +$38k within the 6 business days I held it. I feel great. I’m not going to regret if the the stock moves higher and higher. $38k to me is a years worth of income, can pay off my car, half of my last mortgage, or use it for a better opportunity down the road. I believe WTVI traded a bit lower, but I don’t even care. To tell you the truth I don’t even want to look up the stock symbol for at least a week so it won’t get to me.

I was actually down -$3200 bucks in an AAPL option trade gone bad which will all expire today worthless. I was told Feb through May are the hardest months to trade and its true. I think what I’m best at is technical analysis, but even that doesn’t work well during these choppy times. Since this trade worked out and I didn’t get over greedy on this 900% + trade I survive another day in the traders world. My account has reached close to my May 07′ goal of $48,000 on my way to $1 million.
I’m not worried about $1 million anymore. I feel so good about just getting out of this trade and paying off my new car possibly in less than 6 months of buying it for $24,000. That my friend is power. I’m putting aside around $10,000 just for taxes and I plan to leave only $2000 in my account to start trading again instead of a higher number just so I dont’ get greedy and buy really big positions that will make me lose quicker.

I feel triumph, victorious, the king of valentines day, and I feel I finally made a real good trade because I was very right about the charts, right buy in price, company hype and selling before actual news comes out, and most of all not being greedy and selling out early.

cheers to me!

Discussions on have taken off about WTVI

Since I started the first discussion and talked about how I saw the stock price slowly rising for WTVI by chart technical analysis others have came out posting too. I’m glad more discussion is being done on the company since its only blog site
does not allow investors, interested parties, or a simple reader reply back to any of the blogs posted. It says “team members only” meaning sales associates in a nutshell. I think this is pretty lame. If you are going to have a blog for your company anyone and everyone should be allowed to say what they want professionally. I suppose even can’t stop or my stock market blog. They should offer universal blogging on their site.

So far since I bought WTVI.PK off only technical analysis I was right about the MACD, DMI, and buy momentum. Someone has quoted it being at $.05 by Friday and I think that is a good possibility. I’d rather it move up slowly, but if it turns into a bust after Feb 19th then I think many of these shares will be sold off. But if is even a bit realisitc about updating its site format, uploaded videos for channels, and marketing the site the stock will definitely see spikes in the price which is good for me =). I would of not bought this company not even accepted if for $0 because the site didn’t even make me want to stay on it. Nothing interesting, no online members, and all the channels were so boring and ridiculously not realistic for a “tv show”. Usually when you pay $25,000 for a channel you have a tv show format and you try to make your audience keep watching, but this was definitely not the case on these channels.

Wi-fi wireless technology is booming and video on demand over the internet is increasing with major growth so is right to say they are in the right spot for explosion. Here’s a recently I read backing wi-fi wireless technologies full strength and some companies you might want to take note in. Scroll down to where it talks about wireless technology and backbone companies. Click here for Yahoo! Finance article.

To find my posts on WTVI discussion board click here.

Let me know your thoughts if you have any new news on the company or if you think it has a fighting chance and why.


Technical analysis for LMT, CMG, OIH, and ALGN stock charts + More

Recently I’ve been doing some technical analysis on many stock charts. I’ve found LMT, CMG, OIH, and ALGN to be with best plays for trading stock options. Also a review on GOOG, AAPL, RIMM, WTVI.PK below with some information on our real estate bubble we have going on today.

Lockheed Martin Co. (LMT) has a strong uptrend and will continue until broken. The current bearish conditions aren’t effecting it, at least yet. (Click image to enlarge)

LMT Daily Chart

LMT stock chart

Chiptole Resturants Group (CMG) is looking like a short-term pullback to around $59. If it supports at that level then it should continue up its trend. So far it has done very well for a new IPO in this market. (Click image to enlarge)

CMG Daily Chart

CMG stock chart

Oil Holders Trust ETF fund follows oil. Currently oil has started to move again, but keeps getting pushes down. I see OIH short-term moving further down and would place Puts. Now for tomorrow it looks like OIH and oil that plunges 4% will pop higher – see my 55 minute chart. It’s direction shows upward morning movement. (Click image to englarge)

OIH Daily Chart

OIH daily stock chart

OIH 55 Minute Chart

OIH 55 minute stock chart

Align Technologies (ALGN) a teeth braces company has just recently bought out a partner, had a profitable quarter, was just upgraded, and is creating a strong uptrend. (Click image to enlarge)

ALGN Daily Chart

algn daily stock chart

Some other stocks you should take notice of right now is Google Inc. (GOOG) falling to $458 which looks like it will fall further before it is bought into again. GOOG is sliding down against the Bollinger bands so I’d expect it to have small rebounds down. Apple Inc. was just murded down to around $83 everyone keeps talking about how it is overvalued right now, Citigroup just upgraded it to a buy with a $105 price target with excellent commentary, and it is just about to come out with new products late Feb 07. These are all reasons I think its going to get out of its downtrend and crater-like chart. I feel RIMM which is moving volatile sideways will soon push past the $140 mark to hit its target once AAPL moves fast in the same direction. The stocks almost mirror each other in movement and news.

Another stock to take notice is WTVI.PK – Wi-fi Tv Inc. I’ve bought up around 853,000 shares and thats about all I’ll invest (around $3800 position). From everyone I’ve posted with on blog discussions the investors are very unhappy with how the company is going about getting channels, members, and an audience. So am I. The funny thing is all these people have bought shares and I guess you can say we are 100% gambling with where the company will go. So far my investment has gone up 100% from $.004 to .01 below is a stock chart of WTVI.PK. I think the stock will really move if the format of the site has really changed to welcome young people and uploaded better content to keep visitors watching the channels.
(Click image to enlarge)

WTVI Daily Chart

WTVI daily stock chart

I just recently read an article on’s site about the dollar falling and putting your money into gold and silver. I can’t agree or disagree because I don’t know much about buying fine metals, but what I do agree with is the real estate market is out of proportion and ready for a big bust. If you are ready you could make a fortune after the bust if you have money ready to pour into cheap fundamentally good real estate.

AAPL, RIMM, and MA down, entire market down, dumb Feds and rate hikes.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) headed lower to $83.20 down 3% (-$2.91). Definitely a hit today with the entire market going down after Fed chairmain Bernanke said the U.S. growth has been too quick and a rate hike will happen. I was very wrong about AAPL and did not take in the fact that a big Fed decision was going to be made today. If I would of not have traded AAPL it would of prevented a big loss moved by the market after the rate hike decision. Investors not happy about this sold off stocks without any buyers their to get in on. Mastercard reported today (MA) and dropped 10% to $103 like its previous earnings even beating analyst expectations with investors worried about profit growth. Looking at the technical chart it looks like buyers were confidently getting back in at a lower price level the last hour to buy back the stock at the $100-103 range. I think its a buying opportunity now to with a pull back from $118, but with the current market conditions I’d wait to make sure and see a climbing pattern to show the stock is still bullish.

See MA’s 55 minute and daily chart below: (Click to enlarge)

MA 55 minute chart

MA daily stock chart

As for AAPL, if the entire market doesn’t rally next week I will be 100% wrong about it. It’s previous year during the time it made a strong downtrend and then was broken in Feb just like this year. The down trend has been broken and AAPL is due for at least a mini-rally. It seems CEO Steve Jobs head is getting a little to ballooned up with his iPhone product and iTunes music store dominating the digital music market. I read a bloggers comment about how CEO Steve Jobs would never release a product until 1 month before shipping to keep it secret and he broke that rule with the iPhone giving it 6 months until its release. Now other companies like Samsung are duplicating the phone look and must likely ship the same time giving more consumers a “choice”. So I think the blogger made a good point there where if its released a month before its shipped it doesn’t give huge companies time to make a simular product to compete with Apple Inc’s product. I guess we’ll see how things work out. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive talk about this iTV even though everyone that talks about it doesn’t even really know what it is or what it does. Interesting huh? From my knowledge it is basically a digital library to simplize it. You can put all your iTunes downloads on it connect to your Tv set to watch it. My questions is aren’t computer monitor screens just as good or even better than Tv screens these days? I think its taking a step back. I think Apple Inc. should of offered a big flat screen with the iTv built in or of made that a choice. It just seems like a lot of unnecessary electronics that will clutter your room to me. I like Apple but I think we should be kicking the Tv set out by now. I watch my cable on my lapton, project, or on my flat screen computer monitor. I think the Tv is bulky and out of the question of having.

Below is AAPL’s 3% sell off and most likely start to a bear downtrend:
(Click to enlarge)

Another stock trading more volatile then AAPL great for the experienced option trader is Research In Motion (RIMM) which also fell 3% today in the tech sector. Most of it’s buying opportunities have been in the $122-124 price range before it shoots back up to the $130’s.

See below in RIMM’s daily chart: (Click to enlarge)

RIMM daily stock chart

Buying Apple Inc. (AAPL). Why I’m bullish for AAPL & WTVI

If you bought Apple Inc. (AAPL) today at $86 I’m 100% confident tomorrows high will at least be $1-2 pts higher and close positive. I’m also confident AAPL stock has reversed finally to the upside and big buyers have stepped in. This is probably a short-term correct meaning it might go up for 3-4 days, but that is enough to make some money. If AAPL stock hits $89-90 by Friday I’m right. If it doesn’t then the stock is heading farther down quicker.

Check out this chart I have of AAPL. This is why I think a definite reverse in price is about to happen: (click on picture to enlarge)

aapl chart

Recently I’ve aquired half million shares of WTVI.PK and it is up around 65% within the past 3 days (which means up $.002 cents!). I plan to keep the stock until I think its a lemon or it hits $1 which ever comes first. I’m considering buying another half million, but I want to bring up my account first, meet my goals, and then buy more. I’m really excited about the company because Bill Gates backs the techology mix with social networking which is always a plus and the site definitely has something new to offer any consumer that has a wi-fi device that wants entertainment for free. I feel will provide this and get better at what they want to offer the more popular the site and service to members it becomes just like and

The stock is making great buying moves. Current volume is going up every day and all the diluted floating shares are being bought up and that’s what I like to see. The companies market capital is only worth right now probably around $200,000 dollars. This isn’t even a million dollar company. So if they aren’t able to get advertisers and sponsors within 6-12 months this company will be worth $0 most likely because of bankruptcy.

Here is the daily and weekly chart of – Both trend charts are showing a reverse in the stock price going up. It is currently hitting the bollinger bands on the daily which could make it come down, but if the stock is bullish and investors are buying in before the announcement then it should break through the BB. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

wtvi stock chart

wtvi weekly chart

If you’d like me to research your stock and blog about it shoot me an e-mail. -FN

Wall Street is happy with Fed’s “management” of soft landing economy – Also a OTC stock called

Today investors were happy including wall street with the Fed’s holding the rates unchanged and applauding Feds for “managing” the economy well even though the Feds caution investors ahead. Rates stay unchanged at 5.25% made the market go up after final decision was made. Many stocks have been beaten down and I feel one that will gain a lot from this will be Catepillar Inc (CAT @ $64) with a profitable quarter and positive outlook with economy.

I just recently have been viewing Hawaii’s for extra part-time income for my spare time when I get back to save more. In the sales jobs I found a sales opportunity for selling online Wi-Fi Tv channels at $25,000 a pop!
Seems expensive but could be very cheap if this site would become the number #1 for Wi-Fi Tv downloading on wireless laptops, PDAs, PSPs, and Cellular Phones. I checked out the site, the publicly traded company on the OTC pinksheets OTC: WTVI.PK, and CEO. Bad things are its financials with a lot of liabilities and debt. Positives are if it could gain market share in the online TV generation it could be bigger then offering actual Wi-Fi Tv to download and watch anywhere. Currently after a 1:500 stock split (truly bad) this stock tanked and lets say its original investors lost a great deal of the money they invested. Now the stock just sits dead smashed at less than a penny @ $.003

Now this could be an opportunity with the company pushing a new sales force to sell the site and channels and working on website traffic the companies stock is very speculative. Owning 100,000 shares after commissions would be a very low risk investment even if you lost all your money. Say the CEO and company does just one thing right and your investment could easily be worth a mega percentage more while the company grows and starts to pay off liabilities to become profitable. is something in the near future. has already made uploading videos and watching them possible, trendy, and sold for billions of dollars to Now to actually have a trendy Wi-Fi Tv service I think its going to take a lot more dedication and shows users are actually going to want to watch. Right now is just personal shows with some small bits of real tv news programs like and webcams.

It is currently trying to sell channels at $25k a piece for advertising or charity? Give me a break! Users don’t download advertisements to watch! This is where I’m confused and think the company is going to have a road block. I think the right thing would be selling $25k advertising Ads and making all the channels frees. Making millions of channels somewhat like uTube, but more geared to shows, talkshows, podcasting, and events and let users search what they want to watch and have advertisers pay to be in that main area with their specific unique product or service. Now that would make more sense. I’m going to talk to a sales rep selling channels. I’ll see what he/she has to say and see if I can actually view on my Sony PSP game sole which is Wi-Fi capable.

I need to be sold first before I invest even $100 into this company. If all these channels presently on paid $25,000 a piece for a crappy show or wi-fi tv advertising I’m going to be blown away because it seems like a waist of advertising money at this point. After viewing the channels as a free user nothing makes me want to use the service or watch it because theres nothing interesting on the site.

Once I get more on the scoop of WTVI.PK I will be sure to post something new good or bad about the company.

Reviewing stock market chart trends for Apple Computer (AAPL), Research In Motion (RIMM), Las Vegas Sands Casino (LVS), and Conoco-Phillips Oil (COP)

Below are some charts I saved for blog discussion. If you think I’m wrong about the direction of the stock then explain your “why” in the comments or if you think I’m right let me know also.

Below is RIMM’s Daily and Weekly chart.

First is Research In Motion (RIMM). Recently a large sell-off has probably been influened by a lot of reasons 1. Feb Bernanke comments, 2. Apple taking market share and AAPL self-off, and 3. Jim Cramers Mad Money showing saying to sell RIMM probably got fragile investors going. RIMM earnings aren’t until April 2007. Since the market is turning over right now and many over bought and higly priced stocks are getting a lot of profit taking. As you have seen with AAPL and RIMM as soon as fear is shown and investors are worried about loosing profit more selling happens bringing in a new trend of selling with worried investors. Just recently Fed Bernankes comments of a “fiscal crisis” is not what positive optimistic investors wanted to hear. That is a great reason to start buying Puts on all your favorite stocks.



Below is AAPL’s Daily chart.

You can see Apple Computer’s doji star reversal sign with a opening low gap after earnings. You can also see volume being sold off and changing direction. For the past 5 years AAPL has moved down after Q1 earnings even if beating analyst. I expect AAPL to open lower again 1/19/07. It might move higher, but end lower.


Below is COP’s chart.

Conoco-Phillips has been trading sideways with good size Call and Put trades going both ways. Currently I think COP is going higher even with the recent Crude oil at below $50 BBL. We are going to be hitting a support level soon on crude. They oil companies are going to pay off congress or something. It will happen and oil will go higher again probably to $60. There has already been reported a cold-wave coming through the states and oil prices/bills are going to rise for next quarter. I think COP, as a company, stands out. This Call position might be too early. There is room for error here that COP could go lower, but I think my entry point is on the money.

COP chart

Below LVS’s chart.

Las Vegas Sands Casino company has done quite well and still growing. I remember when this stock was only $60. At that time it’s trend was going up on all charts. I was buying other options most likely for AAPL and some stocks I regret now trying to get more growth when LVS would of did it all with FXI. I think some profits are going to be taken off the table and this stock will be pushed down to $100 again before it moves higher unless it trades with the rest of the market down.


well let me know your thoughts to discuss leave a comment.
thanks, finance ninja

AAPL Earnings – Whammy! Plus life on the boat…

Life has been somewhat groggy here on the boat. My super duper options strategy did not work on AAPL. The stock did pop up 4 pts in afters just to be sold off by insiders to open much lower creating a doji start (lower opening gap). Well you know I don’t care. Okay. I was wrong the stock price didn’t goto $105 or higher as I was wishing so screw it I’m playing Puts on AAPL as far as it will go. Last year it has records earnings too just to have the stock price drop from the $90’s to the $65’s. I told my mom the price was going to drop no matter how good the earnings were and I was right, but she and the stupid iPhone news convinced me other wise to play a small position of calls.

I played a too far out of the money play at Feb 125 calls worth $0 now and a smaller way out of the money Put position of Feb 75 Puts and both go down. I’ve been finding this pattern of after earnings both out of the money options go down. This makes NO sense. I’m sure there is some reasoning behind it, but it makes my super plan fail fail fail.

I saw the charts turning around 2pm EST for AAPL making a small bull attempt just to go further down. I bought in at around $90.50 and currently its $89. My option is in the money (yes for once in my life time) APR 90 Puts. If it does anything like last year and the years before that its going to fall hard for a couple of months the move back up with its new iPhone product if it sells well. I’m not upset over being wrong even though it was a real money play. I was so sure AAPL would either fall very very hard or jump very very high. It did go down 6% but I was expecting a bit more dramatic hit then that. I suppose in the next few days it will be down another 10-15% if I’m correct. The chart indicators show a Put play with an engulfing red candle and a lower opening gap doji star with a reversal down hammer. My Feb 75 Puts probably will become profitable if AAPL really falls within the month which could make me two over 100% plays for Feb 07 beating my monthly increase of trading cash goals and closer to my $1 million trade mark.

As for ship life my new working schedule has made me a bit groggy, but I’m starting to get use to it. I’m making a couple of new friends I hope and finishing my qualifications to advance in rank within the next 6 months for a modest pay increase to increase my savings per month.
We will soon hit our next port call. I hope I come back with surfing pictures to blog about.

later -fn

Positive Non-Farm employment reports – AAPL, RIMM, SHLD, FXI, JMBA

 (Technically charts are below)

Non-Farm Payroll economic employment reports showed that the economy is still alive and the word used in the market today “robust heading into the holiday season”.  This was postive news to investors to keep buying.  Today it said stocks were overbought I feel they have been oversold.  On the charts RIMM, AAPL, SHLD, FXI, and JMBA all show for this weeky a slowly heading downwards trend line even with some positives today.  AAPL and JMBA were the only ones that closed at a positive stock price.  But my AAPL option trade is in for its death if investors are really selling off AAPL just because the rumor is now Apple Computers iPhone might be delayed.  I am hoping not.  I want Apple to show it off (if they actually are going to have one) at the Mac World conference in Jan 2007 before their earnings.  I see people buying Apple computers left and right.  Even my mother asked me if she should get one!  I said most definitely!  I have one myself and it’s easy to use, doesn’t crash, and more unique then a PC.  Although AAPL took a hit in its Daily trend up lately going from $93 to $87 I’m not worried.  Instinctively AAPL should hit a support price around $85 and keep treading higher

Since many people are bearish on Jamba Juice I am going to follow the stock, its reports, and its movement.  Maybe the company won’t grow and only Hawaiian health freaks like the products.  I haven’t really been in the mainland living for almost a year now.  If I’m right this stock should grow 100-300% within the next few years creating mega profiting on leap year options and holding the common stock.

There wasn’t much other news in the stock market today.  Friday for most stocks closed positive from bullish employment report investors were hesitant to hear and now that they have heard it the market should keep moving in the optimistic direction.  We should see some buying next week with the Bulls.