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SWN & Market fall hard Tuesday. – I was right about resistance but right to stick to my plan and take a loss.

So yes it still kills me that had I waited one more day holding my options I would of made 50% instead of lost it, but I stuck to my plan. SWN did fall below $37 to 36.67. However my sell point for my option only made it to .70 and not .75 so I would of had to been watching the market. The option ended up closing around .49 where I paid for it. So it’s a good thing I just sold. It does drive me nuts that I was correct in my thinking the market was due for a harder sell off but oh well I always have another day to trade my $380. I went to a group last night for late night computer hackers. It was pretty cool. I kind of couldn’t focus because there were so many beautiful women. I’ll definitely have to go again. I wouldn’t say I got much done on my projects, but I got a start. SWN has started to regain some today. This Irish bailout is a new one to think about with China’s currency deal. They seem to be the biggest news pieces lately.

Apple (AAPL) hits $140 & Southwestern Energy (SWN) hits $46 as I predicted in early May 09′

AAPL @ $140 from a low of almost $122 two weeks earlier.  I knew it was a minor set back and going into their expo/product annoucements for early June 09′ would make the stock wtih increasingly more buzz around people switching computers.  I think most investors and regular average Joe’s think Apple’s stock “hotness” is over, but I think it is really just half way through.  Apple first started with the iPods to gain customers, then got them hooked on their computers, then onto iPhones, then back to laptops, and now Apple just needs to offer the new home entertainment experience which they are getting close to with the iTV.  Their products keep improving and so will their stock.  The health of Steve Jobs the “visionary’ doesn’t help say if he did die or had to step down I’m sure that would put a downer on the stock.  In the meantime hower AAPL’s stock should rise again like GOOG.  I’m on with my targets hitting $140.  It should hit $145 before June 6th which is the predicted annoucements.  From there it could jump to $160-180 target price if really good news or a new product.

As for Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) it hit my target price of $46.  Recently moving in waves and now staying above the $40 price level.  If I was trading call options I would have made some killer profits in the 200-500% range with both stocks moving 10pts in a month up and down.

Both AAPL and SWN have received upgrades from respectable brokerage firms noted Goldman Sachs for AAPL.  This could be an unpredictable summer.  I was taught for the most summers and the stock market fall.  Basically “come May go away”, but since there is a BIG smiley face on most charts (big rising valley U) I would almost predict some stocks will hit new highs in the summer going into the fall.

My fingers are still crossed about the Hawaii Real Estate market.  I know eventually prices will increase, but I’d love to see some volatile high ones within the next year so I can sell my condo for a fat profit as planned because I got it for dirt cheap.  Another part of me says make your loot in the market, pay it off, and keep a long-term vacation home.  Well I’ll see what happens first.

Southwestern Energy – a surprise? SWN up 10% at $38

SWN today after earnings released popped up 10% at $38. It is surprised because the earnings although a positive qtr showed a loss. Both articles I read sounded more bearish then bullish. My theory is some big institutions sold out of the stock making it rise much higher. If I’m correct it should start to simmer and fall within the next week or two after the buzz is gone from the sudden increase in price. I haven’t done much earnings research lately so its possible SWN just pops during this earnings time frame or its on its second time down likely past its low of $21.

I can’t really figure what investors think of the earnings yet so I’ll be watching Southwestern Energy Company closely.

AAPL holds at $125 as well as X @ $26. Steel hasn’t much done anything at all except sit on it’s ass. I think once the economy turns steel stocks will be big bargins and big profit growth stocks. WFC @ $20 still. This stock is moving and I think it will go past $25 next.

hello. from my observations were moving sideways.

hello. the stock market is definitely moving sideways from my charts. the moves for call and put options on SWN (southwestern energy company) are just amazing and as much as I want to get on the band wagon and ride the ups an downs on the stock i need to not trade and stick to my disciplined timeout. i haven’t been doing a lot of the things i want to do such as reading more economic and stock market books, journaling the market and my thoughts, and most importantly doing more practice trades. my last 2 classes will be done this week with hawaii pacific university and then i start my masters next spring. i plan to do it economics. i really like the markets so why not. i need to get back to journalizing my practice trades into excel. i went absent and i need to get back into the movement of practice trading more often and more practice trades on of course, more events. i might even post some personal finance sarcasm on my blog soon too. only if i could come up with some material.

anyway i’m on itunes now… yeah i know. i need material for this too but it will likely be non-stock market related, or will it? search “punks with aloha” in the search bar in the itunes store – its a podcast.

Bought Southwestern Energy MAR 55 PUT – short play

My second $1000 trade was on SWN. I made my decision off the daily and 233 minute chart moving down and the 3 and 5 minute charts white candles hitting the upper bollinger bands as an entry point for the stock to continue pulling back from its 5 day run up. Although my trade is currently down 1.45 from my 1.75 purchase if I’m correct and SWN pushes down a bit further before hitting its big trend I should sell out at my planned GTC order of $2.50. That is my goal at least. If I’m wrong about the direction Monday I should sell out as soon as possible, but I think SWN has a higher likely probably chance of pulling back more since it’s close on Friday was below the high close of the week on Thursday. It created a long wick (bad, becuase that’s more bullish with about 10 white candles during the smaller minute charts) created a T like wick. Since it did close below even with my option price moving down with the negative pessimistic news in the markets it should help sell off some more from the past days decent news.

My order details:
Friday @ 1:23 PM
Symbol: .SWNOK
Description: SWN MAR 55 Put
Stock: SWN at 59.49
Action: Bought To Open
Quantity: 5 contract(s)
Price: $1.75
Commission: $14.95
Reg Fees: $0.00
Net Amt: $889.95

Another trade I’m looking at is NTRI earnings on Tuesday FEB 19th. If NTRI moves up into the close before earnings I will likely do a $100-200 trade going through earnings playing CALLS. This stock has NO reason to push down further because even with less growth because of diet drugs, it’s growth in general should still increase. It’s growth to earnings ratio is extremely low. Personally I think if NTRI gives any type of surprise people that dumped the stock might check it out again if it proves even some type of growth and limited losses.