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new stock chart trends updated (right – CHART TRENDS)

I’ve uploaded about 20 of the stocks I watch daily, where the trend I think it is going, and commentary on the chart for my reference to see if I was right or wrong for future new charts.

charts updated: (put curser over chart picture and it will give name of stock)
aapl, atvi, rimm, goog, bidu, fxi, dks, hans, hoku, rig, swn, inp, ttm, ma, c, and more.

new trend chart technical analysis for January 11, 2008 stocks

I’ve got the time to upload some new trend charts I’m studying to see them just click on the flickr trend picture column or click here to see my flickr page of all my trend charts.

trend charts include: AAPL, ATVI, C, DKS, FXI, HOKU, HANS, MA, INP, TTM, YHOO, GOOG, RIG, SWN, RIMM

check out INP. I’ve seen this stock go from $48 to now $112. Like FXI I think it still has much room to grow with small downs and big moves up with India’s major growth. I believe TTM will start to follow india stocks with its new plan for $2500 car.

check out AAPL. will it get support at current price levels ($172)? major trend will be breached soon if Mac Expo 08′ and earning on january 18th do not give investors reasons to keep charging the stock up. If you look at any other tech stock right now BIDU, GOOG, RIMM charts show in favor of major downtrend to form if negative opinions continue on the economy.

btw – only 70 pages left of Alan Greenspans book! great book and very insightful.

Tata Motors NANO car for $2500 (TTM @ $20) what a buy!

I’m so impressed that a car company in India has pulled something off that us big ego U.S. car makers would never try, build a smaller cheaper more affordable car. This company is going to fly in price currently very undervaluated at $20. If the car maker plans to build 250,000 Nano cars at $2500 on just the lowest priced one that is $600 million in revenue alone. Growth is certain that these people need cars, having one will increase productivity, creating a stronger economy. Remeber? Our cars built our economy in the beginning. This could be a big start for India’s Tata motors vision “the People’s car”. For more information check out the full article and specs here.