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Got sold out of my SWN SEP 40 Calls +25% – is there a point to continue blogging?

Well I got sold out of my SWN 2008 SEP 40 Calls at my GTC order @ $8.10 bought @ $6.10
It was a good thing since we are likely not to have internet access on the boat due to AC down so we have to keep all the machines off. Boy is it hot at work…..right now inside the ship its like 85-90 degrees with major humidity. I try to go outside as often as I can to get fresh air. Hopefully this will only last a week at work. This reminds me of my camp counselor days working the summer in hot hot humid wooden cabins with bitching campers. I sure would not do that again and the pay absolutely sucked. Definitely an experience, but no need to do it again.

I’m starting to get sick of blogging. I still have not picked up a huge following like I thought I would have. I suppose my financial investing for most people reading is considered too risky or too not the typical american turtle style investing with small amounts slowly over time with the idea to retire at 50-60 something. My idea is to retire at 20-30 something. Why not? Should I even keep blogging? At first I was doing this to log important market events to help me remember what moves stocks, but I’m unable to keep up with it. It’s become more of a chore then fun.

I definitely can say the market recovered after slamming down in January 08′ and that Cisco positive earnings should likely keep the market moving up. At least this is my opinion.

Still in V May 85 Calls currently up around 17% even with the rest of the market falling. I’m sure all the stocks will rebound back up again making Visa actually move harder since it is resisting coming down right now.

My SWN order completed: 5/7/2008 12:50:04 PM (ET):
Symbol: .SWNIH
Description: SWN SEP 40 Call
Stock: SWN at 44.93
Action: Sold To Close
Quantity: 2 contract(s)
Price: $8.10
Commission: $14.95
Reg Fees: $0.01
Net Amt: $1,605.04

Paid $1200 + $400 profit.
ROI +25%

Bought V May 85 Calls I-T-M. Thinking a soon sell-off…

I love Visa (V) and I bought 1 contract today at $4. This IPO has a higher PE + double the capitilization of Mastercard (MA) so it should surpass MA in price currently at $298! With Visa @ $86 seems very undervalued and at a bargain price now publicly offered in my opinion especially with a bigger better branded name on more credit cards.

I bought another SWN SEP 40 Call @ $6.10 (same price) so now I have two contracts with the price currently hovering around $7.50 a contract. My GTC is at $8.10 even though I want to raise it I’d rather put it in a faster moving stock like Visa.

I’ve got this subconcious feeling looking at some over inflated stock price charts that some big stocks are ready to sell-off by investors taking a breather and dealing with other factors such as their homes falling in price such as First Solar, Bidu, and Google. Yeah, I know major growth stocks with good stories, but my daily and weekly charts seem to indicate engulfing bearish candles and if within reason (week) or so they don’t move up much higher then they should follow the current down trend further down. I would short them, but I’ve been burned way too many times losing money. So until I see a big break in trend or big move I will not listen to my gutt and instead not trade the stocks at all to be safe then sorry.

I’m extremely confident that AAPL, SWN, and V will continue a strong uptrend with of course dips and pull backs in the markets, but will go UP without reason for big reasons that are making the stocks $$$.

My order on V MAY 85 Calls:
5/6/2008 10:45:47 AM (ET):
Symbol: .VEQ
Description: V MAY 85 Call
Stock: V at 86.93
Action: Bought To Open
Quantity: 1 contract(s)
Price: $4.00
Commission: $14.95
Reg Fees: $0.00
Net Amt: $414.95

GTC @ $8 +100% <— Goal time within 3-7 days

what’s up with apple options. up +6, but option -1.50?

Hmmmm….I thought I would be checking out of my option today, but instead of it moving with the price increase it actually fell in price. I do understand options are adjusted in price, but this usually happens on mondays or end of the month. I’m a bit confused of why my option is now not 6-7 dollars at the strike price of $175. I suppose I’ll have to wait for Apple to make a full move to $175 to sell out at a reasonable profit. I’m definitely glad I didn’t go 100% in with my money because all the May options seems adjusted today by the market maker. That bastard. This is the first time the stock goes up and my options go down dramatically (-25%). Now AAPL at $169 (bought around $163) and waiting for Friday’s movement. With MSFT’s unhappy earnings being a major player in the market it might bring down other tech stocks such as AAPL.

I find it funny that all those blog posters on buying apple inc. on a dip never got a chance unless it dips next week. I think since it had a positive day after earnings that it will continually go up in price for a while with less pull backs proving its a major player in computer sales.

As for now I have to wait until I’m in the money to sell out about up 100%. Two stocks I want to play long-term are Southwestern Energy which just went through a 2:1 stocksplit and moving up at $40 and Visa (V) a new financial credit stock which is highly more popular then Mastercard (MA) and trading at $71. If I had a choice of investing all my money it would be divided between these two stocks and not Apple. I like Apple, but the technology market is weird, although people are always going to use their credit cards and with ever increasing cars oil is still needed and natural resources means big profit.