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Funny Stock News – Ford to build affordable, smaller, more gas efficient car for India market

Front page news “Ford Motor company to sell small cars in India to expand car sales market” on Yahoo! Finance top stories. (For full article click here).

Okay first I find this funny because why can’t Ford (F @ $7) build small affordable cars in its own motherland the great USA? I think its funny when sales are bad because the cars still sucks, suck up gas, and aren’t what Americans want or will be loyal to. Although, now, Ford Motor company is building a 1.6 liter small engine car that is actually quite cool looking and only offering it in India. WTF?

Let’s look at the Mini. It’s small and has a 1.6 liter engine and now its one of the hottest cars on the American market while also dependable and gas efficient. Seriously, what are you think Ford company? Yes, expand to growing markets but why not sell us these perfect simple cars too? This car will be in direct competition now with India’s Tata Motors.

Well since I’m back from Hawaii I did a hard search on the most affordable MPG cars that have somewhat quality with them. I ended up buying a used 2003 Jetta TDI Diesel german car. It is all black with black interior. I really love it and I love that it gets 45-60 MPG. I’ve been able to do 600 miles on my 13 gallon tank. You do the math!!! I’m quite impressed and even with only 115hp is still moves pretty quick with full options on it. I spent $8500 and feel it was well worth it. I’d love to see myself put on 100-200k miles on it by myself without any major problems except normal maintanence.

So Ford Motor company what’s up? Think about us po-fokes wanting simple, small, MPG, affordable cars why give them exclusively to India when we have money to spend?

Paul Meyer searched the internet for motivation and this is what he found and needed.

First of all my lack of motivation to do anything since my terminal long-term military vacation has began hasn’t helped much in the job search or working on my stock trading. I found this listing in I think I’m qualified:

paul meyer seeing prof. killer ad on craigslist

paul meyer seeing prof. killer ad on craigslist

I don’t think I’m going to be killing anyone anytime soon, but I am a qualified sharp shooter if that counts. For now I better stick to working on business ideas and practicing stocks. I went further for websites and found this site called and I might just order some motivation mp3’s. I really need someone to push me and love me right now.

the end. any suggestions? comments?
paul meyer.

Market moving up again during July 09′ earnings.

For the majority of companies earnings have been better than expected (duh). When analyst make price targets so low and earnings low because they think consumers aren’t buying suddenly it looks like companies are doing really great. Well, in my opinion they are and they aren’t. One of my most followed stocks, Apple Inc, is doing quite well. It seems everybody has an iPhone these days and all those other look alike’s just aren’t the same as the iPhone. It’s just awesome. Do I have one? Nope. I’m too cheap, but will likely get one in Jan 10′ when I can get the upgrade cheaper and hopefully by then prices will come down again. I’ve predicted Apple’s stock from $105 to $130, then from $136-120 drop, then predicted its $135-159 price move just recently. I can’t wait to trade it once I feel my practicing is up to par. I plan to heavily practice trade in August. I do expect the stock to fall again. I did think this summer’s move was pretty large in comparison to other summers and I guess it makes sense with most prices extremely low compared to their PE/earnings. So I suppose real estate prices will follow the market as soon as everyone’s emotions get really optimistic again. I do hear a lot of positive comments on channels like CNBC which is a good sign that the main stream is saying “buy” softly. I’m a bit surprised with RIMM not following AAPL. Usually it mimics everything the stock does.

Just finished paying off my last credit card – Now saving for emergency landlord fund

I just paid off my remaining credit card balance of -$2400.  I was getting an average complete finance charge of $40-50/month on the balance.  Ouch.  It feels good to have the cards clean again, but well worth the cost to have my place looking good and ready to be fully rented.  Since I won’t be kicking out my roommates I will instead rent out my bedroom and hope it works out or it could deplete my emergency landlord fund pretty quick -$600 month.  My goal is to get a positive cashflow of +$200-300 coming in each month to add the emergency fund.

When I get to Louisville, KY I’ll be strictly living off whatever I do for work so I better get a job quick.  Making an income from my trading will be my #1 goal doing it part-time creating a full-time income that I can actually live off of.  All I really need to earn is $1000-2000 month.  Sounds like a lot after not trading for over a year, but if I get my head back into the markets I know I can do it.

The other biggie I need to work on is getting my Sallie Mae student loan of $42k paid off as quickly as possible AND posponing its payments of -$477/month during my full-time school.

I need to get my bills down to as minimal as possible.  I’m considering even getting rid of my cell phone next year or use a prepaid cell phone to used only when I accept or make calls.  I usually pay a flat fee of $40/month and use only 100 minutes.  So going pre-paid for once might actually save me a lot on a mobile phone/voicemail.  I will definitely need internet.

If I do rent a small office space for like $300 it must include internet and electricity.  Then I would be set for my trading office.

Besides that now that I’m going into the green again this is definitely good news for once in months even though I still have the student loan hanging over my head that was poorly used I can admit.  Who knows, I might still become a mobile home landlord in the future with the knowledge I acquired from that deal and 6 month ordeal.

All further posts will be on with new content and media features.

Well, this will be my last post on  It was a blast, but now I have my own hosting so I can actually start posting some google ad text, put affiliate links, and such on my site within my content to I can create a more professional site while continue blogging about what I love to do.  I’m keeping my finance ninja wordpress open and direct all new traffic to

I’m super psyched!!!  I’m going to put more work into media features such as beginner investor videos do’s an don’ts and with my personality and creativity I’m sure to make them extremely ridiculous, educating, and funny.

So come check out my main site now!  go to

-Paul Meyer

Four Step Plan – How to Become a Billionaire by Long or Short Capital

I was doing a search on my blog “how to become a billionaire” and on #9 in results was this link I thought was interested with Long or Short Capital blog with it’s four steps to become a billionaire and what billionaires need to do.  One main suggestion was to be outrageous.  I thought it was very funny and enlightening.  I still can not figure out if the blog is a joke or if its real.  Some of the posts are outright ridiculous (like mine), but they sound real, are they?  Anyway if you have some huge dreams to become a billionaire then you should definitely review this blog post.


scatter brained to the max, anxiety LOTS, work done? NONE

Well I’m still stuck in San Francisco dry dock with my ship getting worked on.  I thought taking a load of four college classes was a great idea at the time before I left to keep me busy.  Well……..the classes have kept me busy, too busy.  I’m retaking Principles of Accounting and falling miserably behind.  I have such a tremendous time focusing on studying and understanding what I’m reading.  I’d say the bigger problem is all these fantasies running around in my head about starting up a new business and buying a 3rd investment property in Louisville, KY where I plan to move to in August 09′.

I am physically and mentally becoming drained from coming up with multiple scenarios and my thought process in my head runs like this 24/7 nonstop EVEN IN MY SLEEP I’m coming up with scenarios, themes, ex:

“of what I’m going to do, where I’m going to work, where I’m going to live, if I’m going to have time to date, will my friend and I actually play in a band together, will we drive each other nutts, am I going to struggle financially, will I get paid well enough through working a side job, should I join the reserves there, will a business work, where should I locate my business, what type of business should I have, what am I good at, what do I consistently suck at, why can’t I just focus on one thing at a time, am I going to lose weight and feel better, should I take depression pills, what do I have to do to get approved for a bank loan towards my business, will my GPA be so low I won’t be accepted into an MBA program when I’m done with accounting, should I just go to community college, should I just take fun hands on classes, should I buy a foreclosed home, what side of the city is better, is this account a credit or debit, should I give up on my classes, do my teachers even know I’m not even trying, should I listen to music while studying or should I not, wear ear plugs, will have all this work done before the Giants game, will I pass these tests, I feel tired, should I just go to bed, will I have enough time tomorrow to finish my homework, man I love to sing and play guitar, will I be successful in Louisville, will it all happen there finally?”

I wonder why I’m exhausted all the time.  It’s just that life is short, sure you have lots of time, but it just goes so quickly!

Recently on my “to do list” is:

Start a self help site on changing careers because I’m doing just that and it can be pretty complicated and tiring if you don’t know what you are going to do with your life.

Completing my 4 classes successful and not failing them.  I had a 3.4 GPA.  That shit is going down, sadly.  Now I just want to pass these mother fuckers and be out.  Just focus on my upcomming masters classes in psychology and my future classes in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and culinary arts.  If I am going to Louisville I suppose my plan for an MBA is off so I might as well stop taking preporatory classes for it.

whoah, do you ever have this problem?  -p