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Hello. My name is Paul Meyer and I will be directly working with you with my team of real estate experts. No matter what situation you are in, my expert team can help you. If you are seeking to sell your house quickly follow this link to offer you options on selling your home fast or if you are looking to buy a property as a first-time home buyer, investor, or flipper follow this link to help us guide you to the best decision owning your next piece of real estate.

I personally know what it is like to be a distressed motivated seller and eager new real estate investor. I have real experience and understand life changes and sometimes you find yourself in a bad situation when you started out with good intentions, but everything went sideways. It’s okay. You can get through it and life can get better. That’s where we can help.

For over the past two decades I have personally assisted and purchased real estate land, primary residences, rental investment properties, mobile home trailer parks, condos, and auction properties. During the past 20 years I have seen real estate markets rise and fall three times. I can honestly say knowing what I know now from years of experience investing in real estate and buying houses and living in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Richmond, and Honolulu that real estate markets do have cycles. It is difficult to predict when prices will rise and fall, and if you need to sell your house fast there are fair options that can help you exit.

If you are a home seller and you need to sell fast I have been in your shoes. Yes, a young investor I went through a foreclosure short sale when I was a farmer! While I served in the military I purchase a large multi-family out of state off of eBay of all things. I did everything right but was relieved to have to sell it fast because although I improved the property at the time the property manager I hired was unethical and lied to me about the income pocketing money. I only knew this after I sold it back to the original owner. It was a learning experience. So I understand being a motivated seller and out of state seller. Hopefully you won’t have to go through what I did. And, I can assure you I will be fair and ethical offering better options then I had at that time in my life. If you are a new real estate investor I can share my experience and pitfalls so you can avoid falling into one.

We are always looking for houses to buy quickly in cash. My company has capital in place to purchase your home fast if you are ready to sell. Our other business is renovating ugly and distressed homes. We actually enjoy the challenge to bring homes that have fallen into bad shape and bringing them back to life again.

If you are seeking to buy real estate if you are patient after 20 years I take a low-risk conservative approach and can help find you a property to live in or invest long-term. My first real estate agent I ever used told me “location location location” however the house she ended up helping me purchase was not a great location or property to invest in long-term. Let me help you purchase the right property so long-term you won’t go through the headaches and disappointment I went through early in my investing business.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you need to sell your house fast for cash or looking to now get into real estate fill out our contact form or call us right now (757)-204-1777 if we miss your call please leave your name and number. Thanks.

Renovated ugly house turned into most beautiful house on the block.