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sold out of HOKU call option up +100% – in AAPL call option on big dip

I successfully sold out of HOKU JAN 15 Calls @ .80 (bought at .40). It is currently trading at $1.00-1.50 which was where my initial GTC order was at but I reduced my sell price to get out of it quicker. Currently in AAPL JAN 220 CALL at .90. I would of liked to buy it at the end of the day down -14pts at around .50, but I don’t have that favorable time to wait, so I bought in it down -6pts at $190 at .90. My current GTC order is up .50 cents at $1.40 in stead of up $1.00 more. My plan is for it to bounce back up to $200 to sell me out quickly in the process going into 2008 mac expo and earnings Jan 18.

now for a complaint. something I usually don’t do. i officially dislike Wells Fargo banking customer service. I want to go to their call center and fart until my face is blue, then punch them all, then close out my account. They make it incredibly hard for a military member who goes to many port calls to take a block off a credit card and checking account. They know the account holder is active military on a ship although they treat you like a theft criminal. I’m like “you fucking bastards, if I was a theft I wouldn’t know everything I’m telling you, sorry I don’t know my account number I never have, but here is everything else, where I am, and all my current balances”. Those bastards piss me off. Well they prevented a bill from being paid, a storage bill, so now I have to send a bill pay check from another bank just to pay it so my shit doesn’t get auctioned off while on a patrol PROTECTING THEIR FUCKING ASSHOLES. as you can see this stresses me a bit out. well cheers!

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  1. I always believe small profit is better than no profit!


    January 11, 2008 at 12:15 am

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