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Good article on planning success and money management

On Yahoo! Finance I read this article on young people comparing their success to others. As you read through the finance article it talks about planning your success through various steps. Correct money management can make you feel like you are rich or have plenty. One piece of information I liked that it said was open multiple savings accounts to electronically deposit savings into each to track your goals for what you want – down payment on a new home, vacation, christmas presents, new car, long-term savings, emergency savings, ex.

It is never too late to save. Even my parents in their late 50’s started saving when I was young and we were always pretty broke, but just had enough to pay for everything living on small incomes.

It is easy to feel rich if you live under your income and you can enjoy simple things. If you don’t have to worry about money then you are rich. For me rich is having enough money to live on without having to work a full-time work week. So if I am to successfully trade in 1 day that can earn me a week’s income I feel pretty rich. Besides money just having friends call me to go out and play tennis, see a movie, or go fishing and having the free time to do it makes me feel pretty rich. Everyone has their own definition of rich. For most it’s having expensive luxury cars, a big house, and a big bank account. The millionaire is considered rich. You can be the poorest lowest incomed individual, but if you are really happy and you love your job (which is rare with most people working) then you are rich.

To help you on your planning to have success in money management:
1. Open seperate savings accounts and have portions of your check deposited into each on for each goal you want, so once the goal is reached you have the choice to enjoy that success.

2. If you want to excel your planning goals I suggest taking on a second part-time job if you don’t already have one. Use that extra money to put towards your goals such as paying off your house or saving for a down payment for a house.

3. If you are struggling with your finances and can’t seem to have any success with money management then you are probably spending too much or have to many luxuries. Consider turning off the cable Tv, turn off AC, use less Heat and where a coat in the house, and going out less so you can’t spend money. – Believe me I have the same problem. When my friends ask me to go out shopping or to buy food I end up spending more then I want to. It is so hard for me to just say “no” to myself. Saving more of your income isn’t easy. You really need enforcements and family to keep you on track. If you have no one to help keep you motivated then put more money into a deposit into a savings account so the money in your checking account is less so you have less to grab to spend. Also make sure you have NO ACCESS to your savings account so you can’t immediately grab cash from the savings account. Cut up your savings account checkcard. It will be the best decision you ever want to make if you are a predictable big consumer. This way you can’t touch that saved cash.

4. Eat less. Eat cheaper meals. It’s proven somewhere in some book that all you need to eat is as much that can fit into your hand. So in that theory we could all be eating less. Try to make more meals at home that are cheap. Ideas – the store brand mac and cheese. Those for 1 box serves around 4 people and costs around $.90 plus 1 cup of milk. The Hamburger Helper meals run around $2 plus 1 lb meat which costs around $6 is still a cheap meal that can serve around 4 people.

5. Try to drive less if you own a gas guzzling car. If you can carpool do it. Gas has been lowered recently, but you can still save. If you live close to work try to walk or ride a bike a couple of days out of the week. You can get some exercise your body needs and enjoy the nature or industrial city view.

6. I’d say lastly when managing your money have a big dream goal in mind always. A big success picture you can dream about to keep your mind thinking of saving daily. I think about making and saving my money every day. It is always on my mind because I really want to meet my goals even though I screw up big sometimes and spend more money I just stuff I really don’t need and end up not using enough to have make it worth it buying the items. Really make sure you need it before you buy it. Can you wait a week? See how you feel then. Impulse buying gets to the best of us. If you have a big goal then you are going to have to start making big commitments to meet your goals. A lot of my friends think I’m cheap and I don’t like to have any fun. The fact is I am having fun saving my money and yes I might miss out on some money costing activities now but I feel when I am in my 30’s and possibly have the choice to do whatever I want and not have to work what I did in my 20’s will have paid off and I will be compared to be ultra-successful to my friends that live more crazy, money spending, luxury life styles now.

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