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Positive Non-Farm employment reports – AAPL, RIMM, SHLD, FXI, JMBA

 (Technically charts are below)

Non-Farm Payroll economic employment reports showed that the economy is still alive and the word used in the market today “robust heading into the holiday season”.  This was postive news to investors to keep buying.  Today it said stocks were overbought I feel they have been oversold.  On the charts RIMM, AAPL, SHLD, FXI, and JMBA all show for this weeky a slowly heading downwards trend line even with some positives today.  AAPL and JMBA were the only ones that closed at a positive stock price.  But my AAPL option trade is in for its death if investors are really selling off AAPL just because the rumor is now Apple Computers iPhone might be delayed.  I am hoping not.  I want Apple to show it off (if they actually are going to have one) at the Mac World conference in Jan 2007 before their earnings.  I see people buying Apple computers left and right.  Even my mother asked me if she should get one!  I said most definitely!  I have one myself and it’s easy to use, doesn’t crash, and more unique then a PC.  Although AAPL took a hit in its Daily trend up lately going from $93 to $87 I’m not worried.  Instinctively AAPL should hit a support price around $85 and keep treading higher

Since many people are bearish on Jamba Juice I am going to follow the stock, its reports, and its movement.  Maybe the company won’t grow and only Hawaiian health freaks like the products.  I haven’t really been in the mainland living for almost a year now.  If I’m right this stock should grow 100-300% within the next few years creating mega profiting on leap year options and holding the common stock.

There wasn’t much other news in the stock market today.  Friday for most stocks closed positive from bullish employment report investors were hesitant to hear and now that they have heard it the market should keep moving in the optimistic direction.  We should see some buying next week with the Bulls.






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