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Out of BA Puts into GOOG Calls going into Google Earnings

My technical charts expressed Boeing (BA @ $72) going down but after 2 days and the stock not moving in any direction I got out with a small loss with my put options. I’ve been waiting for a trade to go into and decided on Google (GOOG @ $573) call options AND going through earnings since it currently has a PEG of 1.02 which would be be considered a value stock with its cash balance sheet. Earnings have been good for many stocks and Google has been emerging into more things to sell. I bought the May 10′ 600 Call Option for $9.70. Now I just wait and no panic.

See my post 3 years ago talking about BIDU, GOOG, and AAPL. If anything repeats I’ll probably see some yoyo movement after Google earnings.

Also recently I did my first full length shoot of a documentary on non-profit company. Now I just have to edit it, yeah. I also need to hit the real estate firms and get some more real estate photography gigs. Lastly I put in an offer on a Virginia Beach oceanfront home and that deal is likely going to go through.


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