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Google CEO Eric Schmidt can kiss my ass for not being public…. GOOG earnings good, but public relations bad.

Good grief Google. You had an outstanding earnings, but you have your heads up your asses in being snooty about correctly distributing announcements because you want to be cool and different. You made my GOOG MAY 10′ 600 CALL options go from up 100% (@ $20) to probably near worth nothing tomorrow morning after your stock took a nose dive due to stuck-up investors. Now would your stock gone up 5-10% if you just acted normal? Maybe, or at least I’d believe so there was no real reason for your stock to tank after hours. Yes, yes yes I was taught not to go through earnings releases without a big profit, I had a big profit, well now it’s gone to shit and I’m quit pissed not emotionally but informationally because you got cheap on distributing your statements and your CEO got lazy and didn’t talk about your current and new innovations you are working on. I can’t believe this bullshit. Your stock should be up 20-50pts not down 30pts. Some analyst say everything was already priced into the market, BULLSHIT. Google has been trailing 10% below the market not up 50-100% like the majority trend of all stocks (mostly caused due to the China policy bureaucracy bullshit as well). As you can see I’m a bit infuriated with this nonsense.

My pissyness is enlightened due the fact that I was volunteering for 14 hours the entire day so I didn’t get out of the trade and this bullshit falls on my lap when I check it when I get home after 10pm. Just crappy. I just don’t get Ying & Yang and balance in general. How can Google investors get such shitty karma after earnings. All I can think is that within the next few days this low dip will be bought up, but I wanted out friday. Good grief!

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