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Funny Stock News – Ford to build affordable, smaller, more gas efficient car for India market

Front page news “Ford Motor company to sell small cars in India to expand car sales market” on Yahoo! Finance top stories. (For full article click here).

Okay first I find this funny because why can’t Ford (F @ $7) build small affordable cars in its own motherland the great USA? I think its funny when sales are bad because the cars still sucks, suck up gas, and aren’t what Americans want or will be loyal to. Although, now, Ford Motor company is building a 1.6 liter small engine car that is actually quite cool looking and only offering it in India. WTF?

Let’s look at the Mini. It’s small and has a 1.6 liter engine and now its one of the hottest cars on the American market while also dependable and gas efficient. Seriously, what are you think Ford company? Yes, expand to growing markets but why not sell us these perfect simple cars too? This car will be in direct competition now with India’s Tata Motors.

Well since I’m back from Hawaii I did a hard search on the most affordable MPG cars that have somewhat quality with them. I ended up buying a used 2003 Jetta TDI Diesel german car. It is all black with black interior. I really love it and I love that it gets 45-60 MPG. I’ve been able to do 600 miles on my 13 gallon tank. You do the math!!! I’m quite impressed and even with only 115hp is still moves pretty quick with full options on it. I spent $8500 and feel it was well worth it. I’d love to see myself put on 100-200k miles on it by myself without any major problems except normal maintanence.

So Ford Motor company what’s up? Think about us po-fokes wanting simple, small, MPG, affordable cars why give them exclusively to India when we have money to spend?

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