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Penny Stock (OTC: WTVI.PK) – Wi-Fi TV Inc. stock review

A few days a go I talked about finding this sales ad for a Wi-Fi TV channel recruiter/sales person off Something that always gets me excited is something different and something very new which is what Wi Fi TV Inc is trying to do. Now, although Wi-Fi is nothing new it is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. For instance most new and old cell phones come with wireless wi-fi downloading video clips. Companies like Sharp, Sony, and Casio are coming out with Wi-Fi wireless TV’s. I did some research on with the keyword “Wi Fi Tv” and this is what I came up with:

Wi-Fi TV Inc. on (OTC:WTVI.PK)
June 2004 – Talks about electronic companies building the first Wi-Fi TV sets.
January 2006 – An airport company creates Wi-Fi streaming TV for its passengers.
May 2006 – This blog talks about all the cell phones using wi-fi hotspots to download wi-fi Tv channels and on Wi Fi TV Inc.’s free calling service with it’s new website.
March 2003 – A public broadcasting cable channel in New York, NY uses wi-fi in a park to do a live broadcast.
2006 Article – Statistics on Wi-Fi users and big market. How Wi-fi is growing and companies that are starting to profit from it.
January 2007 – Press release of at the 2007 Consumers Electronics Expo in Europe.
January 2007 – Press release of’s new social wi-fi tv streaming website.
November 2006 – Wi-Fi TV Inc.’s business plan to compete with and

Currently I plan to invest in this penny stock for these reasons. At least with the information I found, emailing the company, and profit potential I think this company has a good chance of growing into something better. It is basically nothing right now, but if the company does introduce their website and new product offering to the market correctly it could be a big deal.
With the stock at less than a penny @ $.0031 I’m going to purchase $2000 worth which will give me over a half a million shares. The possibility of loosing my investment is extremely high. Since I can loose the same amount buying options I’m willing to take the risk for a reward. Plus I like the companies vision. I do think watching wi-fi tv from your laptop, PDA, or cellphone and messaging with each other could be a fun thing. If I think the site does a really good job at Feburary 19, 2007 new social site press release I plan to buy another 500,000 shares to have a 1% stake in the company if the penny stock is still a penny.

Check out and tell me what you think. -FN

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  1. Very good. Check out Wi-Fi TV, Inc. Shareholders group @ Google. To see what us old tyme penny stock speculators and investors think of WTVI.

    February 9, 2007 at 1:09 am

  2. The problem with stocks like this is that the current market cap and shares outstanding is meaningless. They have effectively commited to issue more than a billion other shares:

    That’s just one filing, there could be others. Could be fun for trading and has gone up nicely since you bought but don’t try to make it a long-term investment!

    February 10, 2007 at 8:39 pm

  3. C. North

    Hi I recently bought into wi-fi as they plan a full launch of the new format and business strategy on feb. 19.I am depending on their ability to produce a better format and gain big advertisers by promoting the product and finding worthy programming.My main concerns are the ability of the company to generate sincere intererst in the company by generating not only a better format but also to helpthe channel purchasers build their content as well as i see they have tons of channels but with very few of being major interest to the generation of viewers they intend to target.I have been on the site running through the old format and channels available and have found that its not necessarily the format that has kept them down its the channel content that is a major issue also.With over 400 channels they should have people flocking to the newly introduced free membership that includes free long distance phone calls and chat partys along with free interactvie social tv which they have pioneered and is the main selling niche for them and i agree they have grown in the past two months in visits to the site but doesn’t seem to mention how many people have actually joined with a membership that is totally free.I haven’t seen a single chatter in several days on what should be some of the most popular channels and when i have it was only to poke fun at those channels usually.With rare exceptions like ea music and a couple of others there is not much content that would connect with the target audience they desire.The root of this problem isn’t format which i found to be decent but not quite up to what i expect to see on the 19th of febuary containing some very bright innovations is a great ideafor this site and the new format will help to generate attention to it and get more people to hit the site but what happens when they go there and find nothing they like??I think we all know the answer to that is the goodwill created by the new format and attention they receive in the next 2 months will fade fast and hard if viewers aren’t willing to join the site that is FREE!!I bought in on the consideration that news will hype this stock to a near .05 in the month after the official launch and is good for a short gain window at the least and at the best they will generate the hits needed to extend them to at least the point they can see some advertising dollars roll in for solid profits.If this company expects a long term play from investors it must do a few things first though.First they must generate revenue from major advertisers.Second they must get a major interest in the site from the target audience they want to generate through not only hits but solid memberships as memberships will be the deciding factor in major advertisers interests in doing business there.Third the only way they will accomplish this on a long term basis is to make sure the programming content of the channels are of interest to the target audience which at this point is lacking badly…very badly!The road to improvement ies in the ability of wi-fi to make sure the people who have purchased channels on the site succeed and don’t take the company under!!They can do this by assisting the channel holders in building a model of how the content on their channels is best served.For example i see the smithsonian has a panda cam and other animal channels as well but the full content of these channels are webcams some in black and white even of the animals which alot of the time isn’t even on the cam.while this is great when the animals areup and moving about i even got to watch one eat take a dump and a nap all in about an hour and a half the other day!!How exciting it was but i would think this could be alot more than this with a small small bit of guidance.Listen its like this the zoo has spent alot of money on getting these channels onto wi-fi but have done absolutley nothing to make its content worth watching!!!Listen i love cute and furry animals and am intersted in watching them at the zoo but after a half hour of it its bedtime for me and i bet anyone else who would watch this and this isn’t good for business at all!!Bottom line is yoou not only want people to come to the site but you want them to stay there forever if you can not a 30 minute look a yawn and this is boring i want to see whats on youtube instead!!How to improve is not in new format but by helping the channel operators improve their content and programming.I want to go to a site where the panda channel will tell the pandas story and teach me more about the pandas while telling me the places i can go see a panda like advertising for other zoos in diferent geographical regions who have pandas on view and creating dollars for the station not only to pay the yearly fees to maintain the channel but also give them the money to keep the content of the channel fresh and even provide more money to help save pandas and they can even advertise fundraisers for their zoo with huge huge results for doing so!!!!This not only helps the channels themselves build viewers but helps wi-fitv in providing its viewers something they will want to stay and watch as they are being advertised to by them.So simply by adding incintives for these channels holders to have upgraded quality programs people will want to watch they will be building an empire in new waves in advertising.This also would produce much bigger sales for channels when bigger investors will say they want channels for their own advertising benefits.I spoke to the head of finacial relation a few days ago and was disappointed that he knew nothing about the new format and what the company plans where to raise the stock prices beside the new format which he knows nothing about.Also he mention way to many shares being passed out and felt the stock wasn’t going very far until the company had enough profits to buy these loose shares back.The only positive note i got from him was the fact he said they would launch a aggressive advertising campaign to compliment the launch of the new format which will make interest in the company rise considerably in the month or two after launch.I am sure this sight will succeed in getting millions of more hits in the near future but my real question is will these hits be in vein if nobody stays to watch.My last rant is that i got onto sumotv channel and found it only has about 15-20 minutes worth of content that plays continuously over and over only so it can promote its own youtube like site for a subscription..noone will watch it more than 30 minutes then its dead.Giving the viewer only two options either log off and forget wi-fitv because it has no content in its channels or go visit and subscribbe still forgetting all about wi-fi tv.

    February 11, 2007 at 2:18 am

  4. C. North. I think we are both arguing the point that Wi-Fi Tv currently sucks and we are buying into the stock which is even more crazy. I guess we are a little bit looney for investing into something without content yet that will make the company money. If the company can’t produce results then I’m definitely taking my money out. Currently there aren’t any chatters because the content is NOTHING to chat about. I wonder if the company has any surprises hidden for the launch or if its going to be the same 400 channels with bland content. If the content remains the same then I know the company is lying about its visitors. You have to understand ANY website can generate fake traffic to say they received x amount of million of people. It’s easy and cheap, but to produce unique viewers that are actually reading content and coming back is different. Those are the viewers that make your website a success and tell others about it. Wi-Fi surely lacks it right now, but they have a good idea so luckily they’ll get their minds running and create something to keep visitors at the site.

    February 11, 2007 at 12:18 pm

  5. C. North

    According to the new launch info they will have some new content and be launching a bigger marketing campaign.Your totally deed on about fake numbers but i don’t say fake i believe they got the hits but empty hits where a visitor visits once and leaves forever does no good.I have a feeling that if they want to go very far with numbers they will have to show people are at least signing up for free memberships.Once they have a membership then they can advertise new content at anytime through e-mail campaigns so if the content isn’t there at the launch they can still fix it maybe.Thats my main question now is how many actual members are they gaining not hits that mean nothing.

    February 12, 2007 at 2:43 pm

  6. Nick V

    So….you made a 20K profit since you bought. I guess that will shut the nay-sayers down! I bought 125000 shares at .004 a few months ago, and have finally made a few bucks! Nice call!!

    February 17, 2007 at 4:25 am


    Invest in this company and lose all of your cash! 3rd reverse split in 4 years. Do your homework and stay away. 30,000,000,000 authorized. Loss of 90% 1st day of trading as WIFT.

    WTVN = SCAM!
    WIFT = SCAM!
    WITV = SCAM!
    SWDV = SCAM!


    June 30, 2008 at 9:10 pm

  8. It seems you were late buying WTVI. I bought it on technical reasons, made a huge profit, then later lost it on trading it emotionally instead of technical. Definitely a scam unless you knew how to trade on it before the masses. i’d definitely say don’t buy it now or sports collectable concepts.

    July 3, 2008 at 12:58 pm

  9. Goood Penny Stock (OTC: WTVI.PK) – Wi-Fi TV Inc. stock review

    January 5, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    • WTVI is horrible. They don’t even really exist nor does really anything. It’s a complete risk.

      March 12, 2010 at 11:48 pm

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