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Wall Street is happy with Fed’s “management” of soft landing economy – Also a OTC stock called

Today investors were happy including wall street with the Fed’s holding the rates unchanged and applauding Feds for “managing” the economy well even though the Feds caution investors ahead. Rates stay unchanged at 5.25% made the market go up after final decision was made. Many stocks have been beaten down and I feel one that will gain a lot from this will be Catepillar Inc (CAT @ $64) with a profitable quarter and positive outlook with economy.

I just recently have been viewing Hawaii’s for extra part-time income for my spare time when I get back to save more. In the sales jobs I found a sales opportunity for selling online Wi-Fi Tv channels at $25,000 a pop!
Seems expensive but could be very cheap if this site would become the number #1 for Wi-Fi Tv downloading on wireless laptops, PDAs, PSPs, and Cellular Phones. I checked out the site, the publicly traded company on the OTC pinksheets OTC: WTVI.PK, and CEO. Bad things are its financials with a lot of liabilities and debt. Positives are if it could gain market share in the online TV generation it could be bigger then offering actual Wi-Fi Tv to download and watch anywhere. Currently after a 1:500 stock split (truly bad) this stock tanked and lets say its original investors lost a great deal of the money they invested. Now the stock just sits dead smashed at less than a penny @ $.003

Now this could be an opportunity with the company pushing a new sales force to sell the site and channels and working on website traffic the companies stock is very speculative. Owning 100,000 shares after commissions would be a very low risk investment even if you lost all your money. Say the CEO and company does just one thing right and your investment could easily be worth a mega percentage more while the company grows and starts to pay off liabilities to become profitable. is something in the near future. has already made uploading videos and watching them possible, trendy, and sold for billions of dollars to Now to actually have a trendy Wi-Fi Tv service I think its going to take a lot more dedication and shows users are actually going to want to watch. Right now is just personal shows with some small bits of real tv news programs like and webcams.

It is currently trying to sell channels at $25k a piece for advertising or charity? Give me a break! Users don’t download advertisements to watch! This is where I’m confused and think the company is going to have a road block. I think the right thing would be selling $25k advertising Ads and making all the channels frees. Making millions of channels somewhat like uTube, but more geared to shows, talkshows, podcasting, and events and let users search what they want to watch and have advertisers pay to be in that main area with their specific unique product or service. Now that would make more sense. I’m going to talk to a sales rep selling channels. I’ll see what he/she has to say and see if I can actually view on my Sony PSP game sole which is Wi-Fi capable.

I need to be sold first before I invest even $100 into this company. If all these channels presently on paid $25,000 a piece for a crappy show or wi-fi tv advertising I’m going to be blown away because it seems like a waist of advertising money at this point. After viewing the channels as a free user nothing makes me want to use the service or watch it because theres nothing interesting on the site.

Once I get more on the scoop of WTVI.PK I will be sure to post something new good or bad about the company.

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  1. C. North

    I totally agree with your ideas about wi-fi and its possiblities and also your review of the channel contnt is a excellent point to all investors.I would like to add some of my insight about wi-fi as well.First i’ would like to discuss the fact that investors shouldn’t be too worried about a short term buy on this stock because the hype surrounding the launching of the companys new format should drive the numbers up and produce alote of interest from investors hoping to cash in on the new web video craze i think we will see substantial gains even by the end of next week on this stocks price but caution any investor to watch it very closley on any long term investments purely based on the content problems of the 400 channels they have sold.So far this company has hurt itself very badly in the way of selling stations but not giving the channel investors any guidance or help in providing content that their target audience will enjoy for more than an hour and log off permanently thinking wi-fitv is boring and going on to watch the newest youtube videos.sure the new format will help get numbers up but will it keep the numbers there and thats the bad part is the answer right now is noooo!!For example there is a channel called panda cam bu the Smithsonian zoo which has several animal channels not just panda cam.The problem with panda cam is thats the only thing it is is watching a panda in the zoo on sometimes even black and white cameras and pandas aren’t in a viewing position alot of the time making it a very boring and mundane channel that could be tolerated the most 30 minutes before the viewer falls asleep and forgets about wi-fitv for good.That said all this company has to do is provide incintives to the channel investors to provide the contnet people will log on and join wi-fi to watch.Say they increase the sell price of a channel to 35,000 for just any joe who wants a web cam channel but offers an incintive of 10,000 dollars for all channels who are able to gain an x amount of viewers to the site.Also giving the channel holders more solid plans on how to build a winning channel is of the utmost importance.For example help guide the channel investors into developing a channel programming not for a cheap way to advertise by throwing up a web cam but by actually showing commercials that will generate revenue for the holders and give them the money to produce content viewers want to see.Take panda cam which is by the Smithsonian zoo who want to promote animal awareness and zoo business.Throwing up a few web cams is dull but add a video from one of the zoos representatives on where this panda came from his name about his diet and his likes or any tricks he can do and you have a show people will want to watch and during dead time return to panda cam so people can watch the animal they just learned about.Throw in a few shows about the zoo about the pandas history and preservation as endangered species and you got a full day of programming.Add to that the fact the zoo can do funraising and advertise on its channel for zoo visits and other advertisers willing to pay for add time on the channel the better the programming content will get and the more time and people will come to wi-fitv to see it.In my view this company is on the brink of a bright future or utter disaster in the next 6-12 months as you’ve quoted.The key will be helping these channels to provide the content that will help both companies and drawing big advertising to the site by doing so.The company doesn’t have a tremendous amount of debt as far as i see it is below 5 million in debt which would be easy to pay off if they can get advertisers coming in to create the revenue they need.A thousand channels is no good if there is nothing to watch.

    February 11, 2007 at 4:29 am

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    December 20, 2009 at 8:30 am

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