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Thank you Dell Computer for beating analyst expectations.


Again, thank you Dell Computer.  When Dell beat earnings expectations the entire market after hours lifted up by next morning it opened some retail and tech stocks much higher.  I was focused on Sears Holding Co. (SHLD) after it tanked being such a good company making profitable earnings.  SHLD was creeping up since earnings but no sudden big movement but still upwards positive on the stock price.  I still thought buying Call options at the $172 stock price was a good level to get into.  So yesterday I bought the Dec 06 180 Calls at 1.50 planning on waiting for 2-3 days movement to hit my sell point at 4.00.  I’m excited to say this morning Dell earnings helped smack SHLD’s butt and made it up all the way to $180 selling me out around $179 at 4.00 profiting myself +$11,000

Now what to do?  Pay off my second note on my home which is $14,900.  I told myself the first time I get my account over $15,000 again I would take that money and pay off a home note and trade the remaining amount of money back up to that level again.  I believe making $700 to $40,000 in 4 months even if I am using profits as long as I make $40,000 that is my goal.  I might have to be extending my $40,000 goal because I can not trade while underway on my ship which I will be soon for around 2-3 months.  That would make it more like 7 months, still exciting and awesome if I can make my goal which I will because I know I can.

My account now is around $17,000 + all my bad trades or should I say non-moving stocks that haven’t done anything for me.  I told myself with my remaining amount of money I am going to trade expensive high quality stocks like SHLD, GOOG, NYX, FXI, MA, NUE, and AAPL that move consistantly and trade a like to catch trend movements.  I’ve built $2000 into $20,000 before when I knew nothing about stock options and traded penny stocks and dollar stocks which I recommend not doing because its very difficult. 

I trade risky so my if I do profit I profit much higher.  My SHLD trade lasted one day and made 175% which to the average investors that knows little about traded but doing understand what a return is would be blown away.  I’m blown away, but not that much since I’ve made much higher returns just recently and over the years.  I want to get to a point where I have a good deal of money and my trading activity becomes more stable with less risk.  Right now being young I know I can take the risk so I am trading like a wild gun.


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