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Paul Meyer

It all began

In the 1980’s I was born at home in a Section 8 Housing apartment complex. Three sisters awaited me as I came out late afternoon. I would go on to fatigue my aging parents who had me in their 40’s and this was 1980 not 2020. My father would regularly be called my grandfather which would anger him. My mother would do her best to keep the family together which she worked multiple jobs to help my father pay the bills. My sisters and I all had jobs early or always helped on a paper route. My mom recently told me she felt horrible for her daughters that would get up so early to do their paper routes, attend school, and then practice gymnastics for hours afterwards. No one ever forced us to become hard workers it just came naturally. We were all raised in the Catholic church.

It was around 7th grade math class I really understood what my parents were always trying to teach me about saving money. My teacher explained to the class you receive a salary and you need to budget to spending it on rent, new car, clothes, ex. I questioned her why do you have to spend it all. I think I was even smarter than the teacher then. There’s nothing wrong with spending all your money, but if you can somehow master it you can feel rich without being rich.

It took me around 20 years after high school to finally do just that. As I became an adult my friends, peers, ex kept brainwashing me that I needed to have so much money to “live life comfortably” and I’m just going to tell you to take a big deep breath and let me tell you that’s bullshit. Absolutely! Don’t wait until you are 70 years old to start actually living the life you dream about because it may be a lot closer and more real than you think if you can just cut all the fat out. At age 42 I finally paid off everything and quit living the American dream and instead walked the path of Paul’s dream. That’s my story.

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