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Cheapness and greediness gets you no where – Trading Competition – QQQ’s

Okay so I’m half way through my trading competition with my eldest sister and she is about to quit trading all together. She actually traders smarter than me, but I suppose after trading and focusing your life around practice trading for over 7 years and you still aren’t making money you throw in the towel. I told her after our competition to take a year off. I take 6 months to a year off when my trading just sucks.

Currently in the competition I’m down -50% in my QQQ and S trades. I bought so out of the money expecting the early rally in October to continue but it never did. Well it has but more less gone sideways. I really see the QQQ hitting $60 so I ridiculously bought Nov 63 Calls for $.09 trying to make a small fortune within 2 months. So only time will tell if my options hit between $.50 – 1.00 which is my target sell price. Sprint (S) is going through hard times but I really think opening it up to selling iPhones might get more traffic through their stores and since they are in every RadioShack it gives them double the exposure. You know they were the first to come out with 3G and 4G. I don’t think the company gets enough credit. So far the stock after I purchased Jan 2.50 Calls has been rather soft and bad news/negative news has come in. I usually NEVER purchase a stock under $20. It seems anything under this price moves like a snail and just has problems politically or financially within the company. However, I figured if the QQQ and DOW would move up than S should move along up with it. I don’t plan to make a killing out of it. I have 3 months to be right or lose $700 in the trade.

I hope my big sister doesn’t give up trading. When we started learning together we were told its about trading a lifetime. However, for most normal people trading a lifetime if you aren’t making money will basically ruin your life. It sure has ruined mine. I think I have over $40,000 in student loans I traded and ended up being at a loss. But fuck it. I’m going to show all you fuckers I can beat this game if it’s the last thing I do alive – of course if I die then I got beat. I trade with less now. I’m not going to make my 8 years of trading and paying my market tuition go to waste.

Moved into my condo! India biz still bad news. + roommate #1

Well it is great to say I finally got the keys to my condo on monday June 30th closing, recording the deed in my name, and getting +$500 back from closing after 3 long months of waiting. Total closing costs were around $7600. I feel like I was overcharged again, but this is Hawaii.

My India biz is still whack. I think my former partner has no understanding for what exactly is real customer service. I’m sure this customer is going to sue and come after me since I am in the USA. A positive note is that the India biz was incorporated after mine and before he took on this customers so I’m going to argue I have nothing affiliated with him since I don’t taking this customers. I never worked with the customer and he bidded with the India company not mine in the USA (although he is sueing on affiliation). I’m using Pre-Paid Legal ( I’ve already talked to the lawyers locally and they think I have a 50% chance of winning in small claims court getting it kicked out. This is going to suck if it happens, this I’ve already come to the conclusion of due to lawyer fees. My former partner says he will give his life for me, but first he needs to learn how to give better customer service so my life isn’t whacked by a customer that is mad with his services if and when he screws up which he did and he will not admit.

A co-worker on my boat wants my master bedroom and will pay $1000/month for it. So from my $1950 mortgage + electricity bill this will help. I’m currently running another ad for $650 for the third room with no parking or motorcycle. Rooms in Hawaii rent very high due to the high price of a studio or 1 bedroom. I expect to get $550 to $700. The $1000 room has its own parking spot + private bathroom + walk in closet. If I get the second room rented I will be only paying $400-500 out of pocket to own this condo. I now need to learn how to ride my motorcycle really well so I can ride back and forth to work and save on gas.

I just funded my optionsxpress account with $1100. This market is tanking and I want to get in on some of the down action. Before I buy I will force myself to use stops.

My goal is to save $20k in my HI bank account just for my mortgage for 1 year and around $10k to start with at least for my trading account before my 1.3 years enlistment ends so I can trade without fear of not having a job or income for a little while. I would even consider delivering pizzas if my mortgage was paid for and use that income as my trading money. I need to make myself a successful options trader. I can’t keep living a lie thinking I actually enjoy doing work in other things when all I think about and want to do is trade.