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Yahoo! Finance Fantasy – Stock Market Trader Competition 2012

So I thought I might as well apply and try to trade stocks. It’s actually seems more difficult to make money and trade a common stock then trading a more volatile option. My portfolio was down 3% and now it’s up around 1% after I changed my trading style. I sold all my winners and losers and have so far gotten into only stocks under $20 since being in Apple or Google no matter how much they move my %profit is so low. I need small stocks that are moving which are cheap bank stocks and new internet dot com stocks. I guess I’ll see how it works out. 3 stocks worth 33% of my portfolio is much riskier than 8 stocks with only the smaller stocks weighing in more. If you would like to compare my portfolio to yours my username is vabeachbizman.

To try your luck with your fantasy $100k portfolio
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