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Toke n’ Toss Business Launch! Someone get me a shot of tequila!

Okay, if you haven’t heard because you probably haven’t or maybe you have I have been working with an entrepreneur I met working on a music video shoot in Brooklyn, NY. I basically motivated him to get his business idea running again and invested a small amount of money to make myself a partner in two of his business ventures. I figured he was either going to do it or do nothing. My investment was only enough to bankrupt my bank account so I thought why not. Well I have been working with him on the multimedia side and business knowledge and he has finally got his shit done in Florida.

toke n' toss pipe tobacco frisbee

Finally as of today the first batch of 200 Toke n’ Toss tobacco pipe frisbees are complete! I have made 3 different websites for, but finally ended up with this design a builder by Weebler through I have found the web hosting company to have pretty decent return times on customer service calling them and through chat. I like their control panel and find it MUCH easier to use than‘s mega control panel.

Once I’m done with Scotland I will be taking a road trip to Key West, Florida to inspect our Toke n’ Toss factory (laugh) and work on some comedy skits with the Toke n’ Toss to add to our multimedia for our new shinny website. We have already started to negotiate with retail outlets to have brick and mortar establishments to sell Toke n’ Toss. This is very exciting for me and my partner. My goal is to sell 90% of the units as wholesale to retailers and the remaining 10% online to test the products out on eBay, Amazon, and hemp forums.