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die LEH! die! that’s the fed for you. our economy is going to shit

yes, you heard that right. how can we not expect all these dumb financial companies not to die. we need to let the weak companies die and the strong step forward, but like cramer has mentioned the federal reserve isn’t helping at all. now multiple banks are pulling together as a team to save their financial corporation friends. LEH brothers on friday seemed to appeal as a loser and it’s likely why the fed chose not to help it and why LEH is filing bankruptcy. i have to admit. the stock market keeps getting more exciting everyday and also more worrisome because it appears every stock continues on a meltdown. i suppose this could be a pretty bad year into the presidency in jan. 09′. what a mess for the new president!!! what i really don’t understand is how a 158 year old investment firm could screw up so bad with that much experience. you’d think all that research would have kept them from shorting the market. i’m no financial expert, but i definitely would have started to think out of the box or hired someone who could.

it seems we are in for some dark times. for a long while i wouldn’t believe it, but with LEH with a $650 billion write down stocks are likely going to keep falling until some REALLY GREAT news changes its mood about the economy in general. i totally feel like this is going to be another bill clinton presidency campaign turning around the markets as such in the 1990’s. everything is the same. it’s funny how history repeats itself! so i suppose maybe in 2009-10 we might see some extremely high flying stocks again maybe?