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Okay I give up the FINANCE NINJA IS BACK!

I tried to hide in the shadows go to school and do other businesses, but it looks like I’m back now practicing the OEX S&P 100 index. I figured since I don’t have a job and I like trading intraday type trades with lots of volatility that trading OEX options would make sense. Since also now that I have some real video editing experience I finally plan to bring the finance ninja out of the shadows and into the public. I’d love to get some wall street bull coverage and maybe even interview a real wall street trader.

call and put practice plays

weekly i’m going to start posting an updately call and put practice plays for all the stock options i watch. this will help me keep up with what is falling and increasing in price. it will also prevent me from buying in the wrong direction. options are meant to be short-term so all the practice plays are meant to be traded within a week. all these option trades are 95% only decision maded on chart technical analysis and company numbers. news has already been into effect into the chart picture (or at least i think so)

this week’s call and put stock option practice plays:

fn call and put practice plays

fn call and put practice plays