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Past month options trading summary Dec 2009 – Mar 2010 trades -$825

I traded a few options after a year off. Currently my account is actually down -$825 from putting in $1700 since Dec 2009.
I’m not really happy with it, but much of my losses were from not selling quickly enough or not being able to watch/sell quicker. Some trades, just stupid as usual.

See below completed stock option trades: (click on picture to expand)

trading stock options diary

stock options trader diary

I suppose my goal for 2010 should just to be in the positive in 2011 even if that’s .01 above poverty.

Besides stocks I’ve moved to New York City and live in Brooklyn. I live in the Bedstuy section and it always feels sad and racial tension is high. I plan on moving to the Park Slope area. I go to school at the Art Institute of NYC. It’s like community college. I thought it would be more glamorous, definitely not like trading stock options. One day….one day.