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War & Oil stock trends. Take notice.

During the 9/11 war oil prices surged and energy stocks followed. Currently the entire market is finally, I say finally, because I shorted it too soon but if I had deeper money longer puts I would be reaping the rewards. My prayers to the Ukraine people. Reading headlines of 10% nuclear war chance seems dreadful. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn flipping houses or in the market if the world is bombed with nukes. Money is worthless at that point so I’m just staying positive that we, including Putin, will get to some point of agreement or end to this conflict. Usually when the USA enters a war we say months but it turns into years. If you view the chart below it shows and energy company following oil.

Oil futures and oil companies trending with an oil war

Just recently, as oil began to spike, oil rig companies that weren’t as profitable now are reopening their unused rigs again for foreign and domestic capabilities to drill. Same thing happened when we had oil conflicts. From my experience in the stock market trends repeat themselves and that’s when you should take notice, journal it, and use it to your trading advantage.

So part of me wanted to invested in long calls on Facebook. It’s still a cash generating machine globally and I really liked my metaverse VR goggle experience even though I’m not a gamer. However, I decided after seeing how energy stocks were up I researched a little more. I came to the conclusion that if this war continues and draws out energy is where to be until it is resolved. So I’m taking a big gamble on beaten down energy stocks that typically follow the leaders around oil prices. We have been living on cheap imported oil for a very long time…

Stocks like RIG, SWN, HAL, XOM

I bought contracts on 1 leap year call options. A whole year to be right or wrong on RIG which predominantly has oil drilling rigs, equipment, and services foreign and domestically. It would actually make a great covered call play at the current price if trends up long-term. I think as long as there is war and conflict we will see a lot of movement in these stocks that have been dead since the end of 9/11.

The real question I have to answer and take action myself is if I’m very right at what point am I happy with my profit and take it off the table. I guess that would be when Putin gives in or his country takes over his country or maybe his army just loses. But, how soon will that happen? You think with all the super tech military drones we have this war would end soon. And what about cyber wars? If Russians have been hacking companies and governments you would think more than ever they would be hijacking everything they can to control the digital e-commerce world creating more problems.

Shorting NFLX probably wasn’t the best 1st trade after a few years.

Well for the past couple days I’ve been pretty fucking psycho because I’ve been wanting to get back into the market, but maybe I just got into the trade toooooo late. I bought put options on NFLX Monday at close and got out of my position Thursday afternoon. I had April puts in February so I wasn’t completely sweating but each time I looked at the chart I just felt I got into the trade too late. Story short, it just seemed at around $400 NFLX had been beaten down enough.

I only got out profitable (made $200 bucks whoo hoo for nothing but stress) and that’s ONLY really because of inflation news drawing down the entire market on Thursday with the Fed raising rates a half over a quarter percent, lucky me I guess. It’s the only reason NFLX fell enough for me to be positive and not slap myself for losing easily half my account.

I got into the trade after the run up move predicting continual downward motion but it went sideways and that’s when I went sideways psycho. I also learned being in “options”, it’s so not worth it. Even if in warnings season and bad news for NFLX even I was thinking “I love NFLX, their stuff is still better than their competitors” so I don’t know why even with the change in the big charts I got into a shorting position on NFLX. wtf Paul? And to be honest I put $5000 in my account basically to gamble it which is totally horrible because I don’t see the market anymore as probabilities and statistics. It’s really just a big gamble either it’s going up or going down (and going sideways counts as going down because of stock options time valuation – intrinsic value). Real estate is much easier just much slooooower.

So make sure you really believe in your trade or get out is my advice. If you can shove your pride away and sell when you realized you are wrong AND take responsibility for that you are on the road to a long prosperous future my friend. So when I get a chance next I am testing out real money on “covered calls”. Do you know in the 10-15 years now I have done trades I have never done what I was taught the only trade you SHOULD DO if you don’t do anything else. Hm. I was “told” by my teacher Gary Williams that you can’t make less than 5% on that trades. I guess I shall see. If you do covered calls what has your experience been? Do you get called out immediately if the trades move in your direction and make and easy 5%+?

6 years later, the journey continues in my 40’s

Last time I blogged I was just in my second year of farming. Well, not farming anymore. I’ll be turning 41 this year. By 2019 I was ready to close my farm business and had already decided to put any money I had to buying and selling houses before I even knew flipping was a big thing. So I sold the last house I bought and took the cash to flip something in the Richmond, VA area.

So far I haven’t done so bad. In the past two years I’ve bought two ugly houses at a discount and turned them into luxury remodels. I’ve paid off all my old farm debt ($75k), paid off private lenders, and about to pay off my new work van before the end of the year. I figure if I can flip just one house a year I’m doing alright. In between flips I’ve done a cargo expediting business driving crazy hours half the year as a side hustle to make more money but I am closing that business by the end of the year as well to focus just on doing flips and building up a couple of rental properties. Every once in awhile I really think about my stock option trading days and want to do covered calls – basically buying the stock and options together to get called out for a low risk profit. In all the years trading options I never bought covered calls or puts. The stock mentor guru I paid classes from always said if there is one thing you get out of these classes and you don’t do anything else do covered calls once a month with a size-able account.

So 41 and almost out of debt. I’m also been working on my fathers war story memiors in comic form to publish for over a year now. Lots of projects. I even put a handyman ad out on craigslist to get jobs in my downtime. It’s a little scary but anything is until you do it a couple of times.

I still can’t believe how much money I lost in my twenties purchasing stock and real estate. None of it ever worked out. I figure I lost over $200k. It makes me scratch my head. I didn’t do anything really. No fun. Every bit I saved working tirelessly and living frugally didn’t ever make me a millionaire investing. So don’t believe everything you hear and ever dumb conference or guru that wants your money. You are well better off sometimes just following your own way even if it still loses. I think my own regrets in my 20’s and 30’s penny pinching and trying to be an entrepreneur too hard. It would have been nice to just spend a little, travel more, and just have fun. So that’s my advice. Don’t care about money just have fun and money will come if you are still willing to work hard, hustle, and keep taking action regardless if you reap what you sow or not.

If you follow me this is what I have been up to since my last post 2 years ago.

Hello FinanceNinja Blog Follower,

Well, it’s been 2 years since my last blog post at so this is where I am at:

Two years later gave up the MBA job search. Went on roadtrip. Started farming. Been farming running a local CSA (community supported agriculture farm business) for 2 seasons. Still no life. No girlfriend. I’m still 100% paycheck to paycheck or should I say customer to customer.

I’ve created some pretty awesome statistic spreadsheets for farmer CSA sales data. I launched and successfully raised $10k on Kickstarter which after all costs summed around $6k for farm expenses – that went REAL quick.

I’m still basically living off my parents at 34 years old. I hate to ask for money, but I always seem to need it. My 5.5 years left to 40 doesn’t look the brightest in forms of financial materialism things, relationships, family, ex. but my hands are hurting more, I’m getting more calluses, and definitely manning up in the aspect of the life that has evolved with all my adventures and misadventures.

I fantasize about surfing of all things. I miss the warm morning sand beneath my feet and gliding over water with my board almost effortlessly. Below is me wearing cap – Hawaii – Sand Island.

Oh, and for the most part I sleep in a bunk bed and usually a work exchange farmer co-worker sleeps above me. I would say all privacy has been taken away again not that I don’t mind it – having company.

A good evening after 12 hours of farm work 7 days a week is drinking a disgustingly cheap cold beer poured over ice to make it taste like it came off the tap watching a new Redbox film in my RV alone – only hearing cows moooooh occasionally.

And that about sums it up for the past  two years. I wrote this because someone replied to a post I wrote about sleeping 12 hours a day. Well I’d love to do that again. It’s more like 6-7 hours now. My nightly dreams are usually cut short at the alarm clock. I thought about taking this blog down since I don’t even trade stocks anymore. I think that Google trade really showed me how bad my luck really was and I do believe in timing and luck and karma. I’ve stuck with farming because although financially I’m likely going to be broke until I quit it the karma and luck is overwhelming good and you know intuitively when good is happening. I know I’m going to trade options again one day but I’ll have to look at it differently and the money doing it will be so much smaller.

If you want to check out the farm I’m building and following the vision I’m creating you should stop by if you ever get a chance if in Virginia. Let me know you read this ridiculous blog and hopefully you learned something I missed –

Until next time,


A day in the life of a MBA grad trying to get a job.

Working at Domino's in Scotland while working on  my worthless MLitt degree. (Halloween night - I missed out, but these nuns improved my night)

Working at Domino’s in Scotland while working on my worthless MLitt degree. (Halloween night – I missed out, but these nuns improved my night)

Well this morning was different. My sister brought me to a meeting with a Canadian Iranian guy interested in dividing his property lots and maybe he would be interested in letting me start a micro-farm on one. I found out he loved to talk, philosophy wise, and it wasn’t anything I haven’t heard before. Nice guy, but I’ve met guys like him before and although he doesn’t consider himself a dreamer or unhappy with what he has he totally seems to want to be American (nothing wrong with that). The whole content speech didn’t make me a believer.

Usually my day consists of filling out resumes, submitting to career websites, and sometimes even getting an automated response back that scanned my resume with a “Dear John” email. It seems the only ones that look for me our insurance recruiters or sales company that mislead their applicants with false write ups of job descriptions and salaries.

So, today, I took my job search a step further. I went in for a Domino’s Pizza interview. I found myself sitting in the small waiting lobby with other white male’s in full business attire. I could never imagine in my life that I would be going in for a pizza delivery position again after all that I have accomplished.

What made it so much more depressing was that I was greeted by young enthusiastic HR managers right out of college likely only obtaining their bachelor’s that had never worked a day of fast food in their lives. I tried to act friendly as they fired ridiculous “what if” questions towards me. I’m thinking to myself, “here I have two master degrees and I’m a military veteran and I feel like I am on trial to get a minimum wage job”.

This leads me to believe that security is getting tighter in America and the job market is definitely becoming more like the UK (meeting tons of people with degrees in minimum wage positions and normal adults is the norm there). I went to every pizza joint and restaurant. I waited in one local restaurant I eat at that’s always late on the food and it even took them 30 minutes to just hand me an application. I was physically chuckling to myself thinking, “getting a job here or attempting is just as bad as the service!”. They probably won’t even call me back after I read on the top of the packet that you must write neatly. I’ll admit I have horrible handwriting. It has plagued me since elementary school, however I’m an extremely fast keyboardist!

The other horrible thing about getting a minimum wage job in the information enlightenment area is that everything must be submitted online. There is no real face to face hiring anymore unless it’s a real “mom and pap” place. I did go to one and actually spoke to the owner. It was comforting to say the least even though I’ll still probably go with a bigger chain for better tips. I despise online job submissions. And the “fast” and “efficient” online process only makes it slower and slower and slower to get hired. There must be research data on this somewhere.  I’m sure their lunches are longer now that everything is online so I’d doubt things will go back to “human” relations.

Oh and one other thing is the hiring process in general. Now a simple hiring turns into this elaborate waiting and processing of background investigations, DMV records, drug testing, ex,ex,ex. What happened to hiring a clean, well dressed, and ready applicant on the spot? “Start this weekend”. Good luck! From my experience CEO’s smoke pot and I know them, but I doubt they got a drug test even with a million dollar salary. These poor workers need to do drugs just to stay motivated and survive their shift which won’t even pay for their rent! Seriously! I know too many. Without some type of pill or drug or alcohol working in a high stress low pay environment where you come home to a mailbox of problems is just intolerable!!! 😉

Lastly for you stock traders, I see all these internet tech stocks in the hundreds and now thousand dollar range. In-the-Money options must be rather high. I wouldn’t say a small traders game anymore, on the flip side the market looks like it’s going to go much higher from historical charts just taking a glance on Alex’s Wealth Management Blog. It reminded me of the countless years I pounded out charts and practice plays trying to get a solid read on the markets. I really miss it and waiting to trade again even if only $1000 bucks. For now I am so broke. I’m glad my sister lets me use her wi-fi for free.

Signing out,


P.S.  Just clicked on a “random post” in my dashboard. This popped up. Almost 1 year ago. Trading account = $0. My luck in the market sure is crazy. This really changed the direction of my life for the worst in 2013. I definitely couldn’t predict this wild event. Thanks news release services!!!

A short reflection essay on “Stock Market Predictions, The End of the World, and A Po-man’s Life”

I remember being a young 19 year old buck reading stock market prediction books in the 2000’s. The Dow and Nasdaq should have crashed by now and everyone would be broke and hungry (accept of course us landlords and farmers) – if of course Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Kiyosaki and many other financial guru’s were right. However the stock market is doing rather well even with it’s big swings monthly for the past few years.  Kiyosaki even recently went through bankruptcy however like most rich he slipped any judgements by creating multiple company identities stashing untouchable cash. Smart guy and total capitalist.

We live in America where we can really do whatever we want. I was speed walking with my mother today and in our chat we talked about how being absolutely broke and content or very wealthy are the best classes to be in as a U.S. citizen. The middle class always vote for the rich but never really get rich unless they give up their spending and get smart. Broke people and senior citizens are covered through welfare and sympathy. If you are broke you just don’t pay, you just don’t work, and you still get paid – in some way through our systems in America. Middle class pay and are forced to pay. The rich just have money so things that cost money just aren’t an issue and I’ve never met a person with money stressing out about a used car repair bill, medical bill, or student loan payments.

I would say I’m very poor and contently happy with my being broke. I’m happy with my used car, the old trailer I live in, and my two investment homes I own that I’ll likely never sell due to major negative equity (which was my plan to pay off my six figure student loans). I don’t care that I have crooked teeth, generally grotesque looking, and that I’m generally incapable of holding a job longer than three years. I think I’m destined to become a redneck farmer / part-time pizza delivery driver, unwed, and always drinking.

I’ll be honest here. I think being candid, here in cyberspace, isn’t smart since my future employer’s human resources searching my name on the internet will discover this fearless/careless blog and decide to likely send me a “Dear John” email reply to one of my online job submissions (thanks a lot corporate Domino’s for all 30 robot replies you sent me back). I feel hiring managers are becoming more robotic and less intuitive about hiring people who actually show they want to work for the company.

So as you can see I was rather disappointed that the world didn’t end in 2012. I figured at least if it started to end and all the major banks got blown up with hot magma or astroids then at least in the aftermath of it all no debt collectors or student loan collectors would still call me twenty times a day. I could become a natural leader that knew how to survive in the forest, off minimal foods, and encourage survivors to live off grid. In this process become more content with each other working together day by day recovering. However, the world didn’t end and I hate corporate and military politics. Here I am sending out a few hundred resumes a month for the past year (not even hoping) to get back an interview. I think this is why I only got two interviews in the past year. I know I’m destined to work for myself, or my slumlord sister, or become a naturalist like Mr. Thoreau and create my own Walden’s Pond.

So at last a “po-man” (poor man – not stoner food), 100%, after spending my last landlord rental savings going cross country in my dying VW Beetle in pursuit for a job I really wanted to take and own. As normal I was told I was crazy and why can’t I just get a job where I was (Virginia) – well apparently I’m incapable and inexperienced but definitely academically qualified – which I should be since it cost $100k – most of this went to business failures and other traders not even greedy academic institutions. This led me to become desperate on my cross country trip internship with a California aquaponics start-up. At this start-up I found myself the most educated person out of around 17 working. I also found myself being bullied being told I was “retarded” for going to college for which I could just learn everything on the internet. This may all be true, but thanks for constantly reminding me you don’t want people who commit to finishing something they started (and paid for). The pro’s: road trips are always refreshing, since this really broke my bank I now know all I can do is farm some land, and last maybe get a recommendation letter? Likely not after this review.

Out of seventeen co-workers five people including myself actually slave labored for free being called “interns” and promised high paying jobs in a new innovative sustainable agriculture industry: aquaponics. So, okay, well, that didn’t happen and it made a lot of late age 20’s a bit angry and disgusted especially with leadership which seemed to ditch 98% of the work days I was there for “other busy things they had to do” but actually physically build and clean their own greenhouse up. My three guaranteed meals a day instantly turned into one – if that. I stuck it out 50 days there and feel proud (only for myself) about staying loyal and dependable and gaining two extremely complaining comrades (which only made me more upset but they taught me some something cool for people that don’t have money or food or work or don’t want to work: freeganism – more particularly dumpster diving which we did to provide us food – and let me tell you it was a thrill and the food was great!).

These two for some reason wouldn’t do anything without me and saw me as their personal savior Jesus to make it through their last two weeks there. Thanks Y—– and F—— for believing in me. Forgive those leaders who couldn’t even learn your names and made you the “Chinese and Russian guys”. Granted you rarely worked even when you did, but you showed up on your own expense ready to learn and there was no real internship program to teach you anything. But you bled yourself out by removing 5,000 cobwebbed itchy rose bushes for the four weeks you were there in return for a few lunches and stuffy offices as bedrooms with one bathroom for 17 people to share. Yuck. Oh, what joy the world continues to bring me and to the ones that dare to take risks into the unknowns for a volunteer internship position. So what? We were a bit exploited and laws were broken offering us “internships”, but hey I learned a lot trying to build the worlds largest aquaponics farm. It can be possible if the invisible hand offers you free or low cost labor for maximum profit and if you have eager interns that want to better themselves. A few interns still work for free and a few paid under minimum wage. I really don’t understand why. It’s just unethical the way it’s being done and since I can’t stop it, and I’m told I’m retarded I left. I already feel a thousand percent better.

I expect the company to have to pay for labor sooner or later but for now commercial aquaponics is like putting money into a sinking sailboat. I suggest to sell it when things are green and retire young and rich (as I always wanted to when I was rather young and dumb – by the way my sister did take my advice and she’s asset rich).

The world hasn’t ended yet but I think it’s close. When you are a military veteran, you have three diverse academic degrees, tons of Internet start-up experience (in a world where e-commerce thrives), a decade of stock market research, and on top of this you can’t even get a cleaning job (I was turned down for that too) I think the world isn’t going to hold up too much longer. Or maybe I am just not trying hard enough, I’m not trainable, or socially not engaging. I hope not to sound so negative because I’m not. I’m actually peppy. Go-lucky. Just worried about all the ones that aren’t patient, sane, and experienced being constantly wrong. I suppose my gift is being able to eat up my failures and re-strategize quickly, organizing, and continuing to just live and not dwell on the past. I suppose my dad’s always been right. I should have just become a Catholic priest in the family. Free room and board plus a small salary and my work load is relatively light. He would constantly tell me childhood to adulthood I should be a priest, something deeply I think he wished and dreamed about. Too bad for him he knocked up to wives one of which is my awesome mom. Sorry mom you married a priest and not a commercial pilot.

So as the end of the world nears get your guns, stock up on canned goods, and hope you get locked up in your bunker with a person who enjoys board games and cards. Until the next random time I share some reflections of thoughts from the past and present go forth and be passionate and never look back my internet wandering seekers of information.

Signing out,



Life Professor

Who said volunteering isn’t fun?

So I am 30 days into an unpaid internship. I am the most educated person in the entire company, probably having the most entrepreneurial experience too. It really shows college isn’t worth a damn these days, but that isn’t what my education loan predators think calling me 10x a day.

No stock trades for the past few months. Just carpentry.

So I cashed out my account in January to finish my house repairs and renovate an 83′ winnebago into a mobile studio. Both projects have had their ups and downs but with no job prospects after hundreds of resumes submitted becoming the crazy unemployed roaming uncle sounds like a new frontier to explore.

I still check the stock market daily. Some great down days for an intraday trade but it’s okay because like once said, “the stock market will always be there” so I can come back once I’m feeling in a luckier state.

As for now I guess I’m turning to an all cash world and creating businesses built from an RV point of view.

Sold NFLX calls but still in HLF

I sold my NFLX calls up 50%. It helped bring my account back up to $5000 while HLF shot up today with the billionaire taking board seats on the company. I stayed in my position because I figure it may give it 2-3 more days of buying because it’s particular strong news for the stock price. I’ve had a rough January and February trading. I don’t know how I’m able to lose money when stocks have moved to their highest levels in years. A good trader just trades the trend but my intuition yells a sell-off, a soon to be change in cycle but everyday stocks go up so I choose to just trading calls. Keep your eyes open.

Apple (AAPL) does -17pts Wed – Fri – The Big Downtrend Continues even though all the Bulls want it to go up again.

So AAPL @ $445 was either going to move higher at $457 where I expected it to bounce back up with support but it fell more instead. If you look at the Weekly / Daily chart it’s 100% in a downtrend and the recent continued fall has only supported more of a fall which I think will be even harder possibly going under $400. Things that could change this? Some really new products. Better growth and lower margins in April earnings. Sometimes no matter what a stock just falls because the big traders are making lots of money on the move so until they want it to change direction it will continue its trend. So remember “The trend is your friend”. All the charts are beginning to cross-over with big red candles but from experience this is a choppy time. One day it looks like a fat put option the next day it looks like  just a pull-back and continuing uptrend (see NSC). Seems like tech will continue up (besides AAPL which is like the ugly ducking at the moment) however housing/materials/energy seem* to be changing direction which could be great shorting trades but I’m just going to keep my eye on them at the moment and if and when it feels right I’ll dive in head first.

Downtrend charts (AAPL, TOL, EOG) – Transitioning (NSC) – Uptrend still (GOOG)



What else can I say? I think everyone had a miserable day in the markets today. AAPL & HLF down. Ouch.

I’ve been watching the DOW and it has been slowly turning upside down. I suppose today it threw-up some gains. I got smacked in the face with the ongoing Hacker news piece regarding Apple and Facebook. I sold out of my call options this morning when AAPL didn’t rally after its morning sell-out. I took a loss but not as bad as if I’d stayed in it and hoped for the best which I find even if I get out now I can get back in later at a better price and regain my lost. As for Herbal Life I should have gotten out of it after it didn’t rally – after 11am. Soon the positive earnings weren’t good enough. I didn’t see it turning over with the rest of the market. Around 1pm the market changed it’s position from buy to sell. HLF down -2pts is nothing good for me. I’m glad I had a small position and now will only have around 20 days to pray that Carl Icahn does a private buyout of HLF so the stock shoots up. It keeps hitting around $44-46. If it is 30-60% undervalued at under 10x earnings then I might be able to see the light again under all this heavy cold water pouring on top of me at the moment…I probably took a 25% hit on my account. On a positive note if the market finally does fall some it will be easy put options and I’ll just reverse my position on AAPL because it has the largest downtrend and my early up-entry was just premature. So Apple down -12 today I figured it will go down another -20 what the hell. The apple is falling from the tree and since it has fallen it has become more rotten and who wants to eat a rotten apple?

Ackman vs. Icahn – AAPL, NFLX, GOOG, HLF, MJNA – Stocks pumped and dumped!

The Ackman vs. Icahn billionaire investor battle over Herbal Life (HLF) has kept my interest since Dec. 2012 when it all began. I have made and lost money trying to figure out which direction the stock will go. I currently purchased a small call position going into earnings. From experience, actually being a direct seller in a network marketing company such as Herbal Life, I know they aren’t pyramid schemes as much as people like to accuse them of being. If that was true then our government and any corporate structure is the same visual pyramid looking scheme – a person on the top and then it fills wider and wider into the bottom feeders. After HLF earnings were released I was crossing my fingers for the best but since the stock didn’t jump 10-20% (because it proved Icahn won his bet and Ackman will likely lose his $1 billion short bet since the company isn’t going bust) – but since it didn’t pop it made me curious. All I could think up is that both stakes have already been priced into the stock with solid earnings. There is this 11am conference call tomorrow and everyone seems to be making a big deal over it even though the earnings were already announced today…It doesn’t add up. The top level managers aren’t going to say anything much different then what is already reported. HLF seems to have a lot of support and current trends show it moving up since Icahn went public on his larger stake. Within 3 days I should be sold out or it could be pumped and dumped over this anticipated event tomorrow afternoon…Yikes.

This brings me to trading and picking stocks in general. I’m horrible at it. I see stocks constantly moving up and up and up with no real technical indicators. They just move up and everything at least on the charts doesn’t show me any real entry/buying point. So what do I choose? AAPL. Apple continues to swing. It has been hitting this daily trend and bouncing back up. But I wonder is 3 falls a charm to fall further – harder – down down down? I currently purchased deep calls since technically it shows it is still going up a new trend even though it is still below the big falling weekly/daily trend. I’m predicting Apple will pop up 10-15pts within the next 3 days because if it doesn’t then I’m dead wrong and its head to fall 20-40 more points. This just doesn’t make sense for a company that is the big dog, most analyst sound bullish on it, and it’s popular with consumers. If anything when* it’s ready it will move up considerably and I’m waiting to get on that ride early.

Now stocks that I should be trading calls on but they move at a turtle consistent upward pace without much pull-back that it scares me to buy in which are GOOG and NFLX. Good grief. These damn stocks are making money and of course I’m not trading them. I have this bad luck. I’m not kidding. I swear. I get into a perfectly good trade with everything saying it’s moving up and then I swear as soon as I enter it falls! I don’t get it. I’ve found if I’m patient I can get out of it profitably – usually – but these two stocks have moved a lot and that keeps me away from trading calls on them even though they keep going up big every day.  I’m only trading Apple because I feel it has room to move but in actually GOOG and NFLX are probably safer more reliable trades because they aren’t so talked about and hated for being who they are. AAPL, however, is currently hated for cash hoarding and lack of new products. Does GOOG or NFLX really have any new products? NO! But that’s Mr. Market for you.

Last MJNA, Medical Marijuana, which I have followed for 3 months. I almost invested $7000 which would of turned into $30,000 over 1 month but I didn’t do the trade – I traded stupid Apple and others which ran me more into the ground. The stock has fallen and currently has received criticism calling it a scam company. I have a feeling the guy who wrote this lengthly article claiming everyone in the company to be a scam and “pump and dump” (which I couldn’t agree more on the second part) was likely pumped and dumped himself on the stock. I usually find angry analyst/stock traders that lost on the trade. He likely bought it high and now it’s half. He’s pissed and letting it all out. The company definitely has real products and patents. It’s not really a product stock it owns patents and earns royalties off them. I think any company in the growing marijuana industry is currently being pumped and dumped because they are hot items. I still would like to invest in this company as soon as the stock starts moving up its trend again. I think I’d purchase it above $.40 but since I’m not interested in holding stocks it probably wouldn’t be worth my time even if it doubled/tripled in price in which I would also dump it on new investors. It’s much easier to trade options on a stock that moves then a penny stock that will waste your time. I’d rather wait for it to be $100 and trade options on it once it moves daily.

On the record people who invest in the market should realize and not be so stupid that real estate and stocks are constantly being pumped an dumped. Buy low – sell high. Sounds great, but buying and the right entry is critical so do your best. hahah. You just might get dumped.

Until next time reporting on my AAPL & HLF call options…

Apple Puts – Back to Zero +50% Feb 2013

Sold out around 9:50am in the morning for a +50% trade (+$2000 but actually only to my existing start since Jan 13′ so I’m neutral once again). I’m glad I set my alarm and woke my ass up. My puts closed at around I sold them but I know right after 10am as the stock moved up I would of sold for a smaller profit so it’s good I didn’t get greedy. Apple didn’t fall hard into the next trading day which gave me another insult to my prediction and watching it for 15 minutes early trading it felt* like it was resisting to fall which gave me an immediate reason to exit. Now, what would have been super fantastic is that it would have opened gapping much lower 8-10 points but this wasn’t the case…So what’s next? I’ve been following a penny stock that went from .09 when I thought about purchasing it and went to .50. (a big +$20,000 gain) but woulda coulda didn’t happen. Now at .44 I’m going to just have to pass it even if it does move to $1.00. Just not worth the risk now. Damnit. I really wanted to pay off those credit cards I swear! The stock market sure does hit you hard when it plays hard to get.

The market is suppose* to pullback. We are going into warnings season so if this does happen* within the few days it pulls back hard I’m going to buy a favored tech stock calls thereafter likely far out of the money. Until then… ciao.

My advice – take the intraday 30 minute smart money trade – Apple (AAPL) Put Option

Okay, today was a roller-coaster ride trading Apple (AAPL). At around 11am I saw it down -5 and everything in me said trade it. By the time I got in at 11:30 it was already down -8.5 going in the direction I wanted. I purchased Feb 475 Puts in-the-money at $7.60. In less than 10 minutes I was up +$700 at $9.40. So this is the point where if I was highly intelligent and disciplined I would have took the $700 smart money off the table IMMEDIATELY. I don’t even earn this in a week, actually I don’t even earn this period because I’m currently unemployed. I was watching the charts and within 5 minutes the trade was already going against me and I was in a negative position. All the big charts scream SELL on Apple and were forming bearish looking technicals. I almost sold around 12:30pm for almost -$1000 loss! Yes, you heard that right up $700 then down $1000 probably in no less than an hour. So, I felt it would be my job today to sit and stare at my computer screen all day and only get out if it went above the major downtrend. Well it never did. It was just light afternoon trading going up. As soon as the real traders got back from their lunches AAPL immediately started to trade down again. I’m glad I at least had the patience to wait it out but I’ve waited trades out before and lost thousands of dollars so I prefer not to.

Guess what? Although Apple traded -12 points down for the close I decided to be patience and stay in the trade. From the research I looked at from the big trend and every time there is a big red candle at the top of the 3-5-20 day close a second down day should*** follow. Now what I didn’t take into effect was the Presidents State of the Union Address tonight. SHIT. But it seems historically the market pulls-back after it for Obama so that would be in my best interest. I’ll be watching AAPL closely likely to jump and then fall and sell out once it seems to hit some residence. It hit a new low today and under $468 which is why I stayed in it. I’m up +$760. If it continues to fall tomorrow and the entire market doesn’t rise up a lot then I should be up +$2000 or sell immediately if I’ve got the guts to.

apple AAPL

Dec-Jan Trades, I admit I am a Gambler. I suppose that’s the first step to recovery

I don’t even know why I’m trading at this point in my life. I need to just give up my dying dream. I think I’ve lost a total gains and deposited money of around -$15,000.

What’s more crazy is that each trade I have gotten into has been profitable within the week up 5-70% and I didn’t sell it. The trades of course reversed against me and I’m in losing positions – even in my Google trade. I bought in the money. I was up $200 bucks at most. Yes, should have sold. I went through earnings figuring it would fall, yes, staying in it and just letting the remainder of the trade go to hell (it was already 200% down). Well Google didn’t something I didn’t expect and gave me some luck. Now even though I’m back in the money my trade is still down 100%. It just makes me feel like shit to continue this disaster. It’s too bad they don’t have internships for this type of trading. All I ever wanted was to sit in an office and work with a mentor but it’s just not realistic. Everyone thinks their trades are a secret. They are not. They are just better at selling quicker than I am.


So I’m still in my GOOG trade. I recently was in a HLF, SWN, and AAPL trades – all profitable at some point – and then somehow they got away. You know I even got my QCharts account back up to see if that would improve my trading. I think it actually made it worse. I traded better on a whim of intuition being brainless than all technical/fundamental. It’s crazy how the stock market is like a gambling game you throw darts at. Sometimes they hit sometimes they don’t.

This brings me to a film FLIGHT. After watching this film by then end I finally accepted that I need to go to an Anonymous Gambling group. I admit I have a problem, I must have. Who else would trade and trade and trade more than a decade to lose everything they’ve got for the game? Just a losing gambler.


oh shit i’m abo…

oh shit i’m about to do it again. intern.

I’ve turned 32 and what am I doing? trolling the internet with pain and anger…

Yes, you read that right. I will soon be posting my typical year in review. This one is going to be quite more painful then the last. So you damn trollers let’s get it all out before 2013.

Sharing/Socialism-Capitalism – Metanoia Concepts quest….

I’m going to post a question and I hope random people like yourself reading it will try to offer some reflection in a comment. My basic question is:

Is it truly possible to change the way us American’s do business in which sharing and the social good will is achieved over capitalism greed?

I could have probably phrased it better, but I admit I’m no English scholar. I’m on a small quest to do research on businesses right now trying to mesh in earning a living while retaining less of their profits that would be put back into the social good. My definition of “social good” is basically returning profits into upgrading neighborhoods and other businesses, improving structures, improving lives, and increasing an entrepreneurs happiness through giving back more than holding back. I know this might sound crazy because we live in a society where you want to save as much as you can in which you CAN retire. Who really wants to retire? This is another good question. Once a person truly stops working their life stops and they die. I know there are statistics on this. I know too many elders that were healthy and had a purpose to go to work and once they stopped its as if their heart stopped.

My parents, in their late 70’s now, still work and I’m proud of them. I hope to be healthy enough to work until I die. I do believe in retirement, but you should still have some type of work passionate or not (hopefully you DO enjoy it) in which it keeps you 100% active.

So, I know there are businesses currently that have cooperatives to share all the profits with businesses, but I’m interested in taking this idea or concept a bit further. I’m not talking about your average donations here I’m talking about taking it all and reinvesting into the community. This sharing of wealth at least I think would reap internal reward and external improvement especially in lower income communities where I have learned much that friendships and something good to eat is more important than a big house and flashy materials things.

So if you know a community/business that takes what they need and gives back everything else please comment or share your thoughts on how it could be possible – if it’s possible in which sharing/community could work with each other. This of course is without government handouts – grants, food stamps, ex.


Why Google? Why! – How I lost $11,000 in 3 minutes.


Sometimes I think I have the worst luck. I’m trading a bullish support pattern in-the-money trade on Google entering into the late afternoon to get out before the close (earnings). I change windows and by the time I look back I see these red numbers changing like the speed of sound. I’m so confused. I think a bomb just went off and the markets are in a complete panic – no, Google just released its earnings unexpected during the mid-afternoon – just 10 minutes after I entered my CALL option trade. My $11,000 trade went from profitable to $0 in about a minute. I couldn’t even get out it happened that fast. My body feels quite sick at the moment and my head is hazy. So now I have to start ALL over again damnit. The world of pain I live in and my mother wonders why I just want to be a hermit in the woods.

Break-down of this trade: Enter 12:27pm, Google release earnings at 12:30pm prematurely instead of after the close of the day, my account is wiped clean in about 1 minute. I watch in confusion and panic as Google drops so fast I can’t get any order to go through to sell out and take any type of loss but $0. Damn these unexpected releases! It doesn’t feel ethical to the small investor.

Did you feel any of this afternoon pain from Google? Share your bitter sadness….

Redeemed myself today – VERY risky Apple (AAPL) trade +248% – Back in the game!


Okay, so yesterday with $4500 in my account I took a BIG bet on Apple’s stock that since it was swimming around $630 and not dropping that it would move higher. It did move higher into the close so I double upped big time on AAPL OCT 670 CALLS @ $.23.  Now, I bought 1 contract of AAPL OCT 670 CALL @ $2.71 only a few days earlier. I think only 2 days earlier. So $3 to $.18 cents isn’t that promising to just JUMP into, but I felt the bear gunslingers in this trade were getting tired and the bulls were regaining energy. I mean, how much positive news does it take to make Apple move again??? All good news and the stock was just constipated sitting on its ass. Once that poop went through it would run again. Well, I was in luck today because although there were always rumors finally luck came my way with an actual fact that Apple was going to show a product in the next week. Apple went from +$5 to +$13 making the out of the money calls suddenly more volatile and quickly change from snails to rabbits immediately as the market maker saw the opportunity to make money. Believe it or not this happened in less than 45 minutes. My option doubled and I couldn’t even be sold out of my GTC because I had an ALL OR NONE on my price of $.50 with the current bid/ask of $.67-.70. In a helpful way that ended me gaining another +$3000 profit as I cancelled it and did a limit price opening it up to partial fills taking around 1-2 minutes of complete thrill as I saw it being filled up at $.80 instead of $.50 (+248%). I wanted AAPL to reach $650. This was my target to sell out but I was able to sell out quickly around $647-648 with my option target above what I wanted. I didn’t wait. I wanted to be out of this trade BADLY. I like big fat tech stocks but not in near death $0 expiring options.  I know what happens at the end of expiration when you wait – and HOPE – nadda – zero – sorrows – and lack of discipline that only leaves you unable to stay in the game. I told myself if Apple didn’t do shit today I would sell out at a bigger loss if it ended at $.10 to $.18. However, today I really got lucky and the support on technical charts which I saw a crater forming over the 5-10 day chart make Apple finally pop – however Apple could have just continued to fall – so I WAS lucky on this one even though Apple really was constipated in price. I would have stayed in the trade if my options weren’t near death because it’s a high probability chance that AAPL now will move even higher tomorrow with a big white candle with a kicker bullish chart setup. I’m happy with the cash I got and I’m on to a less risky in-the-money intraday trade. I’m better at trading intraday – smaller profit – less stress – no worries what the price will be the next day.

My currently account status

August 15th, 2012 – began trading again and started with $2000

October 15th, 2012 – into my tenth trade with an ending balance of $12,500 (up 525% – 60 days)

In my my 12 month plan I would be in month 4 so I am 2 months ahead. See post here how to make a million in 12 months trading options IF you are the BEST if you suck you’ll loose your ass.

What can I say – It’s been a rough month for me and Google.

I should of looked at the big picture, but even that would of not stopped me trading on a solid streak. Well I’m down around 50% for Sept-Oct. 12′ so far. I should of knew better. Everything I was taught was to warn me about warnings season during this time. Even with all the positive growth and cash flow I still took a hit on my GOOG calls which were way in-the-money.  I had 2 changes to cash out making some money and I sat on the piano waiting. I’m really pissed at Apple Inc. right now but they really don’t care. Apple has been dragging down tech in every way imaginable – which is plenty of a reason not to be buying CALLS in any tech. No matter the good news if Apple is having bad news everything will be brought to its knees. This makes me really think the big picture again – Apple can’t stay big and profitable forever unless is cross’s over into more products… more like Google. I’m still waiting for Facebook to really profit from its 1 billion users. Well, it’s not the end of the world.

I’m going to a stock options seminar in two weeks and bring my mom. I’m leaving the credit card home because I know I don’t need any specialized stock system to make good trades you just need discipline. I figured I go to learn some new strategies and just get me pumped to do better. I know I can. It is just a matter of focusing on what I do best and stay away from what I do worst. I’m still figuring that out, but what I do know is that I trade better intraday in the last 3 hours of trading 1pm – 4pm than any other time and doing it consistently even if its smaller gains. I’m becoming an old fart and I really don’t want a day job.Image

Up +$7000 or 350% since August 16th. Trading stock options on AAPL & PCLN

I took $2000 of some money I got back from my school and felt the timing was ripe to trade some stock options. During this time I was deep into renovation a rental home and in full force finishing my MLitt in Film Studies dissertation project and essay. This was hardly the time to be trading volatile stock options on large cap stocks that move violently day to day. My main goal was to just earn enough to pay back, well everything, my total debt is around $130,000. I’m not afraid to say it. Most people hide it, but I hide nothing. I’m not proud of it but sometimes you make bad mistake after bad mistake or in my case I just consider myself likely somewhat handicapped in the entrepreneurial department. I would go as far as thinking I am mentally and business retarded at times making irrational decisions to achieve my American Dream – which now I know is definitely not greed for money but greed for personal freedom/desires (Which still cost money).

So here I am with $2000 to basically lose even though I need it for repair costs, credit card bills, yada yada. I see a great trade on Priceline Inc (PCLN) when I see it got crushed after a report on possible lower revenues. This stock has a solid cash balance sheet and great EPS/PE. I bought it around $559. I have been trading CALLS on it ever since and have done pretty well. Every time I get in it my main goal is to be out of it within 24 hours or less. For the most part I have achieved this. The other trade is with Apple Inc. (AAPL). I’ve traded some PUTS and CALLS on it. They have been mostly quicker trades the PCLN. For the most part if I wanted to I could be in and out of AAPL within 2-4 hours earning on average $500-1000. My last trade earned me around $3000. I’ve only done I believe 5 trades in the past 30 days. This is inline with Gary Williams trading rules to only trade 5-10 times per month maximum. I’m taking a break now so I can let my run cool and re-focus on my next trades. I am not as eager to trade as when I was 23-29 years old and I think that is because I am wiser at trading more now at 31 then when I began at a young 18.

I almost took my $7000 profit to buy a sweet badass 1965 mustang, but instead I settled for an ever cooler 1990 Bronco with a failing engine for $900 which I didn’t have to pull any money out of my trading account. Hahaha. Come on, just laugh! The back top comes off and it turns into a muscle jeep. My mom owns my loved diesel Jetta and I hope to get it back or just buy myself one once I have a more stable income. Currently I’m finishing my MBA, working on starting a mini aquaponics fish farm, trading options again, and among all this trying to now edit my first non-fiction book with a friend to publish and sell on all digital readers. So, I don’t know what my future of trading holds for me, but I do know I’m on a good run and I don’t want to give it up so easily.

Oh, if you are wondering about the Toke n’ Toss business ventures, well, it’s completely over. Now I understand why they say choose your partners wisely – marriage or business. Let’s just say this was another $5000 business lesson, but this lesson was one on one truck/stand vending for concert goers. Learned a lot, but learned the most that people that aren’t willing to budget and chip in on expenses should be left on the side of the highway as soon as they start complaining that a twelve pack of beer IS a business expense and YOU are going to pay for it because the partner doesn’t have any money.

See below trades:

Toke n’ Toss Frisbee Pipe on Phish Tour 2012

So the Toke n’ Toss frisbee pipe has been selling well. I hope our customers have been enjoying our phatty margaritas with it. We have around five shows left and taking a 3 day break after two close-encounters with the police since my partner was selling alcohol. We plan to switch to food at the Jones Beach show. If you haven’t seen the Toke and Toss Frisbee pipe yet check it out and have one of our southern bbq sandwiches we will be selling also! 

Check out one of our customers in this video that gave us a hilarious testimonial. 

My 7 day put option trades up 35% – AAPL, GOOG, PCLN, QQQ

Apple reported earnings today so I would have been closed out before any earnings reports. If I would have sold yesterday % profits would have been higher or the low of today. By far I entered the QQQ’s a bit later into the downtrend (2 days later) after a slight higher move on the market waiting for the next fall. It proved to be the best and also the most affordable play. An average person could of bought 10 contracts for $1,420 dollars in a super small account and earned a 25% return within a few days. $500 a week is more than I earn now. LOL. I don’t know if I’ll ever trade again. My subconscious dreams are even telling me I have no basic control over my life. You never have control over the stock market. You only hold the trigger to buy or sell and hopefully Lady Luck is on your side. I earned around 35% total on these 4 plays. It could of been much higher if I had waited (waited!) for the pop on Apple I intuitively knew would happen after it’s first hard fall. I would of been over 100% for the 7 days. See below.

Here are the close on my 4 put option trades:
AAPL 555 MAY PUT Bought @ $20.44 / Close Sold @ $22.29
GOOG 610 MAY PUT Bought @ $19.40 / Close Sold @ $19.10
PCLN 655 MAY PUT Bought @ $20.50 / Close Sold @ $20.70
QQQ 66 MAY PUT Bought @ $1.42 / Close Sold @ $1.93

Now that Apple had positive results and the entire market has followed its lead I would switch directions and start playing options for the next few days. However, I wouldn’t be so confident to see it continually going up even though it had a 10% pull back. Any bad news could send Apple’s stock quickly down.

AAPL, GOOG, & PCLN continue fall from peak after subtle expected pop.

So in my two earlier posts I first analyzed and came to a long waited gut conclusion with these weekly faster and bigger moves that the top peaks of a few fat stocks looked like they were ready to sell off. Particularly Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), and Priceline (PCLN). I predicted a pop after the quick fall on Monday for all three stocks to having a buying opportunity especially on AAPL Tuesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday the stocks popped up. Then I planned on Thursday into Friday, if I was correct about the possible new downtrend starting to begin, to show after the initial quick trade on Tuesday. Today, all three stocks got hammered except GOOG.

However, with GOOG I find an exception because it hasn’t moved back up as quickly like AAPL and PCLN. GOOG seems like it is a turtle slowly going down a hill whereas AAPL and PCLN are like college frat kids jumping off into deep blue lagoon abysses. 

After Wednesday I initially thought GOOG out of the three would have been the best practice trade to follow in and trade on real money, but after two seeing all three continue to fall I’d say it’s safe that all three are in for a short-term stock price correction.

Now on Friday even the MSFT did well in earnings I don’t think it’s going to affect my stocks. All three stocks will likely fall another 10 points into next monday.

Currently here are the 3 practice put options I have in play:
(bought on close of the 16th – the better trade would have been the close on the 18th)

AAPL 555 MAY PUT @ $20.44 / currently at $16.55

GOOG 610 MAY PUT @ $19.40 / currently at $19.50 (still likely the weakest and best put play)

PCLN 655 MAY PUT @ $20.50 / currently at $12.17

And I’m going to add an QQQ NASDAQ index put option due to how heavily these 3 stocks can weight on the QQQ index because it is ALSO at it’s peak high which has been squatting at the price of $65-67.

Buy QQQ 66 MAY PUT @ $1.42 (close of 4/19/12). QQQ’s are slow but likely the least amount risk out of these 3 larger options as seen just by the movement of the options except for Google because it hasn’t moved much only slowly falling. However, if GOOG continues to drift downwards it could have a sudden couple of big falls.

AAPL, GOOG, PCLN – bounce back up – plan to continue to fall

In my previous post after the continue trending change in AAPL, GOOG, and PCLN I see them moving down further. News articles have already come up to scare off Apple investors. A bounce back from its previous sharp fall is normal. We’ll truly know a peak has been hit if AAPL big +30pt move dies by the end of the week. However, practicing these 3 helped me pick out the weakest of the litter – Google. Google has been moving like a slug in the crowd and falling harder when taking hits. For this reason out of my 3 practice trades I would trade my life on I would choose Google put options. I intuitively feel it has the most loose too because it has tried so hard to become everything and take over large markets. It is still a search engine and advertising engine, but it’s beginning to spread itself thinner and get into more trouble. Also it doesn’t really MAKE anything. Everything is digital even though it did buy Motorola it sounds just like to make them stronger instead of actually innovating a product line with a whole lot of money.

See chart below – As you can see GOOG moved the least with it’s friends.
which stock is the best to buy in 2012?

My current practice options must be down at least -80% but that’s okay because I’m smart to be practicing my theories instead of using real money like I use to. My expected bounce back on Apple that I knew was going to happen but could’t confirm did happen today. For the most part if a stock takes such a big dive, it’s still worth tons in free cash, and it’s a top tier company it DOES bounce back however from YEARS of watching the market if it is at a super high run up peak if it isn’t able to recapture it’s highs investors and big traders start considering to make million$ trading the other way down because ladies and gentleman you can earn just as much as not more shorting or put options on a stock – some awesome instrumental tools as a knowledgeable trader.

Fantasy Portfolio update / BIG OPTION PLAYS I’d trade my life on – AAPL, GOOG, PCLN

It’s too bad Yahoo! Fantasy Finance doesn’t let you short or trade options on stocks in your portfolio. I’m currently up 14%. Nothing to brag about compared to leaders supposedly with up to 150% gains in the past 30 days. I don’t know how they are doing it but I can only assume they are trading penny stocks or stocks only under $2.

See shot:

Some BIG OPTION PLAYS I’d trade my life on which I think at the moment are definite risk/reward worthy are put option trades on AAPL, GOOG, and PCLN. They have been trending down for the week 5-20% off their highs. I’ve been waiting and waiting for some big institutional sellers/investors to start taking some profits and selling. I believe this is finally happening as stock analysts re-think Apple. I think it’s run up with Google and Priceline are currently in a stock value correction. The company’s have moved up so quickly a stock correction was bound to happen. Now I’d trade my life on a definite ongoing correction probably another 10%. However, from experience, this could also be a quick buying/selling opportunity. Whenever a high talked about stock like Apple falls 20 points as it did today then next morning it can have a volatile swing upwards confusing any type of trader. So a correct entry point is crucial and very short-term trading profits are important – meaning if I was going to trade puts on any of these companies once I’m up 50-100% in a day on a contract it would be smartest to get out and just get in/out when the timing looks right on technical charts and watch how investors are reacting/how news is changing.

Even with the stocks hit hard today I can bet they will actually be positive tomorrow.
However I feel a put trade over 1 month will have definite positive results. Since I have no money in my account. I will trade as if I only have $2000 for each option. (A total of a $6000 account).

Bought end of close 4/16/12

AAPL 555 MAY PUT @ $20.44 (This is the closest to in-the-money I can buy – although way out of the money with only having $2k towards trade however this option is moving fast with big swings).

GOOG 610 MAY PUT @ $19.40 (Surprisingly, GOOG is higher and I can buy in-the-money puts for $2k)

PCLN 655 MAY PUT @ $20.50 (Closer to AAPL’s option pricing – out-of-the money with $2k trade)

Very short-term such as the next 1-2 days I expect the stocks to pop up, however if I’m right on trending and more importantly – FEAR of losing money for many holders – the stocks should continue a down trend and the more that sell the sharper the decline until a big guy steps in and stops it buying back changing direction – a new market correction. So check back in a week for a post update on this practice trade.

Toke n’ Toss Business Launch! Someone get me a shot of tequila!

Okay, if you haven’t heard because you probably haven’t or maybe you have I have been working with an entrepreneur I met working on a music video shoot in Brooklyn, NY. I basically motivated him to get his business idea running again and invested a small amount of money to make myself a partner in two of his business ventures. I figured he was either going to do it or do nothing. My investment was only enough to bankrupt my bank account so I thought why not. Well I have been working with him on the multimedia side and business knowledge and he has finally got his shit done in Florida.

toke n' toss pipe tobacco frisbee

Finally as of today the first batch of 200 Toke n’ Toss tobacco pipe frisbees are complete! I have made 3 different websites for, but finally ended up with this design a builder by Weebler through I have found the web hosting company to have pretty decent return times on customer service calling them and through chat. I like their control panel and find it MUCH easier to use than‘s mega control panel.

Once I’m done with Scotland I will be taking a road trip to Key West, Florida to inspect our Toke n’ Toss factory (laugh) and work on some comedy skits with the Toke n’ Toss to add to our multimedia for our new shinny website. We have already started to negotiate with retail outlets to have brick and mortar establishments to sell Toke n’ Toss. This is very exciting for me and my partner. My goal is to sell 90% of the units as wholesale to retailers and the remaining 10% online to test the products out on eBay, Amazon, and hemp forums.

Young Chinese Generation have been trained well by their government to not talk about government.

So I went over some female Chinese students home to have dinner with them with another male roommate from Taiwan. The chinese dishes were great. We played a Chinese pattern/scrabble game and I won twice. My roommate still didn’t understand it and said I was a genius to learn it so quickly. It wasn’t that hard in my opinion. Just patterns.

Anyway, so after we ate I was interested to learn more of what they thought of their country, social classes, how everything is made in China, and how their government censors so much – being that it is still communist even if they practice capitalist ways. Well, they wouldn’t say a word – not one single world. My roommate tells me they probably thought we were both spies. They just basically said it’s all fine. I told them about only a decade to two decades back students risked their lives over freedom of speech in China and were mass murdered including female babies at a time if you weren’t a male. One told me the government tries to keep it a secret and censors things since they were born during that time so the government keeps it out of any information to learn of it. I just find this amazing. None of them would tell me what they personally thought as if they would be arrested and executed on the spot. It is crazy. We are maybe 7000 miles away and they are trained very well to fear their government and have no opinion. I guess America’s good fortunate of cheap factories in China will continue for a long-time so we will have cheap products with a high quality standard of living. One said extreme cheap labor will go on forever. I suppose all of these young female college educated women came from families of money and their parents likely worked for the government or higher management. To goto college outside your country your parents must do significantly better than their peers. It’s quite sad they can’t voice their opinions and just accept it. They said they just accept the censorship for not allowing global social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to not be allowed – to allow them would mean the government wouldn’t be able to censor the sites and the information being accessed quicker and voices heard faster and louder. It made me think of Nazi Germany with Hitler as a dictator – really not that different. It seems we might have a new Nazi Chinese country in the near future. It makes me worry. If people just take things for granted, don’t question what’s going on, and just accept things then they are basically a droid and weapon of mass destruction. I know this comparison is vast but is it really that different? Most Germans just believed in Hitler and just did what he said. Germans were going through a depression. I don’t believe the social classes were as extreme, however there is a large poor group in China.

It makes me wonder about our U.S. companies doing business in China and accepting being censored by the government. Is this really what a U.S. company stands for? I guess profits are profits. I suppose we can only hope the new tech companies coming out of Hong Kong and into China will fight for the people and democracy. I’m not saying everything is wrong in China. They have many things very right, but I do believe you should be able to voice your opinion without fearing the secret police at your doorstep.

Yahoo! Finance Fantasy – Stock Market Trader Competition 2012

So I thought I might as well apply and try to trade stocks. It’s actually seems more difficult to make money and trade a common stock then trading a more volatile option. My portfolio was down 3% and now it’s up around 1% after I changed my trading style. I sold all my winners and losers and have so far gotten into only stocks under $20 since being in Apple or Google no matter how much they move my %profit is so low. I need small stocks that are moving which are cheap bank stocks and new internet dot com stocks. I guess I’ll see how it works out. 3 stocks worth 33% of my portfolio is much riskier than 8 stocks with only the smaller stocks weighing in more. If you would like to compare my portfolio to yours my username is vabeachbizman.

To try your luck with your fantasy $100k portfolio
sign up here”