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SWN lots of resistance but no fall – most of the market fell – lost 40% of my account

So my gamble since let’s face it was a gamble that SWN showing tons of resistance to move higher and looking weak with lots of negative market pessimism would fall another .50-1.00 but didn’t. Sucks. My options immediately fell around 25%. I waited to see by 1pm if the market would head down which is did. Most stocks went negative except for my cheery SWN. Damn you SWN. The retail sales report which was slightly positive on Monday did not help me either wanting the market to dump stocks. I’ll take this loss in pride since I did sell out and did what I planned to do if wrong instead of taking a 100% loss. So now back to around $380 to trade. I’ve lost any profits I’ve made and with a smaller account makes it even harder to purchase in-the-money options. Yes, both plays I’ve done were out of the money options. I basically have enough for one contract. I need to look for a “great” play. I suppose I should always be looking for “great” plays to trade. I haven’t practiced trade in a while and I’m talking a few months then dived back into real money trades. Yes, I’m broke and yes nothing in my life is working out. I always thought or you would think if you are nice and volunteer all your time because you are unemployed something great would happen. Opportunities would burst into the air. The smell of green backs would rest on your pillow. No no no! I don’t think this trade was dumb. I did calculate my probabilities and even I know going into the trade I might only have a 25% being right since on Monday’s options usually going way down in value since the weekend past and time-value has decreased so if I’m wrong I’m really wrong. Well I’m getting better at control even if I’m losing money on this trade I showed myself I could sell at a loss instead of a 100% loss. Plus I’m trading money I shouldn’t even be trading. However I say fuck it because I need to go for gold.

Dow continues to rise. SWN up 10% after earnings – Nov 10′, Gold on the rise

SWN @ $36 is up 10% since earnings and moving with the Dow and strong trends of gas prices going up. It has a huge reserve keeping the company profitable. The Dow continues to rise even though fairs of inflation continue to rise with the U.S. dollar weakening. GOOG and AAPL I feel are also getting a boost. I continually see more ipads being used in the NYC subway. For around every 20 riders I see someone holding an ipad and 15 others wearing ipods and around 10 of those holding iphones. Apple Inc. is definitely still in growth saturating the market and has a mighty fan base. Current I’ve been following Gold also at 1391 ounce. I joined My Gold Rush USA, a gold home based business opportunity, where you can get 10% of gold American Eagle Coins. That is kind of a big deal when you think of a discount of 10% on $1445 an ounce for American Eagle coins that is $144.50 in gold discount. For more information on getting these coins at a discount check out My Gold Rush USA.

markets continue to rally over weak dollar – SWN earnings

well I suppose everyone is a bit confused, but I continue to trade with the trend. they say our dollar is going to junk level. i highly doubt that anytime soon and these economists are over analyzing data.

however i actually had a scary dream the markets crashed a huge percent and i only had the next day to get out of a call position or my account would be wiped out.

today though the markets continue to go up and i’m playing and earnings trade with Southwestern Energy (SWN) the stock has done much. it’s earnings is Oct 28th. it is actually at a 52 week low period something i did not even taken into the equation when trading it with real money. damnit. well it’s a bad sign. it has moved up 10% and going into winter it earns more money, but going into earnings this could mean the stock is weaker than i expected. i guess i’ll see this thursday.

OEX & stocks moves higher after FOMC Fed minutes at 2pm – What to do with debt, nice guy finishes last.

After 2pm I watched a big white candle form on my OEX charts. Sadly my put play before then didn’t work out and lost 25% by the time I agreed with myself that I was wrong. I’d assume wall street liked the Fed’s decision. It can also be said that since the decision has been discussed and the news piece if over normal trading continues.

Some stocks including your normal fast moving tech stocks GOOG, AAPL, and BIDU I’ve see really move recently are solar stocks LDK and JASO which supposedly have very profitable revenues coming up. Earnings for solar is mid-November. I have to admit the days I have gotten to watch the OEX to see it moves doesn’t really impress me for an index of $500 level. Maybe it use to move or only around really market moving events, but compared to AAPL or GOOG it doesn’t move at all.

I slept all yesterday and night so now I’m up because I have a job interview today as a baker’s assistant. It is actually what I have been seeking to learn more about cooking, but the negatives are that I’m probably going to get on $7 bucks an hour for my time. Plus what is more worrisome is that it is a Monday-Saturday 6am-2pm type job. Almost exact as my military schedule that I dreaded. I’m not much of the morning person. I need work though and I can keep practice trading around work since I can watch the markets (if I can) 2pm-4pm.

Since I’ve drowned myself in around 20k @ 28% interest of credit card debt plus the bad student loans of $45k @ 12% plus lets add on $340k @ 6% mortgage which I can’t reduce the interest rate I’d say I am fucked for awhile.

My goal if I can actually keep a job since I’ve been offered one is to pay off my credit card debt. Currently paying $800 month to credit cards just making minimum payments is heart breaking.
I know you must think I’m crazy. I am. I never had credit card debt until 2010 moving to New York City. I was broke moving here from other entrepreneurial things I tried at home. I have to admit I’ve tried probably 5 other businesses since I’ve been here (small but they add up costs). I guess putting myself into a 48 hour week job even if pays low might keep me out of spending more money on things that just never work out. I just don’t understand how such a nice guy who volunteers 20 hours a week to making other entrepreneurs and small businesses people profitable he himself can’t make a dollar and can’t get the necessary volunteer help to make his business a money maker. It’s just depressing. I was watching Maxed Out and how college kids commit suicide from racking up credit card debt. I totally agree. If you just live and going to die with money owning you there feels like no reason to live. I’ve considered bankruptcy but I just wasn’t brought up that way and I’ve worked countless years paying for shit to own my homes. If I did do bankruptcy I’d look to major real estate investments I have around $40k cash of my own money in. If I could sell them and get back my money to pay off my debt I would but markets have been just too bad. I’d lose my initial investment plus pay to sell them. No thanks.

Life is a mother fucker.

Funniest futuristic old school website with a surprise. Tell me what you think.

This website is something you would of saw in the late 1990’s. Futuristic, scary, and funny at the same time. Check it out here

I actually know the guys and helping them come out with a fresh newer corporate site for their solar alternative energy business they are starting up. Great guys. Great website. hahaha.

Big uptick day in the market +200pts last weeks backup taking steps back up the trend – AAPL, GOOG, OEX

Today was definitely good news with Japan’s loan system offering 0% will definitely increase business moving the economy forwards. U.S. markets spiked higher from almost a two week breather from new 2010 highs. AAPL and GOOG took a nice healthy move and I’d predict they will move higher and the OEX moved higher which I’m following. At first in the morning without reading the headlines I thought it was just a quick high sell and was going to drop hard after 10am, but then all the movement slowly increased for the rest of the day. Shows even though technically news doesn’t play a huge part in stocks it does daily. So I better watch out before even practice trades.

Okay I give up the FINANCE NINJA IS BACK!

I tried to hide in the shadows go to school and do other businesses, but it looks like I’m back now practicing the OEX S&P 100 index. I figured since I don’t have a job and I like trading intraday type trades with lots of volatility that trading OEX options would make sense. Since also now that I have some real video editing experience I finally plan to bring the finance ninja out of the shadows and into the public. I’d love to get some wall street bull coverage and maybe even interview a real wall street trader.

made 100% on QQQQ trade Friday-Monday fall.

Stocks look gloomy right now. Good time to play put options. “In May go away” as the traders say or just buy put options during the summer when the majority of stocks fall. Earnings have been pretty good and companies are suppose to be extremely “cheap”. Well if “cheap” then they’ll likely fall further down in my experience trading the last 9 years.

I think AAPL @ $264 will fall more but historically around August it will zoom past $300 into December 10′. The iPhone 4 is hot and hot drives a stock not to also mention the iPad is starting to kickass. Kicking Amazon’s ass that is.

This trade worked out well, but I’m actually earning more from this business anyone can join hook up with me if you are interested. My business is booming.


not much goin on. no trades open. just waiting. buying up domain names.

well it’s been awhile now since i’ve been in a trade since my Google earnings trade went south. i was volunteering the day of i could of gotten out for a $1000 profit. yea lifes a bitch and so can be volunteering when you are trading.

recently i’ve been buying up some domain names. now if i actually build and start motivating myself to run the site is another story. domain real estate prices have been going up. i’ve recently bought some ipad ones especially if there will be a ipad 2.0 in the next year domain names could be worth a lot.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt can kiss my ass for not being public…. GOOG earnings good, but public relations bad.

Good grief Google. You had an outstanding earnings, but you have your heads up your asses in being snooty about correctly distributing announcements because you want to be cool and different. You made my GOOG MAY 10′ 600 CALL options go from up 100% (@ $20) to probably near worth nothing tomorrow morning after your stock took a nose dive due to stuck-up investors. Now would your stock gone up 5-10% if you just acted normal? Maybe, or at least I’d believe so there was no real reason for your stock to tank after hours. Yes, yes yes I was taught not to go through earnings releases without a big profit, I had a big profit, well now it’s gone to shit and I’m quit pissed not emotionally but informationally because you got cheap on distributing your statements and your CEO got lazy and didn’t talk about your current and new innovations you are working on. I can’t believe this bullshit. Your stock should be up 20-50pts not down 30pts. Some analyst say everything was already priced into the market, BULLSHIT. Google has been trailing 10% below the market not up 50-100% like the majority trend of all stocks (mostly caused due to the China policy bureaucracy bullshit as well). As you can see I’m a bit infuriated with this nonsense.

My pissyness is enlightened due the fact that I was volunteering for 14 hours the entire day so I didn’t get out of the trade and this bullshit falls on my lap when I check it when I get home after 10pm. Just crappy. I just don’t get Ying & Yang and balance in general. How can Google investors get such shitty karma after earnings. All I can think is that within the next few days this low dip will be bought up, but I wanted out friday. Good grief!

Out of BA Puts into GOOG Calls going into Google Earnings

My technical charts expressed Boeing (BA @ $72) going down but after 2 days and the stock not moving in any direction I got out with a small loss with my put options. I’ve been waiting for a trade to go into and decided on Google (GOOG @ $573) call options AND going through earnings since it currently has a PEG of 1.02 which would be be considered a value stock with its cash balance sheet. Earnings have been good for many stocks and Google has been emerging into more things to sell. I bought the May 10′ 600 Call Option for $9.70. Now I just wait and no panic.

See my post 3 years ago talking about BIDU, GOOG, and AAPL. If anything repeats I’ll probably see some yoyo movement after Google earnings.

Also recently I did my first full length shoot of a documentary on non-profit company. Now I just have to edit it, yeah. I also need to hit the real estate firms and get some more real estate photography gigs. Lastly I put in an offer on a Virginia Beach oceanfront home and that deal is likely going to go through.


NYC Landlord small talk, real estate photography, inheritance taxes, and life.

new york city real estate photographer/photography

Well today I got back from Philadelphia after my in-laws finally would leave since I was getting a ride with them back to New York City. The sister in-law was actually cooler than I thought and we got a bit drunk together so that was a bit funny too. I had a real estate photography job at noon, but wasn’t able to make it till 4pm due to normal stuff like in-laws driving, traffic, and taking the wrong subway train. When I did get to the landlords pimpin pad off 70th St in Upper West Manhattan she was happy I was still able to show up, even late. I got right at it taking tons of pictures of her two 1 bedroom vacation rentals in her five-story 1890 brownstone. I was kind of nervous due to this being my first big client getting to do some real estate photography. I was almost worried because this is Upper West Manhattan. Her place must have been worth as an asset around and no less than $5-10 million (and that’s probably a small number). The mahogany wood work was amazing.

After getting all the photography done she wanted me to edit everything on spot in her apartment, upload it, and create another profile for another rental website. I helped her do everything and by the time I was done it was around 9pm. She ended up offering my dinner and I took it. My stomach couldn’t stop growling. I was basically tutoring her for almost 2 hours. It was rather chill. I kind of expected a more snobby preppy white woman from the name and sound of her voice, but she was a chinese immigrant who spoke excellent english, semi-retired after being in the banking industry, and received her parents apartment building. She was actually really laid back and really open or maybe I’m more charming then I give myself credit for. She actually told me a lot and it really gave me a good perspective on landlords with very expensive real estate and the costs going with it. She recently has started making her normal long-term rentals into vacation rentals due to the prime location. The more I asked I found out she has done quite well with the switch, but its just much more work for her then she wishes.

I found even though the place is paid off the inheritance tax alone is 50% of the MARKET VALUE of it. YIKES! Talk about big monthly payments so no wonder rent is SO HIGH in that area. The city is really makes owning real estate and making it profitable (with tons of equity) a really difficult task for manhattan landlords especially. That must suck. You pay off a place, you die, it goes to your kids, and then they are stuck with a huge property tax + basically new HUGE mortgage from inheritance taxes for life since her place is in the upscale Manhattan prime prime area. I suppose when you rent a 1 bedroom 500 sqft place for $2700/month (which is low she said due to bad market conditions) you must be banking on the job and in a SUPER nice area, which the upper west side is of course. I figured if the place was fully rented it must bring in around $30,000 cashflow a month or through vacation rentals for nightly rates. She should be well off with income, but instead the taxes alone without any income in a sick and sad position, that comes off really stressful.

Between 10pm to 12am we talked about America’s government policies, healthcare, people getting fat from food, life, and how to make me make better curry dishes. She was quite charming for a baby boomer and I hope she enjoyed my inquisitive aggressive question asking personality, I mean she did buy me dinner and we drank really great white wine.

I retired after 12am because it was getting late and I had to get back to my ghetto in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. I never got to move in to the new place in Prospect heights, but I did walk away with a $250 check ($50 extra then I requested). So it felt good to have a first real pay check even if small in New York City doing something media related. Now I’ll definitely have an excellent real estate photography client references and I hope I pick up more jobs with more work examples.

I’m sure I’ll be working with this landlord again on something if not just hanging out with her offering company for some stress relieving landlord small talk.


I read somewhere is Starbuck’s (SBUX @ $25) a good stock to buy again, did people stop drinking starbucks coffee? No way!

Starbucks SBUX – is on every corner (yet fighting competiting within the same-store-sales), but consumers love the coffee and I don’t think it’s going anywhere unless there is a takeover or some crazy law that stops corporate coffee anytime soon.
The stock is up 200% since the market plummeted. The recent dividend is great but big deal. I see the stock selling off some in the near future and then with good solid sales continued growth in stock price. There is a big selling off support wick looking like the Market Mover is ready to move the other direction after a quick run up. I’d say the recent buy up will definitely have some original holders of the stock to sell off some profits. I’d definitely play put options on it going into April 2010. SBUX is a buy long-term, but I would be open minded to seeing it possibly fall very soon.

See huge wick at top of run up that was pushed back down. Likely to fall some this week if it is going to fall.

Profitable call options for AAPL + put options on GOOG in near future w/technical analysis

Apple (AAPL @ 229) hovered around $230 today as I saw Google (GOOG @ 557) move up for the first time in the past week. I sense Google is getting so big it is finally losing some steam with it’s stock. BIDU @ $608 seems like the new hot search engine stock and to be honest I don’t even know why though I’ve watched it climb over +100 points since the new year (up +500pts within 52 weeks). If it’s the new Google taking it’s steam there should be some great future up/down big moves. Apple as well is getting near Wal-Marts market capitalization, BUT still growing stronger with iPhone/iPad orders. See technical charts.

Apple has been strong into it’s second peak. I believe it’s ready to shoot up. Apple has been sitting in the $200 price range for awhile and new product annoucements + a few hundred thousand backorders for the iPad should put this stock into major motion, who knows maybe even a stocksplit in the future.

Looks like the stock is taking a breather with heavy supportive wicks for the past week and today. I would be surprised if it sold off in the morning to the $225’s then by the close moves past $235 this week.

Google shows the second peak in a downward trend selling off (long-term looking).

Short-term trading Google is hitting the bottom bollinger bands and looks like it is going to make a short run (or longer if the stock gains some ground against Apple). A big buying support wick today. I’m curious if that will last into tomorrow or if that was just the Market Maker selling off all the Stop orders again to continue moving up into the week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google made a come back since it is still a profit machine and its PEG I believe is under 1.00 (value).
If the stock is going to tank it should happen within the month (likely around earnings if disappoint) and if so this baby will likely drop -$100 points easy just technically from a sell off.

Just ate chips over brown curry rice, sailor style

Well not exactly. I just ate the rest of my week long leftovers of brown rice with curry mixed in. This time I added Lays Salt & Vinger chips over the rice mashed in to add some actual taste. Brown rice tastes like boring brownness. It’s no fun eating it, but it’s much healthier than white rice. It almost sounds discriminating against white rice although its plain taste lets all the other flavors to your taste buds while brown rice blocks them. Healthy food pisses me off sometimes, like brown rice. At least wheat pasta doesn’t do the same effect.

Past month options trading summary Dec 2009 – Mar 2010 trades -$825

I traded a few options after a year off. Currently my account is actually down -$825 from putting in $1700 since Dec 2009.
I’m not really happy with it, but much of my losses were from not selling quickly enough or not being able to watch/sell quicker. Some trades, just stupid as usual.

See below completed stock option trades: (click on picture to expand)

trading stock options diary

stock options trader diary

I suppose my goal for 2010 should just to be in the positive in 2011 even if that’s .01 above poverty.

Besides stocks I’ve moved to New York City and live in Brooklyn. I live in the Bedstuy section and it always feels sad and racial tension is high. I plan on moving to the Park Slope area. I go to school at the Art Institute of NYC. It’s like community college. I thought it would be more glamorous, definitely not like trading stock options. One day….one day.

Funny Stock News – Ford to build affordable, smaller, more gas efficient car for India market

Front page news “Ford Motor company to sell small cars in India to expand car sales market” on Yahoo! Finance top stories. (For full article click here).

Okay first I find this funny because why can’t Ford (F @ $7) build small affordable cars in its own motherland the great USA? I think its funny when sales are bad because the cars still sucks, suck up gas, and aren’t what Americans want or will be loyal to. Although, now, Ford Motor company is building a 1.6 liter small engine car that is actually quite cool looking and only offering it in India. WTF?

Let’s look at the Mini. It’s small and has a 1.6 liter engine and now its one of the hottest cars on the American market while also dependable and gas efficient. Seriously, what are you think Ford company? Yes, expand to growing markets but why not sell us these perfect simple cars too? This car will be in direct competition now with India’s Tata Motors.

Well since I’m back from Hawaii I did a hard search on the most affordable MPG cars that have somewhat quality with them. I ended up buying a used 2003 Jetta TDI Diesel german car. It is all black with black interior. I really love it and I love that it gets 45-60 MPG. I’ve been able to do 600 miles on my 13 gallon tank. You do the math!!! I’m quite impressed and even with only 115hp is still moves pretty quick with full options on it. I spent $8500 and feel it was well worth it. I’d love to see myself put on 100-200k miles on it by myself without any major problems except normal maintanence.

So Ford Motor company what’s up? Think about us po-fokes wanting simple, small, MPG, affordable cars why give them exclusively to India when we have money to spend?

Paul Meyer searched the internet for motivation and this is what he found and needed.

First of all my lack of motivation to do anything since my terminal long-term military vacation has began hasn’t helped much in the job search or working on my stock trading. I found this listing in I think I’m qualified:

paul meyer seeing prof. killer ad on craigslist

paul meyer seeing prof. killer ad on craigslist

I don’t think I’m going to be killing anyone anytime soon, but I am a qualified sharp shooter if that counts. For now I better stick to working on business ideas and practicing stocks. I went further for websites and found this site called and I might just order some motivation mp3’s. I really need someone to push me and love me right now.

the end. any suggestions? comments?
paul meyer.

Market moving up again during July 09′ earnings.

For the majority of companies earnings have been better than expected (duh). When analyst make price targets so low and earnings low because they think consumers aren’t buying suddenly it looks like companies are doing really great. Well, in my opinion they are and they aren’t. One of my most followed stocks, Apple Inc, is doing quite well. It seems everybody has an iPhone these days and all those other look alike’s just aren’t the same as the iPhone. It’s just awesome. Do I have one? Nope. I’m too cheap, but will likely get one in Jan 10′ when I can get the upgrade cheaper and hopefully by then prices will come down again. I’ve predicted Apple’s stock from $105 to $130, then from $136-120 drop, then predicted its $135-159 price move just recently. I can’t wait to trade it once I feel my practicing is up to par. I plan to heavily practice trade in August. I do expect the stock to fall again. I did think this summer’s move was pretty large in comparison to other summers and I guess it makes sense with most prices extremely low compared to their PE/earnings. So I suppose real estate prices will follow the market as soon as everyone’s emotions get really optimistic again. I do hear a lot of positive comments on channels like CNBC which is a good sign that the main stream is saying “buy” softly. I’m a bit surprised with RIMM not following AAPL. Usually it mimics everything the stock does.

Apple (AAPL) Mac Conference June 09′ stock predictions – reviews

Well AAPL is doing what I expected it to do. Weeks before the big conference event it climbed$123 to $147. Now the day starting of the Mac Show in San Francisco, CA 2009 it fell. Also noting RIMM is falling with AAPL. They both for the most part copy each other’s stock price movement up/down.

A decrease in computer sales prices is bad news for investors unless the computers are now even cheaper to make because more are in production. So a lower price may also mean if cheaper to construct them because more people are buying Apple computers could mean more sales to come for Apple which would mean continual earnings growth and profits.

Fans want to see a new type of iPhone. I don’t know if they are going to get it. If Steve Jobs does not show up for his Mac world I could see that hurting the stock price unless a new improved iPhone was shown. Currently the rumor is just for an updated iPhone. That is not a big deal to fans, they want more of a tablet one. Regardless the stock could fall more this week. Then after if Apple’s full story on lowered computer prices is a positive one and if there is a new iPhone then I could see Apple moving much higher up into the summer and into the fall with a likely stock split.

RIMM should follow AAPL too. Either stock is a great call option trade afterwards or a currently short-term put play.

Just finished paying off my last credit card – Now saving for emergency landlord fund

I just paid off my remaining credit card balance of -$2400.  I was getting an average complete finance charge of $40-50/month on the balance.  Ouch.  It feels good to have the cards clean again, but well worth the cost to have my place looking good and ready to be fully rented.  Since I won’t be kicking out my roommates I will instead rent out my bedroom and hope it works out or it could deplete my emergency landlord fund pretty quick -$600 month.  My goal is to get a positive cashflow of +$200-300 coming in each month to add the emergency fund.

When I get to Louisville, KY I’ll be strictly living off whatever I do for work so I better get a job quick.  Making an income from my trading will be my #1 goal doing it part-time creating a full-time income that I can actually live off of.  All I really need to earn is $1000-2000 month.  Sounds like a lot after not trading for over a year, but if I get my head back into the markets I know I can do it.

The other biggie I need to work on is getting my Sallie Mae student loan of $42k paid off as quickly as possible AND posponing its payments of -$477/month during my full-time school.

I need to get my bills down to as minimal as possible.  I’m considering even getting rid of my cell phone next year or use a prepaid cell phone to used only when I accept or make calls.  I usually pay a flat fee of $40/month and use only 100 minutes.  So going pre-paid for once might actually save me a lot on a mobile phone/voicemail.  I will definitely need internet.

If I do rent a small office space for like $300 it must include internet and electricity.  Then I would be set for my trading office.

Besides that now that I’m going into the green again this is definitely good news for once in months even though I still have the student loan hanging over my head that was poorly used I can admit.  Who knows, I might still become a mobile home landlord in the future with the knowledge I acquired from that deal and 6 month ordeal.

We are out of the worst for the financial sector? Banks still are asking for billions!!

It is funny with the closing headline today on read “out of the worst for financial sector” then the subheadlines under it read “bank —- requests xxx billions after Q1 loss”…. Hmmmm doesn’t seem like we are out of it just yet. Banks are doing so much better although they are still requesting assistance with big $$$ loans. I think the public is becoming overly optimistic including Mr. Bernanke.

Southwestern Energy – a surprise? SWN up 10% at $38

SWN today after earnings released popped up 10% at $38. It is surprised because the earnings although a positive qtr showed a loss. Both articles I read sounded more bearish then bullish. My theory is some big institutions sold out of the stock making it rise much higher. If I’m correct it should start to simmer and fall within the next week or two after the buzz is gone from the sudden increase in price. I haven’t done much earnings research lately so its possible SWN just pops during this earnings time frame or its on its second time down likely past its low of $21.

I can’t really figure what investors think of the earnings yet so I’ll be watching Southwestern Energy Company closely.

AAPL holds at $125 as well as X @ $26. Steel hasn’t much done anything at all except sit on it’s ass. I think once the economy turns steel stocks will be big bargins and big profit growth stocks. WFC @ $20 still. This stock is moving and I think it will go past $25 next.

market had strong pull back but still generally moving up

Watching AAPL’s stock it shows that Monday was just a pullback. I’m sure Indie Mac’s bank CFO’s suicide stirred up the market some. I suppose feeling guilty for receiving so much money, undeserved, can kill you (plus with all the other hate phone calls). Rest his soul.

I only have 4 more months to go for my 1 year of not trading. I feel I might have to push it back further just so I can get an increased amount of practice trading in before I actually start trading real money again. I think I may not even have money at that point to trade….so it can’t hurt me because missed money is better than lost money.

I can’t believe I’m heading to Louisville, KY to live. Wow.

I’m psyched about Apple (AAPL @ $120) earnings in June 09′ it will likely shoot the stock up if very good news.

city slicker thieves – prof. camera stolen while i was on amtrak train

well, once again! except this time my favorite camera was stolen from behind my seat in a blind spot I didn’t see. it must have been pushed back against the wall behind my bad. it was wide open to grab, but i didn’t know it was open. so it must of been a stop between philadelphia and d.c., most likely baltimore. i’m really sad right now. this totally takes away any sex drive i would have if i had one anymore. i’m not religious, but i already said a prayer forgiving the m-f thief that they better use it well or get a good price at the pawn shop if they needed the money so.

i haven’t fully recovered. it has only been an hour or so. it was $1200!!!!!!! it took me an entire two weeks of boring work at the military to buy it. man…did it take some great shots with that fat lense. well my favorite nikon D40x slr is off to a new home, like coming from domestic abuse, and future torture.

i don’t even feel like buying another one. now that 2 $1000 cameras have been stolen within the past 3 years i don’t think i could handle a third being taken. although, i love photography so likely maybe ill be able to pick up the same one used for half the price to fill a smart part of my broken heart.

p.s. still haven’t traded real money. following stocks. would buy call options on AAPL going into june 09′, GE, WFC, and STI. stocks are starting to trend up after big downfall. showing trades on charts. lots of positive optimistic news.

p.s.s. s.o.s.
amtrak train ride from philly to va beach – good
having my favorite camera stolen – upsetting

spicy pickle stock review SPKL – an email I wrote to my family

from work
to my momma and my oldest sister

– I’m pretty sure I emailed you about this stock before. I think it was at 1.70 but has fallen to .15 and now at .20

Yes, it is a penny stock but from what I’ve followed over the year the company is very innovative.

This piece is 6 months old but it makes valid points

the store in general is beautifully designed and they just acquired another chain that looks awesome. In my opinion this could be the new Quizno’s/panera bread. My friend joey in colorada (where its based) eats there with his friends. He says it’s a favorite place to go.

The stock is currently at .15 and I think when stocks bounce back it could turn around a lot. I myself am going to buy and hold when the charts show a signal since I won’t be buying options. It may have room to fall further. I actually responded back and forth with the CEO Geman. He is really confident in his company.

From my experience in trading penny stocks when I did usually ceo’s are not open and these companies never respond to comments. He responded to both of mine promptly and I think that says a lot.

Check out the website it shows innovativeness and confidence in their company. I strongly suggest at least going to the website. You can own 1000 shares for $200 right now in your IRA. I think you’d be crazy not to buy and hold this company long-term. I think it has a real edge to become very successful.

Here is a whole list of reviews of Spicy Pickle from an Austin, TX location:

bear market rally rumors begin

so on tuesday 9th and thursday 11of mar the bear market rally rumors began.
jim crammer was hardcore about this as well as everyone else with there mouths wide open on CNBC.’

i think this market has thrown up so much profits technically it SHOULD be ready for some real buying.

it isn’t may yet, so as they say “sell in may and go away” so i’d assume there is time for some bull buying.

i’ve been watching my favorite stocks just move in large waves. i’m glad i’m choosing not to trade right now because although its a downtrend market trading options you might be wrong real quick. i’m curious to see the outcome since some beaten down stocks are finally starting to get “some” positive news and the “few” who preach to the masses are actually talking optimistically “briefly” for a change.

the two 6% big days for the DJIA was definitely positive but it could also just be a pre-bigger-sell off coming.

since most stocks are in the small two digit and single digits i’d suspect real buying and change in emotions will be in the near future. i can’t wait to start doing real trades again. hopefully by then my discipline and knowing my movements of my stocks will help me tremondously.

passionate comment from a visitor at my blog


by: Isa

OMG. This is the most ridiculous blog I have ever read in my life. Not because of the subject or because of the Finance Ninja. It’s because half of you sit here and just like everyone else in this world, you think that making billions can be that simple when you do a Google look up on, “How to become a Billionaire.”

If you cannot even take the time to scan through the blog to pick up a couple details of what has already been said, you can use other peoples questions to answer your own, therefore you’ll learn to ask the right questions. Not the most basic, fundamental questions possible.

I’ve read this about 3 or 4 times already. The Finance Ninja just threw this idea out to see if it would work for him while he is out at sea. While he is fighting one of the most destructive wars since WW2, you all think that you can get away with making millions at the least just by word of mouth on others peoples advice?

I cannot tell you so many times in such big emphasis like The Finance Ninja has brought up! READ!!! READ!!! READ!!! Read on companies. Read where the market was. Where it is going. What could be beneficial to our market in this stage that the world is in.

Quit acting retarded and use your head. If you WANT to be a billionaire in the stock market, you have to read hundreds of pages a day without realizing you even did it. Reading must become a second nature to you.

Consider taking political science courses in a community college or in a university. First off, I started to get involved with politics. That greatly increased my confidence in several different aspect in this world and in this global market as well. Don’t think that politics is just for government purposes though. Politics can regards anything, from sports to health and science, to history, to navigation, mathematics…..stocks….economics….anything.

It’s the art of questioning and getting back answers but questioning in a specific way. Like science and chemistry, you have to sit there and have a hypothesis, do your analysis, and come to a conclusion. That’s what politics is basically entitled for and as I said, can be used for anything your heart desires.

It is a huge confidence booster because it encourages you to think about things in a different perspective. Which is what I do now. I can talk to anybody with confidence. Because with confidence, I ask questions about EVERYTHING from my girlfriend, to the mechanic, my work, school, parents, police officers—believe it or not, you’ll eventually learn to get out of tickets just because you won’t sit there like a mute when a cop pulls you over, and officers tend to not mess with people who seem socially educated. They could loose a case in court and completely waste their time pulling you over cause you are not another stupid person he pulled over again that day.

You’ll learn to question companies that could have great potential one month when you completely think their on a rise to skies limits, when they actually end up coming down two weeks later. Based off of everything in this world, economics, wars, social problems, health, so many different other things, these all play such a huge role in stock market industry. YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LIKE THE NEWS! YOU HAVE TO READ 100 PAGES A DAY ABOUT COMPANIES AND GLOBAL ISSUE whether their for the good or for the bad, and you MUST do it without noticing.

You must learn to question. But question logically. NOT the same dumb questions I’ve read over and over and over again on this blog.

Think about it. What ever you do, you can think to the point where you question everything. The one who questions the most, may look like an idiot, but you receive the information you need. You in this case need to learn how to be able to talk to everyone logically once again. This is exactly what you need to do that.

The big dogs make it in this world because they use their heads. Any BIG stock broker or HUGE billionaire didn’t become a billionaire just based off of their parents cash but their own personal developement in themselves. Start reading books. And read some Robert Kiyosaki books. Rich Dad/Poor Dad. You’ll learn that Rich Dad made Robert want to learn and to learn effectively before he showed him any of the ropes to learning the market and market trends.

I could go on forever. Life is like an ocean. You’ve got to drown in it to feel its intensity.

Also, those who tell others how to do things that they are afraid to do themselves, are fucking fools.

Live by those two laws, you’ll work wonders in your life. Take my advice responsibly though. I am not to be held reliable for messed up relationships in your life due to those quotes. How ever, those two quotes could have several different meanings behind them for SEVERAL different perspectives to create your own world. Take it responsibly. We have too many fools in this world.

Good luck and God bless.

me: she/he sure does make a good point even though I was a bit confused if it was sarcastic/con/pro but i guess its pro.
thanks, fn

markets continue to trade sideways and down

I really thought watching the markets transition between late January and mid-Februrary that the sideways action was going to be broken by the upward movement happening. Even on bigger charts it seemed some big named good stocks were changing direction. I was definitely wrong and in responding to the markets I would trade put options.

If “in May go away” then the Dow’s $7100 level is likely to test the $7000 levels and break through. From all the books I read traders like to break rounded numbers like $7000 so I think there is going to be much down action as the months continue.

At least in the economic cycle new homes are still down, home prices are still down, unemployment is increasing and not stablizing, and the market doesn’t like Pres. Obama’s actions currently. The market does like Fed. Bernanke, but not the Pres. Obama more likely because his stimulus plans aren’t going to improve current conditions.

I guess it doesn’t matter where the market is at when I begin to start trading my own account again, but if the market continues to fall I’ll have to keep myself aware of when it does start to change. I think it could have a full new crash this August – October before it finally turns.
It will be a great time to make some great money on some large volatile up and down moves regardless of what I’m in.

good article i read – value stocks cheaper then store items

I came across this off of Yahoo! Finance. Basically a simple well written article on value stocks and sepeculative stocks that are cheaper then retail store items. The next time you think about buying some pens or a cheap appliance consider instead to buy a couple of shares of a great value company for the same price.

Read more here which talks about various industry stocks that are at all time lows under $10.