the age of turbulence

Alan Greenspan – The Age of Turbulence – so far very interesting

So I’ve been reading Alan Greenspan’s The Age of Turbulence. I’m currently at page 85. This book is one roller coaster of non-stop financial-economic thought process. Your eyes may get droopy so I’d drink some caffiene with this bad boy. Mr. Greenspan’s book first part it describes about him and how he got started, his story. In that respect it is easy to read because its like a colorful story, but I hear it gets worse. I think soon I will start reading less about his life and his life love of economics, but instead GNP and crazy economics thoughts since this is the “special asian edition”. I’m actually pretty good at keep financial books somewhat stimulating, but he talks about in his book how he thought “Relative Theory on Economics” is super interested and I’ve got that book and its one hardcore of a mess of “blah”. Economic’s must be genius to read certain books that are extremely boring on some very bland subjects. Alan Greenspan likes to think of himself as an introvert and charting/numbers guy. I suppose I can see that in predicting with economic theories and supply/demand graphs. So far all right. This book is a mammoth over 500 pages. It would be awesome if I could finish the book in 2 weeks which is my goal.

check it out at your local library.