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DJIA & NASDAQ will follow uptrend into Jan 2007

I’ve made up my mind.   The past few trading days the market has continued to move up with more positive merger news.   I feel the stock market will move higher finally hitting that DJIA $13,000 mark the Bulls really want to see.  On merger monday Bank of NY buys financial securities giant Mellon Financial off weighing Pfizer’s bad news of it’s drug halt the market still optimistically continued up.  Both bank stocks moved higher.  As for Pfizer’s drop of 12% I do not think that will last for long.  The stock price could continue to move a bit further down, but Pfizer is also a giant and a drug profit machine.  With new Democrat house in control new regulations and laws pharma companies could be in for a problem.  Republicans have been really creating corporate profit machines with the right tax laws helping out Mr. Big Corporate America.  I see PFE moving from $24.90 regaining its price of $27-30 within the year depending on if Pfizer comes out with another wonder drug or patients start staying alive instead of dieing!


Here come the Bears marching down Democrat blvd.

Now the mid-term elections are over and sadly the Democrats have the power.  You can expect a Democratic President next election also.  This is bad news for the stock market or at least my take.  From what I’ve see Democrats don’t help and push big business which creates jobs and lifts the market and the economy.  Don’t get me wrong I even consider myself very democratic, but when it comes to making money in the market the only seats and president I want are Republicans.  There is no more uncertainty in the market.  The votes have been made.  If you’ve been reading much of the market news you will keep hearing over and over again problems with big corporate companies.  Yes, companies are coming out with better than expected earnings, but problems still keep leaking out.  I feel if the market will push on companies will also have to tighten up and be more optimistic. Now that Democrats hold power it will be a fight for big business and spending lots of money to keep pushing the economy.  I wonder how well companies will do into the next year.  Taxes could change again and that could reflect in corporate profiting. Recently a shipmate I was teaching a bit about options to found some index funds I think investors shoud take noting of.  He came across iShares is an ETF index funds managing company.  Just from seeing what holdings in the index funds, the possible growth, and the cost of an option I was very intrigued.  I am mostly interested in the international and global market index funds for Japan, China, and Korea.  The growth in China in phenominal compared to the USA and investing in it right now is the right time.  Over 2-3 years ago even my mentor was talking about investing in companies that have business in China.  I will begin investing in is FXI China Growth Index Fund.  The index has been steadly growing and is still very young.  The option prices are very affordable. Index funds are more liquid larger and are kind of like a big mutual fund but trades like a stock with options.  I’ve traded the QQQQ and OEX.  If the USA was growing like China the QQQQ’s would be in the $60-80 price range.  It kind of shows that growth truly is slowing within the US economy and its time to look for investments that will move elsewhere.


I found a real ninja named Ron Lee

Surfing the internet searching for “finance ninja” through I found Ron Lee a wise motivational corportate ninja.  Reading through his website I found he had a great sense that knows deep about himself and how to uses the ways of a ninja to create more success.  I really want to do an interview on him.  I believe a man that can do comedy, motivate people, and practice martial arts is very cool. 

If you currently own a business or work in a corporate job and you think your team needs a great creative idea I suggest checking out his website and giving him a call for a seminar.  I’m sure he’s not cheap, but worth every penny of the potential success of your business.


CNN Money Article on saving money for retirement.

I received this news article from a co-worker of mine and thought it was very significant because its content lines right up with my opinions on consumer spending and saving.

Basically a person with a smaller income can still save more then a person with a larger income just because they spend less and save more.  Read it for yoursefl. News:  “What works: Your worst enemy…overspending”

By: Penelope Wang

In my own life I can see this with my friends earning more then me, but they want to spend and buy a sports car, new furniture, and have their own place instead of sharing.  Just by owning your car with no payment you are saving $100-500, sharing as a roommate instead of having your own place saves your $300-1000, and buying or getting used furniture could save your hundreds if not a couple thousands.  I know its personal choice, luxury, and enjoyment.  Can’t you have just a good time driving a regular car, or sitting on a used piece of furniture.  Having a bran new furniture set doesn’t make it come alive and talk to you does it?  I don’t think so.  Sure, comfort, you want it but you still can have it being more on a budget and finding a reasonable simular piece of furniture cheaper would help you save in the long run.  As with expensive cars comes higher insurance just another thing to think about when spending your paycheck.

In the article stated above they are earning a sweet income, but if with a $20,000 to $40,000 yearly income you can save just as much.

 I factor variables like (for males and females):

1. Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or are you married?

2. Do you own or do you rent or which is cheaper?

3. Do you own your car, leased, or have a loan on it?  What’s the insurance?

4. Do you eat out a lot, binge drinkers, or like to go out a lot on the weekends?

5. Do you play sports?  Because most sports are free.

6. Do you have credit cards and how much is on them?

The above questions can help you budget your money better and plan for retirement.  Yes, people change, you get married, you have babies, and now you have a hospital bills because you don’t have health insurance.  I understand that, but if right now you are young, healthy, and able to work then now is the time to earn and save the most you will ever be able to.

Think about how much you spend in your current lifestyle.  If you can makes changes you’ll be saving probably 25-50% of your paycheck and be blown away when you see your savings account start stacking up like gold inventory as in the Federal Reserve in NYC, NY.

My first blog inspired by other financial bloggers aimed to help individuals learn how to increase their goals to a faster retirement.

Hi.  I’m Paul Meyer and will be writing this blog under the name Finance Ninja.  I thought up the name fighting between Money Kung Fu and my cyberspace nerd name elektrowhiteboy.  I’m an ordinary big nerd.  I think up the craziest things to say, do, and help people with.  I am great at saving and creating ways to make money.  So I thought Finance Ninja was the best general name for this blog I’m going to pour my heart and soul into.  Unlike other financial wisdom bloggers I am going to go down other dark roads to help you learn more about the power of money.  Money can help you or destroy you, and you really need to choose right now in your life what it will be.

 I am currently in the United States Coast Guard serving a 4 year term with around 3 years and two months left at this point.  I’m very confident in my decision in join the USCG to save money, surf more waves, and live in a fresh new place.  To make a comment on that you can move anywhere, but you will always be the same person inside so lets find out really who you are and help you manage your money more efficiently.

 My name is Paul.  I have an addiction and it is saving money.