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HOKU, new recent real estate, and juggling college classes

Currently in the world of the finance ninja he has purchased his second real estate deal. The property is an RV/Trailor park in Tennessee. He has also enrolled in 3 online college classes getting closer to finish his BA, and his stocks holdings have still not changed -$21,000.

Why not talk in the third person?

About 2 weeks ago I believe I purchased HOKU JAN 2008 17.5 CALL options. I should of actually put a GTC up 100%, but of course I didn’t. Currently I’m up around 50%. I feel the stock has much more room to grow and I bought tons of time so I could receive a larger return.
Although HOKU is doing well I only had $1000 to invest so due to my negative -$21000 balance on the stocks owned my networth is still very unhappy with my bad decisions during the new year of 2007 trading.

As for my real estate developments I already know what you are thinking. How can I be purchasing real estate with no money left and who would want to buy a trailor park? Well, I went to a real estate game club that plays Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Cashflow and they sell real estate university packages with a website and company that prepares real estate deals for you. I didn’t buy into it, but for a bran new person it might be a great idea. Personally buying real estate isn’t that hard expecially when you are paying all the closing costs for other people to do everything for you. I actually have been looking on real estate listing and listings. They offer a site called where you have to pay $3000 just to see the listings. Honestly I think that is crazy because there are already millions of listings available you can do advanced searches on to find bargains to start a real estate portfolio. Also to have full access to the site and first picks on the properties that aren’t any better then any others you have to end up paying around $21,000. Now if you want to do that great, but I’d rather take $21,000 and buy a properties or properties with that money instead of waste it on a 40 CD audio/video course I’m never going to take the time to watch because I’m spending 100% of my time on the internet searching properties and talking to professionals about buying them. Setting up deals isn’t hard. If you can do math then you can figure out if the property you are looking at will make you money. Speaking of properties the RV/Trailor park I bought in Tennessee, a state I’ve only driven through going to California, I found off I usually try to avoid ebay, but most people selling properties there usually have no luck selling in town possibly because its too small with no buyers interested or there to flip a properties quickly for a resale for a quick gain, but the property might be still very underpriced for its value. This RV/trailor park came across as an awesome deal if all things work out of course. It has 1.5 acres of land off a main highway near town. It has 10 units with 6 currently being rented. The owner owned all 6 units which were included in the property of sale. Each unit rents for an average of $450/month. Doing some quick math that is $2700/month income. The owner was selling the full park for $90,000 and offered owner financing at 10% if he got the full $90,000 with a mortgage note of $700/month. The owner/landlord pays all utilities of water, sewage, electricity, and cable of around $600/month.
So the net profit off this property with only 6 units rented is $1400/month or $18,850/year because he rents them weekly not monthly so that is an extra 4 weeks of rent (before property management fee of 10% net will be $1100/month). This is more than a seamn or E-3 makes in the USCG or Navy. His auction was up for a little less than 15 days I believe more than enough time for other investors to catch their eye. I’m surprised no one bought it sooner then I did. I basically just did some research on the town, talked to the owner, and found a property manager to take over the property for me since I will be an absent owner. All the seller wanted was at least $10,000 down which was reasonable and my student loans I took out for college and investing since that is my main independent study came to use finally. Anyone can take out a $40,000 student loan from any major lender. It isn’t very hard and you can use them for many things as long as you are a full-time student. I plan to use the remaining amount for a 3rd property and the rest two buy 4 more trailors for the park. That’s right. Four more trailors only renting at $400/month each would increase my cashflow to $4300 with a net of over $2700/month. Most likely my utilities would go up some, but not likely to double. As for why would the owner sell it for so cheap? I asked him. His answer was reasonable. He said he bought it 3 years earlier and it was a dump and dead. He put 6 old cheap trailors on them and fixed them up and now looking to sell it to go onto another deal. I figure he must of not put more than $30,000 into the 6 trailors and the piece of land. So selling it for $90,000 3 years later is an awesome deal for him and myself since the park produces a very good income. I plan to pay off the remaining $80,000 I owe him on a note sooner to increase my cashflow another $700 which would make it around $2100 with only 6 units occupied. I’m pretty psyched about the deal and my property manager seems very sharp and willing to do a good job. The property manager will earn 10% of all rental income so he wants to help me get those other spots filled increasing his cashflow. I will collect my first rent next week around July 11th.
I plan to build it up, buy more trailors to rent, and pay off the note within 2-5 years.

I enrolled in 3 college online classes in HPU. I expect to get underway soon and will likely blog more occassionally because I have nothing better else to do stuck on the boat once my watch is finished. I study, write some music, and research stocks. This is a normal day underway after work. I like to sleep a lot too, but drills prevent sleep so you do everything else in between. I’m finally qualified so I’ll only have to train for drills which will open more time.

As for am I happy? Well that real estate deal even though it cost me $10,000 felt like buying a bran new car even though it is very new or pretty. I haven’t been very happy lately. Actually this girl I asked to dance and talked to at a concert is really bugging me. I really wish I’d gotten her phone number instead of giving her my fun looking business card! Well I guess I might learn next time, or not. I’m getting fat too. As for personal life fatness sucks. No ninja is quick or stealth-like getting fatter. I plan to exercise more, do more push-ups, and sit-ups, but I have yet to get started. Why? Hmm… a little bit of lazy-ness most likely… Underway you usually get fatter since all you do is eat. I plan to only eat cereal and soups. This should cut down and help me keep that extra sea fat off.

well aloha

DJIA down -546 pts at low! All I can say is “wow” and “shit!”

Yesterday, as you should be already so aware of, the China markets had a big correction which basically followed around the world. One of the main causes of the China correction was because asians were buying up stock like no tomorrow. Investing has become huge since the government is helping capitalism and turning asia into a major world power. Now, because of all this buying with no major pullbacks the stock market just went straight up and finally it threw up and just passed out. You should expect upcomming pullbacks. Yesterdays small crash was just the first to more to come including our own market. Analyst keep saying that 2007 will be a very volatile year. Fed Chairman Greenspan and Bernanke say the same too. I think if the banking system can fix fiscal policy then this volatile will be to the upside. The Dow’s low of -546 points yesterday was wowing. I expected buyers to buy up today and make a profit, but I expect by tomorrow even or the end of the week for the market to go further down.

You probably also should notice we are in warnings season when most companies warn for lower profits. With the major drop now in the Dow we are probably going to see stocks drop lower. If you were in any Call options you probably shitted yourself in the pants when China dropped following our market and Europe. I maybe didn’t shit my pants, but the reality check in my stock brokerage account sure did make me think I was about to have a panic attack. Yes, I did see it coming and everyone talks about how Asia was going to crash soon before going back up again, but I don’t think anyone can predict exactly when it will happen. When stocks are going up you don’t buy Puts. I suppose this is just something pricey I’m learning as a student of the market.

I’m going to read one of my commenters books who recommended Gamblers Ruin. It’s on one of my posts that I made a decent profit on. Many people that do not invest saying using the stock market to make money is gambling. I do not like questioning myself, but sometimes I think they are right when I definitely know I gambled a trade. I do not gamble in casinos. I think they are boring. I like playing poker, but I never play for money. I can not spend more then $50 in a casinos on games, although when I trade stocks sometimes I just get into this zone and I don’t even think about the stocks I’m trading, why I’m trading them, and if I should be trading. When this happens I make the worst decisions, trade too much or ALL of my money, and basically trade losing positions. It’s depressing. It’s hopeless. It’s being a totally moron of a gambler.

I really don’t know if its a dependent thing because when I trade I really wish I had someone like myself to over look me or just tell me I’m crazy. Sometimes the finance ninja gets caught in too much action. I’d say the ninja needs to just goto the bar, get a drink, and stay away from his stock trading laptop. My mentor even told me to not trade if you didn’t know where the market was going or if its just too hard to trade. Yes, trading on an easier trend would be more profitable and easy. I guess I just want to so badly get good at this and reach my ultimate goals that principles of consistent tradings get knocked out of my mind somehow.

To any traders out there like me I wish us both the best…to getting some type of help. =D

Interview on Corporate Ninja Ron Lee

Below is my interview with Corporate Ninja Ron Lee who took time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions.  Thanks Ron Lee.

Paul Meyer:  I know you have worked with many well known companies and I wanted to know if you have ever met or did seminars for Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Michael Dell?  If so what was it like?  Or is there anyone in particular you would like to mention that you thought was influencial to yourself?

Ron Lee: I once did an international convention for Dell on Langkawi Island, which is  an hour’s flight from Kuala Lumpur, but Michael Dell wasn’t there, only his senior management was there. I’ve chosen to develop my own style, but early on, I admired Keith Scott, who has the licence to do the voices of Bugs Bunny and other Warner Brothers characters.
Paul Meyer: What are the six types of martial arts you practice and do you focus on those six for any particular reason?
Ron Lee: I’ve done more. They include Kung Fu, Aikido, Hap Ki Do, Qui Gung, Ninjutsu, Okinawan Karate, Kempo Karate and a bit of Japanese Sword.  They are all brilliant in their own right.
Paul Meyer:  I know you have traveled around the world.  What was your most favorite country you held a seminar in and why?

Ron Lee: Every country I’ve worked in is enjoyable. Different parts of Asia have their unique character, the United Arab Emirates are really progressive, the USA is the most evolved speaker market in the world, and I love working in Scandinavia.  Contrary to what some people might tell you, I’ve found the Scandinavians to be really friendly, warm people.
Paul Meyer:  What is it like to be a ninja?  What does it mean to you?

Ron Lee: Even though I’ve studied Ninjutsu, we had to take a vow of silence before each class, so I don’t teach any of that stuff, but I have kept in practice by going to upper levels of high-security buildings without registering with security.  I only did this to keep my hand in.  I’ve also managed to take target arrows and a samurai sword on airplanes as hand luggage. The arrows were recent on a domestic flights, but the samurai sword episodes were before 9/11 on international and domestic flights.
Paul Meyer:  Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?  Doing the same thing or focusing on bigger plans?

Ron Lee: I’m expanding the international work and would like to inspire more people in the USA and other parts of the world. I also address the subjects of the role of the mind and the spirit in the process of healing, metaphysics in relation to the practicalities of life and personal empowerment.  All of the great philosophers said that our life purpose is to use our knowledge, talent, experiences and passions to serve as many people as possible, so my mission is to leverage my work in all ways.
Paul Meyer:  Do you currently have any corporate ninja apprentices and if so what are the important steps to becoming a ninja in the corporate world?

Ron Lee: We do have people learning how to become corporate ninjas. The important aspects are to operate out of a base of integrity and empower yourself so that ego doesn’t get in the way.
Paul Meyer:  I follow the stock market and want to be a great success at becoming a disciplined trader.  What advice as a ninja do you have for me that I could follow that would help me become a better student?

Ron Lee: My advice in that area is to study the stocks’ fundamentals, the candlesticks, the bar charts, the swing charts, the Fibonacci sequences, Elliott waves and other indicators, and also gut feel.  Follow the rules and be disciplined enough to have stop-gains as well as stop-losses.
Ron Lee thank you for the interview and I wish you the best to your career as a professional speaker and ninja.  You can have your company signup for a Corporate Ninja seminar at

Some of his seminars include:

“The Corporate Ninja” – Interactive, inspirational comedy Hoaxes.
“Zen & The Art of Success” Empowerment Keynote Presentations.
“Zen & The Art of Getting What You Want With Less Effort” Keynote Presentations.
Strategic Implementation of these philosophies and practices in Workshops that focus on ‘Empowerment’, ‘Life Balance’, ‘Sales’, ‘Teams’ and ‘Presentation, Speaking & Comedy’ to a performing arts standard.
Ron Lee is a “CSP” the highest international speaker designation, with less than 7% of global speakers attaining this level, most of whom are in the U.S.A.Author of “What Shintaro Taught Me – Zen & The Art of Success”.
“This great book shows you how to combine the dual powers of the
insights and ideas of East and West to achieve at higher levels than you
ever dreamed possible.” – Brian Tracy, Author of Goals!

Again thank you Ron Lee. -Paul Meyer

I got the interview! Ron Lee’s interview is soon to come.

Ron Lee will be sharing with me after a brief online interview.  I know it will be beneficial and encouraging.  Besides corporate ninja interviews the stock market has been hitting new highs and probably some selling off the top is going to happen soon again.  I believe everyone right now is optimistic and will push DJIA over $12,000 and possibly to $13,000 by next year.  As for love life I am in a dirty mess I usually get myself into.  Miserable, yes, but for sure I will conquer the evil. 


I found a real ninja named Ron Lee

Surfing the internet searching for “finance ninja” through I found Ron Lee a wise motivational corportate ninja.  Reading through his website I found he had a great sense that knows deep about himself and how to uses the ways of a ninja to create more success.  I really want to do an interview on him.  I believe a man that can do comedy, motivate people, and practice martial arts is very cool. 

If you currently own a business or work in a corporate job and you think your team needs a great creative idea I suggest checking out his website and giving him a call for a seminar.  I’m sure he’s not cheap, but worth every penny of the potential success of your business.


My first blog inspired by other financial bloggers aimed to help individuals learn how to increase their goals to a faster retirement.

Hi.  I’m Paul Meyer and will be writing this blog under the name Finance Ninja.  I thought up the name fighting between Money Kung Fu and my cyberspace nerd name elektrowhiteboy.  I’m an ordinary big nerd.  I think up the craziest things to say, do, and help people with.  I am great at saving and creating ways to make money.  So I thought Finance Ninja was the best general name for this blog I’m going to pour my heart and soul into.  Unlike other financial wisdom bloggers I am going to go down other dark roads to help you learn more about the power of money.  Money can help you or destroy you, and you really need to choose right now in your life what it will be.

 I am currently in the United States Coast Guard serving a 4 year term with around 3 years and two months left at this point.  I’m very confident in my decision in join the USCG to save money, surf more waves, and live in a fresh new place.  To make a comment on that you can move anywhere, but you will always be the same person inside so lets find out really who you are and help you manage your money more efficiently.

 My name is Paul.  I have an addiction and it is saving money.