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HOKU, AAPL, SWN, NYX – Latest news on the trailor park

After HOKU earnings the stock plummeted to $8 and I totally expected it to fall. Everyone knew they weren’t going to show a profit and it is still very much a speculation stock because it hasn’t been able to start production yet. I’m with Jim Crammer about people rebuying it at a lower price and it moves up again throughout the year on its speculation of being the #1 for alternative energy. Our world is moving in that direction so I could only expect growth. As for AAPL it’s iPhone has been a success, but the market is turning over and its stock is finally starting to become submissive to all the selling. I’d buy AAPL later, but I see it moving much further down into the possible $110’s before it moves into the $200’s. If AAPL is able to continue momentum then I’d buy Calls on it if it moves past $150. Then it will be fighting the selling, but investors are true believers in it. It’s PEG score also has moved down to around 1.66 from over 2.00. So its value has gone up as well with its super profitable earnings. SWN’s charts have been showing a flip to oil/gas companies. Its major trend on the Daily and Weekly are going down with all smaller charts. Just yesterday it bumped up because it was slammed down into the Bollinger bands. I expect it to keep moving further down in the lower $30’s. I’m playing SEP 07 35 Puts on it currently up around 10%. I plan to sell out once it hits around $35 if I’m correct. NYX is always a confusing stock. You’d think this stock would be doing what ICE is doing, but it isn’t. I’m in Calls and I think I’m going to lose my entire $7,000 investment if by Sept. it doesn’t move higher than $87. At its current price of around $74 I’m left dumbfounded and believing in the stock that makes me seem living life a bit bicariously. NYX has had almost 4 major falls with small peaks. This stock has to pop high if on Aug 2nd earnings are awesome and profits are up. It should pop past $90 because there hasn’t been much news on it. So if it surprises investors and analysis it could finally get back in the game and be a more volatile stock like it use to be. If you are currently playing Puts on it you are probably a lot more correct and wise thinking then myself.

As for the good old trailor park I bought. I’ve been working with my property manager. I’ve been trying to get the cable tv hooked back up because it was disconnected before I could transfer it into my name. Two of the tenants are refusing to pay their rent because they are not receiving cable tv. Can you believe this? I’ve never heard of such a moron of a tenant in my life! I told him to turn off their electricity and gas that day until they paid their rent or enforce them to be evicted that week. I’m not going to tollerate this type of behavior. Business is business and you pay your rent regardless if you get cable tv or not. I pay for their housing and all utilities. Cable tv is a luxury. I only see future problems with very low income low education tenants like this in the future. I’m trying to move all the tenants in and rent the trailors properly with full leases, applications, and deposits so I don’t get shitted on. If I’m going to make this profitable I need to take the steps to make it profitable and not deal with unacceptable tenants.

hi. i’m back, after a long quiet break.

My family just left Hawaii. I have my life back again. Only 1 week feels like eternity. It felt like the longest week I’ve ever had in hawaii. The days seemed very long and tiresome. I enjoyed spending some time with my siblings, but it became cumbersome and annoying getting everyone to agree on things to do, eat, and see. I thought they would go along with my plans but I was very very wrong thinking I was going to get away with my ideas. I’d say 50% of time was just arguing with them. It was a relief dropping them off at the airport. It is funny growing up as the youngest child. No one ever listens to you and things really don’t change as you get older. I just feel belittled all the time and they just tell me I’m negative. Sometimes you wonder if you really know your family because by the time you got old enough to think for yourself they were out of your life so they just know you as a hell-wild child! So yeah. I love them, in some family type way. I can’t even agree with my mom on stocks. She is trading and studying worse then I am. She holds and carries around her Jim Cramers “Mad Money” book religiously. She also watches his show taking every advice and new stock personally. I have not seen her buy one option on a stock she has actually found herself or personally interested in.

My family has always been poor. It is everyones goal to be rich, ironically we are all still very poor. Are mindsets subconciously still keep saying “I can’t I can’t” instead of “I can achieve this”. Now educational wise my sisters have very high achieving degrees, but financially they still think like lower middle class kids.

It has always been a driven goal in my life to help these teenagers think rich. I want to help them believe they can obtain money if they plan according and start young. Financially by comparison even losing much of all or should I say 90% of all my profits in the stock market doing bad trades I still have much to show for and have done very well financially planning and obtaining my money goals. My next big goal is to buy an apartment building to create a larger cashflow and long-term investment to build more equity in.

I haven’t been blogging much about stocks because I’ve been losing bad. My recent plan is to start with a $1000 and work my way back up again. I think my gutt tells me to trade Calls on AAPL on dips. Looking at RIMM, AAPL will likely go much higher and I believe with release of its iPhone product the stock is going to jump much higher. The summer should be shakey. I’m also going to keep trading NTRI. I like it a lot and its story shows it will keep moving up.

I still have losing trades open worth basically $0. I could close them out, but since 80% is stock and not options I’m willing to just let it stay in its zero coma until it either bankruptcies and deletes itself or something happens with an unknown surprise. I really want to pay off my car. This is my number one goal. I have $22k still left on the loan. These would give me an extra $400 to invest/save for something else.

I will be going on patrol again soon hoping to play Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Cashflow with other coasties to boost thier IQ’s just a tad bit in real estate and maybe even help one get involved.