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How $60 a month to invest in an online home-based business doesn’t always equal results

I’ve been doing multiple home-based business over the past 10 years. I’m not going to tell you not to do a home-based business because out of the millions of people that start and work one each any everyday a small percentage 1-5% succeed and live a good life. However, when you invest only $10, 25, 60, 100 a month into a business in which you buy product for points so you can get more points and get commissions off everyone you bring in type of points sooner or later your well of motivation will dry up my friend. There are some well established good home-based business companies such as Melaleuca, Quixtar, Mary Kay, ex. However, you have to be a very strong leader-type of individual and sadly most of us are just followers. This being said do it! The most you can lose is probably less than $500 bucks. This is nothing and you won’t feel so disappointed if the results aren’t what you expected (making $100,000 a month off of $60 per month investment).


Hit my first stock target price prediction on Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) @ $41

SWN yesterday hit $41 and just today pulled back as typical, but definitely on a moving force. I believe the last time I spoke last week it was over $35.  What a great call option play, but I’ll have MY day and as long as I keep up with my numbers I should be more ready this fall.  It might just work out for me this time with the market poised to turn harder up with all of Fed. Bernanke’s talkin-the-talk, rumors being spread, some mediocre better numbers on economic reports, and stocks finally moving back up leaving their steeply discounted prices.  It bothers me a bit.  I admit it, I want to trade so bad.  I have to resist the powers and keep my promise to myself….man these months discipling myself not to trade have been hard.  I get these voices saying, “come on this one will work, you’ve been waiting for it, it will only be one trade…” I have to resist the evil within.  I’m sure it means fun and good intentions in it’s own evil mysterious universal ways but I need to stick to my big guns and keep them strapped in just a bit longer.

There will ALWAYs be trades in the future, big moves, small moves, and no moves.  Everyday the stock market goes up and down, sidways, and life goes on.  Today I’m a trader, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.

I WILL MAKE LARGE PROFITS OFF YOU SWN, AAPL, NUE, GOOG, SPWR, FSLR, GME, and housing stocks your time is near!  You better be afraid market makers of this big Clint Eastword city slicker trader!  Be very afraid I will come back the Green Giant!

Other news on stocks – General Motors (GM) 1:100 reverse stock split.  What a joke.  NOW THATS A PUT OPTION PLAY!  This stock when it goes from $2 to $200 (your money cut in half) will start selling like girl scout cookies.  Oh, the put option on that baby will be one fat profit play mark my words.  ill do an update on it a few weeks after its split.  reverse stock splits are the worse.

how to become a millionaire billionaire by a finance ninja

As referred in “how to become a billion” post #1 here and also in post #2 “how to become a billionaire in 20 months” my site statistics show that the number one thing financial internet searchers are seeking is how to become a billionaire or millionaire.

Now I admit I did work my search engine SEO skills to find an audience like me interested in growing their wealth and becoming a millionaire at some time in their lifetimes. I didn’t expect such a huge amount of visitors just seeking how to become a billionaire, but not really “how to obtain” it. I guess once you tell them the truth and how and what you forcefully need to do yourself they kind of turn the cheek. If you do want to become a millionaire then start paper trading options now. It isn’t hard to do, but it is hard to master it so you can earn money hand over fist. I’ve been working at it over 5 years. I’ve gotten really close. I’m writing this 3rd post now because although I’m 100% practice paper trading options at the moment I think I’m the closest I will ever be and certain to hit my goal into the year 2010 after more than a full year of just paper trading NOTHING ELSE. Yes, sometimes I do want to trade an option really really bad but I have to force myself not to if I want to gain the confidence that I won’t trade when I really don’t need to and in my case I’m not ready. I’m no expert although I know a lot and understand much about the markets. If I want to become an expert then I need to stick to my guns and keep paper trading like many other truly successful traders before me.

So before you comment and tell me you are a teenager with a high IQ and you want to live on billions before you are 18 I suggest you start paper trading to meet that goal. Plus no matter how smart your IQ is that doesn’t reflect anything when it comes to trader unless you have a high emotional IQ and a high discipline IQ. Without those two you are shit out of luck no matter how big and brainy you are!


Do you want to be part of my $300/month masterplan?

Here is an e-mail I wrote to my sister at Sunday January 27th at 4:19 A.M. tell me if this is brilliant or bust? I know as a group we’d have to create rules and regulations no doubt, but the idea I think could work.

-Sisters Name-,

Sisters Name-, I’ve been looking at the Austin tx real estate market and it is compared to Virginia beach 5 years ago. It has a hotter job market, bigger city, and better growing economy but the prices of homes haven’t jumped much yet. Imagine mom and dads home when I helped them get it was $129k. now its worth over $300k (and that’s a low estimate). I’ve found so many homes at $100-130k in Austin right now with same size, big yard, and 5-15 miles from downtown Austin (this city is actually building a light rail system to san Antonio, tx within 2 years). It seems rent on one of these homes is about $1000/month so you’d earn starting at $100/cashflow to pay for property management fee with a mortgage of $900. I just wanted to know if you’d really want to partner with me and start a real business. For what you are paying in Richmond you can get double in Austin, tx newer to an up and coming city. If you’ve read any economics millions of baby boomers are headed south to FL, TX, AZ, NM, NV.

Some of these homes are in foreclosures so we could still negotiate a deal and bring the price down. Companies like Dell and IBM are located here. Can you say that about Richmond? Or Virginia beach?

Here is another good buying point. The fed just cut interest rates .75pts and plan to do it again meaning mortgage rates are going to drop so buying homes continues meaning home prices are highly likely to move much higher again. So right now with home prices knocked down 10-15% is the time to buy even if you are long-term and want to hold. Your mentors should of taught you about equity in a home and using it meaning you buy a home for $100,000 and it goes up $40k in equity now you can extract that to use to buy more homes to increase your real estate business.

I really want to buy a home in Austin, tx. I have friends in the coast guard and network contacts that say great things about it especially the thriving music scene.

I’d be willing to split everything down 1/2 way rental income, equity, and future sale profit if in return you’d be willing to pay half of everything such as mortgage, repairs, taxes, and capital gain taxes on final sale.

How this will benefit you now and in your long-term future: lessens your risk, less capital to buy rental properties, builds your portfolio, and long-term selling a home 10 years from now it can create a large nestegg for retirement income that would otherwise not happen if you didn’t buy and hold. I’m also willing to go 1/2 way with you on any of YOUR deals in Richmond that your mentors help you find that break even or bring in a small cashflow that are low value and definitely going to appreciate over time.

Sisters Name-,. I need a partner. I do everything by myself and I crash a lot I don’t have outside help with decisions, I basically have limited communications, and limited capital. I’m not asking you to quit your job or your massage business or anything else. All I’m saying is that more people you have to work with the more capital you have and the more opportunities you can make like the game Cashflow. Also for instance having a co-signer getting a 5-5.5% loan is a huge difference from applying by yourself and getting a 6.5-8% loan.

I wish are family would work together. We could build an empire if we just worked as a team and stopped being duschbags. I fail a lot because no one cares. You are going to start learning yourself that if you don’t care about others it hurts business opportunities but when you care then people work together and get things accomplished.

Just think about it. If all 4 of us kids donated $300 a month to a Limited Liability business we put together such as a real estate trust we would have $1200/month to buy the first rental which could substitute a $1200/mortgage or two $600/mortgage (two small homes or two condo apartments). Now just say we only bought two properties and over 10 years with inflation these properties went from $80,000 to $200,000 because of they were nice location and buildings and appreciated in value. Now that’s $400,000 (2) sold divided by 4 people is $100,000 each (not subtracting capital gain tax).
Now we spent each $300/month for 10 years (120 months * $300) which means out of our pocket we spent investing $36,000 and after 10 years we earned $64,000 or almost a 200% ROI.

Now that isn’t the good part. The good part is that while the units are rented each $36,000 (*4) builds up to $144,000 or around $14,000 a year. If the rent already pays the mortgage then we will have $14,000 to buy at least another rental each year. So within 10 years we could easily have 10 rental homes appreciated at well over $1 million. Now that same $36,000 investment ROI can be worth $250,000 each in 10 years realistically that is almost a 600% ROI on your sacrificed $300/month share to the partnership of 4 people working together to achieve a goal. You will be 41 and can have possible $250,000 or more in the bank. (I say or more because I’m just saying 10 properties selling at $100,000 each with little appreciation).

Now do you understand why I wish when I send all my sisters business information they would listen to me? I’m reading the bible more now and all Jesus talks about is how people don’t believe and have little faith in him. I feel the same way. I don’t think any of you guys understand how many sacrifices I’ve made to achieve my goals, I think just for that you should have lots of faith in me. Like Gary Williams said when he was dirt poor he and his family had to sacrifice to get by and worked together to achieve their goal to prosperity.

Consider my $300/month off. I wouldn’t just say we are partners I’d do it legally. We would create a real limited liability company as a tax shelter and tax relief for the properties. A separate business bank account so you can keep tabs on the property, rental income deposited, repairs, and profits. $300/month is something I know I can do. I won’t struggle with $300. I think anyone can do $300/month.

The hard part is initial down payment and closing costs potentially $4000-15000 which we would build up by everyones $300/month buy in to the real estate company to make it happen.

Here is another good point to make. Listen in. Sisters Name-, and Sisters Name-, are both 1st time home buyers. This means the first two properties could be both $0 down with a 103 LTV loan. So that is two properties for $0 with $1200/month (4 people) paying down the mortgage/collecting rental income/appreciating in value.

If you think this email makes SENSE to you then forward it to monica and angela and talk to them on the phone about it seriously. I wouldn’t have control over anything just searching for properties just like you to bring up to our “conference call meeting” to discuss possible opportunities.

To show you how serious I am I’d be willing to share the profits of my current rental which would be about $25/cashflow per person with $60k equity to use in it ALREADY appreciated. That means I’m willing to share $15k profit in the sale of it RIGHT now with anyone who is interested in creating a real company with. I’m sharing $15k of my future capital gains with any future partner willing to sign up on the dotted line.

Please consider my offer.

I thought this was one of the best ideas I’ve ever come up with this early in the morning doing homes, search homes for sale, and studying stock charts. I’m sure there are some flaws but they could be easily fixed with rules and regulations within the limited liability company. I figured what happens if someone wants out? I suggest a rule that the person will be paid back their full investment plus a guaranteed percentage on their money of at least 4% a year of what a bank would pay on a savings account or there would be a time delay that you’d have to wait X amount of years before you could withdraw money. The entire point would be not to touch the money for 5-10 year rule to let homes appreciate and pay off mortgages. I think if you had 10 people joined in doing this with each have a 10% share this could be extremely realistic. I’ve heard Filipino communities do this raise money for families trying to start a business if they can not receive loans. Say 3 families chip in $500/month now thats $1500/month to work with and then each family is paid back their money plus interest or in a partnership of the business. If this $300/month is something you might be interested in doing but you have no one that wants to try it with you then do it with me! Currently I have one USCG co-worker who said yes to it so once I plan to get back to Hawaii I’m going to form an actual company so everyone legally understands the risks and rewards and also everyone would get a vote on which properties would be bought and sold. This is basically a 10 year plan but could be much shorter or longer depending on the markets and where the group of investors want to go. Say 10 investors build a $5 million portfolio over 10 years and now instead of selling the property since the mortgages are paid off they’d rather all collect a retirement income from the cashflow the rest of their lives pay their business tax and receive an actual income of a likely $2,500/month income EACH from rents collected if all mortgages were paid off from constantly putting in the pot $300/each or $3000/month (by 10 people).
On a $90,000 condo or small home within 3 years its mortgage could be paid off if the market was slow but rent was steady. So besides one of my friends of the 15 or so people I emailed it to no others have responded and I know the majority check their emails daily. So what’s up with that? Am I crazy? Is this just another bad idea or can this be achieved?