My first HASH club “the virgin” on st. patty’s day

Since the stock market has been lagging on actual really good content to post about I haven’t been writing much. The market is consumed with sub-prime mortgages and interest rates when earnings growth fundamentals still has been good. Boeing Corp. (BA) is in talks with China over building larger airplanes currently trading at $90.00. Since we are in the choppy confused time of the market you better buy long calls if you are bullish.

As for my first HASH club (a running/drinking group) I had a really great time. It was my first time in Honolulu, HI I was a “virgin” with some other runners. The HASH group ran in spirit on St. Patty’s day throughout Honolulu downtown and we stopped for shots, pub crawls, and lastly a cold iced keg. I had to chug down to big cups being the virgin and lets just say my body and head were feeling pretty good. I met a lot of cool new people older and younger.
I plan on making it a weekly social event to attend. If you are interested search HASH on the internet. There is a group in almost every state and some countries. It’s been going on for almost a century now I believe.

St. Patty’s day was fun. I ended up not staying out after the run and drinking for the St. Patricks day block party downtown because I had work the following day and had to be up at 8 AM. I fell asleep aroun 9 PM and now I’m refreshed enough to write this post.]

As for jobs. I walked into Papa Johns pizza near my house and the drivers said a $4 tip is the average and that is very high. I might really consider taking a second job because I feel I’m just wasting away time that could be earning more money to help me out. I really want to write some music and play songs, but if I’m not going to have anyone to work with then I might as well work more. Since I didn’t pay off my car when I had a chance now I feel I’m forced to work extra to pay it off. I might have the chance later in the year if stocks rise. I was already stupid once now I can’t be stupid twice.