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finally my focus is clear! – tv show

Okay, I’ve finally got it. Talking with my co-worker today I’m going to create a Tv show with cut out Ads of companies I trade making commentary and keeping stocks amusing but educational. This will at least be a start to amp up my blog and possibly get more viewers if I can make my show smart, but really stupidly amusing that you want to keep watching week after week. Once I figure out how to embed videos I’ll start posting soon some homemade stock shows. By the way although retail was knocked down today. I still think SHLD at $137 is a buy buy buy. Also RIG at $99 is a buy buy buy. Once the market finally pukes its last big point swing I’m going to be ready to buy to earn back all my profits I lost starting from Feb from the stupid penny stock buying decision I made then (duh, how dumb), but look forward to my new strange but fun finance ninja show.