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Is the market tired and ready for a nose bleed?

Today most stocks started to show some big red candles engulfing the previous days gains. Most international stocks and indexes, expecially Asia, fell over night. I predict the stocks might rise higher tomorrow, but continue to fall for a few days and then continue their rally since they have been bullishly buying buying buying for the past weeks. One index expecially which has had a second big move is China Index fund (FXI @ $109) currently has had a run from low $80’s to recently $110’s. With the large lower opening price today I think there will be some selling off of some profits during this earning season. I recently bought MAY 105 PUTS. If I’m right I should be sold out by Tuesday April 25. If I’m wrong I’m finished trading stocks for the year. The trade looked very clear and I’m determined that all the indicators and general market is in my favor even with’s (GOOG @ $471 – after earnings $481) surging profit beating analyst expectations. The overal market has had a good run up and even though I’d like all my stocks to fly high I know its about time for some hard selling. So far economic retail sales and non changing interest rates have made market condition good for bulls and earnings haven’t been so bad either. I think’s earnings (YHOO @ $27.80) even though were lower the stock will rise because of its real solid value.

Recently my portfolio has been a smelly dump of losers sucking ever profit from me dry. My goal is now to repeatedly play stocks that are profiting me in the correct direction and increase my portfolio to a new high. My account is currently worth around $16,000 down from around $38,000 just since mid Feburary. What I did wrong was get into position and trade after a big win. This I already knew not to do. It’s a general big rule to follow, but I guess the increased account got the best of me. I’m still up for the year maybe + $5000, but I suppose feeling a bit miserable and disfunctional at the moment.

I have not bought (BSGC.OB @ $.38) because on QCharts it shows buying movement, but it looks like the stock is going to settle a little lower before it moves again so I’m going to wait to buy a large amount of shares. If it does move higher then the public has gained interest and then that will be enough cue for me to know its the right time to invest in it. It maybe be struggling currently, but it is a very new type of email service that I think the trendy crowd will really jump into which will mean big money for the company advertising big names on email accounts. (BSGC) a leader in web-based email innovation

Today I’m going to write about (BSGC @ $ .40) because it deserves public attention. This company is just so appetizing and delicious that I know will not hold back its temptations for too long to gobble it up. I’m sure (GOOG @ $477) will wait for to maybe grow a little bit large than its $100 million market cap currently. It may even be looked at as just too small and not ripe enough yet, but just wait. I think its new email ideas and inncentives will grow its free member and business database ten fold. This company looks like it went through bankrupty and is on the over-the-counter BB board. There is nothing wrong with this just look at Nintendo which trades now at $36 on the OB. Nintendo’s Wii is a complete success. I want to gobble up myself at least $10,000 worth of I just recently learned about it from its CEO interview on CNBC 2 days ago and just anxious to get some of its shares. Not just any small mini cap company gets attention on a big network. This shows the company has some major energy behind that could rock the socks off Google’s, yahoo mail, and hotmail just to name a few in the big web-based email business. At $.40 cents with a market cap of $100 million maybe the stock price is about right, but with that CNBC coverage plus affiliate marketers out their getting $ .20 for every new free member sign up you are going to soon be hearing more and more about this little spectacular company with a big vision. Retractable emails? Exploding emails? No Forwarding!
Crap this company has big brainiacs! I could only imagine how hard the code was when creating the software. I would not be surprised to see this stock go past $5 before 2008. I maybe wrong, but the kids (yes the kids!) have been waiting for something new and cool and believe me this email IS COOL.