Paul Meyer Buys Houses

6 years later, the journey continues in my 40’s

Last time I blogged I was just in my second year of farming. Well, not farming anymore. I’ll be turning 41 this year. By 2019 I was ready to close my farm business and had already decided to put any money I had to buying and selling houses before I even knew flipping was a big thing. So I sold the last house I bought and took the cash to flip something in the Richmond, VA area.

So far I haven’t done so bad. In the past two years I’ve bought two ugly houses at a discount and turned them into luxury remodels. I’ve paid off all my old farm debt ($75k), paid off private lenders, and about to pay off my new work van before the end of the year. I figure if I can flip just one house a year I’m doing alright. In between flips I’ve done a cargo expediting business driving crazy hours half the year as a side hustle to make more money but I am closing that business by the end of the year as well to focus just on doing flips and building up a couple of rental properties. Every once in awhile I really think about my stock option trading days and want to do covered calls – basically buying the stock and options together to get called out for a low risk profit. In all the years trading options I never bought covered calls or puts. The stock mentor guru I paid classes from always said if there is one thing you get out of these classes and you don’t do anything else do covered calls once a month with a size-able account.

So 41 and almost out of debt. I’m also been working on my fathers war story memiors in comic form to publish for over a year now. Lots of projects. I even put a handyman ad out on craigslist to get jobs in my downtime. It’s a little scary but anything is until you do it a couple of times.

I still can’t believe how much money I lost in my twenties purchasing stock and real estate. None of it ever worked out. I figure I lost over $200k. It makes me scratch my head. I didn’t do anything really. No fun. Every bit I saved working tirelessly and living frugally didn’t ever make me a millionaire investing. So don’t believe everything you hear and ever dumb conference or guru that wants your money. You are well better off sometimes just following your own way even if it still loses. I think my own regrets in my 20’s and 30’s penny pinching and trying to be an entrepreneur too hard. It would have been nice to just spend a little, travel more, and just have fun. So that’s my advice. Don’t care about money just have fun and money will come if you are still willing to work hard, hustle, and keep taking action regardless if you reap what you sow or not.

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