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Apple Puts – Back to Zero +50% Feb 2013

Sold out around 9:50am in the morning for a +50% trade (+$2000 but actually only to my existing start since Jan 13′ so I’m neutral once again). I’m glad I set my alarm and woke my ass up. My puts closed at around I sold them but I know right after 10am as the stock moved up I would of sold for a smaller profit so it’s good I didn’t get greedy. Apple didn’t fall hard into the next trading day which gave me another insult to my prediction and watching it for 15 minutes early trading it felt* like it was resisting to fall which gave me an immediate reason to exit. Now, what would have been super fantastic is that it would have opened gapping much lower 8-10 points but this wasn’t the case…So what’s next? I’ve been following a penny stock that went from .09 when I thought about purchasing it and went to .50. (a big +$20,000 gain) but woulda coulda didn’t happen. Now at .44 I’m going to just have to pass it even if it does move to $1.00. Just not worth the risk now. Damnit. I really wanted to pay off those credit cards I swear! The stock market sure does hit you hard when it plays hard to get.

The market is suppose* to pullback. We are going into warnings season so if this does happen* within the few days it pulls back hard I’m going to buy a favored tech stock calls thereafter likely far out of the money. Until then… ciao.

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