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Dec-Jan Trades, I admit I am a Gambler. I suppose that’s the first step to recovery

I don’t even know why I’m trading at this point in my life. I need to just give up my dying dream. I think I’ve lost a total gains and deposited money of around -$15,000.

What’s more crazy is that each trade I have gotten into has been profitable within the week up 5-70% and I didn’t sell it. The trades of course reversed against me and I’m in losing positions – even in my Google trade. I bought in the money. I was up $200 bucks at most. Yes, should have sold. I went through earnings figuring it would fall, yes, staying in it and just letting the remainder of the trade go to hell (it was already 200% down). Well Google didn’t something I didn’t expect and gave me some luck. Now even though I’m back in the money my trade is still down 100%. It just makes me feel like shit to continue this disaster. It’s too bad they don’t have internships for this type of trading. All I ever wanted was to sit in an office and work with a mentor but it’s just not realistic. Everyone thinks their trades are a secret. They are not. They are just better at selling quicker than I am.


So I’m still in my GOOG trade. I recently was in a HLF, SWN, and AAPL trades – all profitable at some point – and then somehow they got away. You know I even got my QCharts account back up to see if that would improve my trading. I think it actually made it worse. I traded better on a whim of intuition being brainless than all technical/fundamental. It’s crazy how the stock market is like a gambling game you throw darts at. Sometimes they hit sometimes they don’t.

This brings me to a film FLIGHT. After watching this film by then end I finally accepted that I need to go to an Anonymous Gambling group. I admit I have a problem, I must have. Who else would trade and trade and trade more than a decade to lose everything they’ve got for the game? Just a losing gambler.

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