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Sharing/Socialism-Capitalism – Metanoia Concepts quest….

I’m going to post a question and I hope random people like yourself reading it will try to offer some reflection in a comment. My basic question is:

Is it truly possible to change the way us American’s do business in which sharing and the social good will is achieved over capitalism greed?

I could have probably phrased it better, but I admit I’m no English scholar. I’m on a small quest to do research on businesses right now trying to mesh in earning a living while retaining less of their profits that would be put back into the social good. My definition of “social good” is basically returning profits into upgrading neighborhoods and other businesses, improving structures, improving lives, and increasing an entrepreneurs happiness through giving back more than holding back. I know this might sound crazy because we live in a society where you want to save as much as you can in which you CAN retire. Who really wants to retire? This is another good question. Once a person truly stops working their life stops and they die. I know there are statistics on this. I know too many elders that were healthy and had a purpose to go to work and once they stopped its as if their heart stopped.

My parents, in their late 70’s now, still work and I’m proud of them. I hope to be healthy enough to work until I die. I do believe in retirement, but you should still have some type of work passionate or not (hopefully you DO enjoy it) in which it keeps you 100% active.

So, I know there are businesses currently that have cooperatives to share all the profits with businesses, but I’m interested in taking this idea or concept a bit further. I’m not talking about your average donations here I’m talking about taking it all and reinvesting into the community. This sharing of wealth at least I think would reap internal reward and external improvement especially in lower income communities where I have learned much that friendships and something good to eat is more important than a big house and flashy materials things.

So if you know a community/business that takes what they need and gives back everything else please comment or share your thoughts on how it could be possible – if it’s possible in which sharing/community could work with each other. This of course is without government handouts – grants, food stamps, ex.

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  1. Great post

    December 28, 2012 at 7:02 am

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