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Market Journal Update – AAPL, NFLX, GOOG, QQQ / Personal Projects

Market hit 13,000. Mr. Market’s emotions seem generally mixed to highly optimistic even though we are historically in the “earnings warnings zone”. Any CALL option trade I would of made long in January would of been at least 10-20% in profitability. The January Barometer has kept Mr. Market’s enthusiasm as it is referenced in articles regularly.

AAPL @ $520 – Fall near? Problems with copyrights over iPad in China. How much will it cost Apple on its next earnings? Is it too big to fail? The higher it moves the more volatile it will fall with bad news.
GOOG @ $605 – I think GOOG will hit $700 this year. The iPhone’s are still a hit but the TV marketing campaigns for the DROID and newer smart phones duplicate the iPhone and offer more options than the iPhone plus Droid is dominant in the mobile market.
NFLX @ $120 – Netflix entered the United Kingdom market. I think it’s going to bring a few more billion to their cashflow due to that their are no competitors currently in the UK besides LoveFilm owned by Amazon but doesn’t have the large library like NFLX.
NFLX moved with its Jan. 12′ earnings up 20%. I think it hasn’t moved for almost 2 weeks because it’s just taking a breather. If it grows and expands its business model of streaming/dvd’s into Europe it could be a hot stock again like Apple.
QQQ @ $64 – The QQQ’s have followed all 3 of these big boy Nasdaq stocks. At $64 it’s high as an index stock. This index use to not even move past $44 only until just a few years ago. This is the high, however, if the market continues to go up especially with
AAPL and GOOG move another 50pts with the general market following the QQQ could see new all time highs, however I’m pessimistic and think the QQQ’s will be sold off some lower than $60 within 1-2 months.

On a personal note I’ve been having dreams about prospering and success with bee’s, fish, and snakes. Also my film projects have been slow to come about. I hope to soon start getting my market commentary up in animated form through The Secret Corporation project. Scotland life has improved, some. I still consider the stock market my first home and one day full-time income and everything else I do just a hobby for fun and to share freely with others. However, until I’m able to have complete discipline and earn more than I lose I’ll have to settle for delivering pizzas and freelance work.

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  1. I think NFLX is a sell despite expanding into offshore markets. Their business model works so well that the competitors would rather stream it on their own. Netflix is just a middle man. As time goes on they will have less-and-less content.

    April 30, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    • StockChartist,

      I would agree since I initially wrote the post when they started to finally expand. Maybe their idea of growth is too late? I’m still surprised when customers went crazy over their split of services, but sometimes your customers will surprise you and that SHOWS that Netflix (if they did survey customers about this) should have been pre-warned of this outraged which really hurt their database of solid income. The stock hasn’t done shit since January 2012. It is basically plummeting. It is still a cash king. From my point of view living in Scotland (currently) Netflix could REALLY have a chance at driving a whole new customer base because the content here really sucks. Europeans are weird though – they enjoy public television. Good TV is kind of different here, however services like Netflix aren’t really offered. They have Love Films by Amazon but it’s not the same as Netflix – especially DVD service. In my opinion Netflix should work the DVD business hard in the UK and non-U.S. markets could become larger income than U.S. customers reflecting a continual increase in stock price like what happened to as it started to become more profitable.

      May 1, 2012 at 10:31 pm

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