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FINVIZ – practice trade posts – January 2012

In order:
ATI JAN 43 CALL bought at $3.60 currently at $3.90 ($4.00 would be 10% GTC)
PH JAN 70 CALL @ 7.00 (currently $75.02) on bottom of BB. Looks bearish but similar chart as ATI and last year stock was bullish into the new year.

BTW the PH & ATI D chart you show from qcharts looks exhausted for a PUT. It’s big sign shows DMI starting to move up. So are you saying on your practice trades you would trade puts as it moves up because historically it fell more? I think we will definitely know within two weeks if the market is going up or down (or at least we think we think). But your D chart shows it laying on the BB’s. I just wouldn’t be in Puts only there was long-term bad news on the stocks and I practicing it as if I know nothing about it – just technical.

sold ATI 43 JAN Calls @ 5.60 (+2.00 or 85%)
if you sold your puts I believe Monday/Tuesday you should have been profitable but since down -2.00 it has gained +5.00 so I’d assume it’s trend will follow what I thought and now move up again.
Bought QQQ FEB 54 Calls @ 2.89
price $55.50 (mid-day expect it to continue uptrend – market is up trending for the week)
Bought AAPL FEB 395 Calls @ $21.15 – christmas rally (moving qqq’s) apple has moved 20 pts in last 3 days and expect it to continue up to friday likely get out today or tomorrow morning – with this big move apple has actually broken a major daily downtrend with a big green candle

12/29/11 – end of christmas rally 2011
Sold QQQ FEB 54 Calls @ $3.15 (+.26 up 8%)
Sold AAPL FEB 395 Calls @ 24.70 (+3.60 up 15%)
Sold PH JAN 70 Calls @ 7.40 (+.40 up 5%)
Christmas rally for end of Dec 11′ has been good. However PH seems weak and not moving with tech.
From what I’ve watched all of NAS has moved into the positive. Tech sales are up.
Currently I’m 5/0 (win/lose trades and up a total of 113%) Post some practice trades. I’ll post new ones after new year.

I think I’m going to practice two specific stocks because I think their stories will do them justice soon.
First EA due to a new line of games that are selling extremely well, significantly the Madden 12′ game. It’s at a low and also being advertised to the public on CNBC with a high upside potential. Second, EBAY, due to the changing of its ecommerce site. It has changed a lot. Now there are more options to sell online in which it can be auction, buy now, rerserve, and online store (with longer amounts to sell a product). This increases the amount of sellers (buyers). It’s also at a low and “sold” to the public with upside. I think there is. I’ll put up some practice trades soon. I brought up two trading books you should read.

1/6/12 – second week jan. practice trades after christmas rally
The NAS January Barometer is positive. The first 5 days of the year were up in NAS. I compared AAPL with other big NAS stocks like NFLX, GOOG, PCLN, and AMZN and all are up at least +1% for the first five days. NFLX up the most +25% from better-than-expected streaming services – basically more people are renting from them again but for online services. They also are going to be producing their own $100 million series of shows + NFLX has been down 60% after the customer drop in Sept. So this is big news and a reason why it is being bought up again. It has earnings this month. Play CLOSE ATTENTION to the NFLX and AMZN chart since they have the most to gain being positive for the first 5 days in January. If investors psychologically see gains they could be pototential 100% gains – NFLX has already moved 25% in upside movement. AMZN’s daily chart shows a beginning uptrend into Jan. I’m doing a real $200 trade on NFLX into earnings. I also suggest we switching to my blog. I can change the settings to private like this if you prefer because when I post a chart here it just updates. Plus you can’t actively search old trades. I can’t say search on this page “aapl” and all my aapl trades come up. This is really useful if you actually journal your trades so you can see all your past practice trades. I’ll create you a private login and post it here.
See link http://www.cnbc…xt%7C&par=yahoo

Here are my practice trades for second week of Jan 1/6/12′:
Buy QQQ FEB 55 CALL @ $3.41
Buy AAPL FEB 420 CALL @ $18.25
Buy NFLX FEB 85 CALL @ $10.00 (play – earnings is Jan 25th)
Buy AMZN FEB 180 CALL @ $12.25
Buy GOOG FEB 655 PUT @ $28.00 (received downgrade and has fell thur-fri so I expect it to continue the trend monday)
Buy PCLN FEB 480 CALL @ $22.40 (play – earnings is Feb 20th)
Buy GT FEB 20 CALL @ $3.10 (play – earnings is Feb 20th – plus GM is in the Top 5 stock picks for 2012 on CNBC which should increase buying)
Buy EA FEB 18 CALL @ $2.26 (play – earnings is Jan 30th – plus chistmas gift money will go into buying games post-christmas on earnings)
Buy EBAY FEB 30 CALL @ $1.82 (play – earnings is Jan 18th – plus post-christmas buying with gift money)

1/9/12 – first year real money trade
REAL MONEY TRADE: Bought NFLX JAN 105 CALL @ $1.42 (around $92 stock price at 11 AM) I know it is out of the money but my reasoning is that I only had $198 in my account. I wanted to buy FEB 90 Calls. Netflix going into the Europe markets is a big deal and the charts back it up. The chart seriously at least tell me that soon NFLX is poised to pop high I think in the 120’s possibly by earnings if investors back the CEO. They compare NFLX now to how AMZN invested heavily into its worldly infrastructure, however, AMZN if it was able to get all the movie/tv libraries would likely put NFLX out of business. I think what NFLX really has is that it is the big dog in its niche market of online streaming/dvd. Currently it is the biggest and it wants to be the Amazon of movies/tv/possible future of TV on your computer/new TV’s. So while this news is big I’m playing it and its upcomming earnings + the technicals look very good (so far). My option within the first 3 hours is up 100% @ $2.73. My sell target is no later than this Friday. BTW GOOG also continued its trend over the weekend as I thought it would. My short is up big. Post your practice trades. We lost our competition but we have a whole new year to try again.

OUCHIE. someone in GS just took a hit today! And I told myself to sell out of my NFLX calls by Friday (today), however, it dropped for the 2 past days. Within the first 3 hours on Monday I was up 100%. I’m officially retarded. I might break-even selling now. My calls expire on earnings. I’m staying in until Monday. I’m worst then retarded for creating dumb rules like, “wait until friday to move higher” when I could of took a fat profit for a first confidence intuitive trade of the new year. Damn.

practice trades for 1/6/12 out today. Market looks to further fall through the weekend. All of these trades worked if I would of have sold on monday 1/9/12 but tue on the market fell.
Sell QQQ FEB 55 CALL @ $3.35 -0%
Sell AAPL FEB 420 CALL @ $15.95 -20%
Sell NFLX FEB 85 CALL @ $15.90 +60%
Sell AMZN FEB 180 CALL @ $7.25 -25%
Sell GOOG FEB 655 PUT @ $39.70 +30%
Sell PCLN FEB 480 CALL @ $16.20 -30%
Sell GT FEB 11 CALL @ $2.85 -10%
Sell EA FEB 18 CALL @ $1.35 -40%
Sell EBAY FEB 30 CALL @ $1.92 +5%

Up over 200% total avg. selling monday 1/6/12
Down -20% total avg. selling friday 1/13/12

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  1. NFLX has surpassed my $120 target post-earnings.

    February 4, 2012 at 10:37 pm

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