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28 days later…. finished my 50,000 words – NanoWriMo 2011 Winner! Plus Stock Market Competition

For November, by chance, I came across this novel challenge to write 50,000 words in 31 days for the month of November. How I come across these random things I end up applying myself to fully still seem to boggle my mind. However, I completed my 50,000 words in 28 days. I’m officially a NanoWriMo 2011 Winnter, well, for myself. It made me start actually believing I’m a writer. Ha Ha Ha. I’m also writing my postgraduate critical essays plus having to complete a 90+ page feature film script. All my professors ask me, “what about your school work? your reading?”, come on! I guess this where school and business get mixed up in my life. I personally would think it’s more valued and important to have a novel/non-fiction piece under your belt then write a dumb critical essay no one is ever going to see or is marketable as a product to sell! So now I have around 60 mini chapters of the most life changing pivotal points of my life completely typed out. It’s quite an accomplishment. I hope to turn it into fiction based book where the used can choose their own adventure within my life and possibly I might even offer some non-grim positive outcomes. I made it a goal to write 10,000 – 20,000 words a month for the next 6 months until I finish school. Why? I don’t know why. Scholars saying writing more each month makes you a better writer. I want to be a better writer because I’m usually, well, confusing to the crowd. For instance, I rarely get readers that realize I’m broke. Ha Ha Ha. Well, more like Donald Trump bankrupt broke.

Okay, earlier in September 2011 my sister and I made a stock market trading competition with each other. I’m pretty sure she has won although she hasn’t talked to me. This brings me to conclusion that she has money still remaining in her account, however, she likely has still lost a lot of money. I on the other hand have lost my entire account once again. Well, I still have around $300 in an option in Sprint (S) in the money that expires in Jan 12′. That was a stupid trade. I’m glad I’m not a financial stock advisor. I’m not saying all my trades have been bad but just enough to continually wipe me out of existence. I told my sister we both need another extended break from Mr. Market. Take off a year and then come back with a different outlook. If you are doing horribly and can’t trade worth shit you should consider this as well. Practice and research makes perfect right? Hardly in these strange changing markets (at least recently after 2008).
There are still patterns. It’s Election Year. I was 100% wrong about the rally going up in November. It just went sideways and fell. My QQQ option hit 100% on a few days but not enough for me to get out. Well, now its worth $0. My goal was QQQ to go over $60. It never did. It hit $59 but kept falling to 56/57 dollars. I wanted to hit myself with a frying pan every time it dropped because my intuition said it would jump again. I just kept missing opportunity after opportunity. I have no excuses. I give none. I just bombed on the trade. I sky dived, had a perfectly good parachute, and ripped it half way through the trade because #1 I was desperate for a big winning trade #2 I didn’t get out when I felt the stock wasn’t moving the way I planned #3 I bought into way out of the money options #4 number #3 broke every rule in the book!

cheers, Paul

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3 responses

  1. liz

    haha, yeah but you’re american. i wouldn’t have to think twice about hugging you:P i’ve learnt that chinese people only smile when they greet each other.. not even a handshake. so i was waaaaay off lol..

    congrats on finishing your novel 🙂

    December 12, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    • well then you should purposely attempt to get into their personal space and hug them for kicks.

      December 12, 2011 at 4:27 pm

  2. monica3meyer

    hey paul – i’m trying to figure this wordpress thing out – not today – but maybe this weekend will tackle it. i’m reading some of your random posts and all i have to say is.. oh……. my ……. gosh. 🙂 there can only be one paul meyer in the world. glad you’re one of us! 🙂

    January 11, 2012 at 3:15 pm

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