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Monday-Tuesday Trend & NanoWriMo 29 Day Novel Challenge to get me writing

So I have been watching what happens on Monday-Tuesday trends and it seems like a regular trend if on Monday is very positive for the most part it follows up to Wednesday and this also applies if Monday falls. I’ve seen this happen a lot and have traded off this patter many times. However, what I’m a bit confused about is this October 2011 rally. It has gone up so quick as they say it should come down just as hard. I figured with the up movement and the majority market buying up we would have a very good November 2011. I still think we will, but usually the first of the month are positive days due to be portfolios buying them in the beginning of the month. I think this Greece news is bullshit. We are already affected by our own problems here in America. We will survive without Greece. If by the end of this week this current -5% hard down isn’t recovered we may see a profit taking unhappy Thanksgiving including my call options which are in the red again expiring worthless.

So I somehow stumbled upon NanoWriMo which is the yearly Novel writing quest for the month of November. Basically you try to write 50,000 words in 29 days and whatever comes out of that. I’ve had a funny business book idea for awhile so I’m trying my best to type it all up and get it published for young adult entrepreneurs. It is going to be a cartoon-comic styled storytelling novel of my complete chaos and future fictional success.

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