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Fedex your customer service sucks. Hire me over you sucky drivers.

So now I’m fed up with Fedex as much as I am UPS. Fedex leaves tickets on the door WITHOUT the time for 3 times and then I have to make a 3 hour journey to east east queens. They think city people have cards at Fedex headquarters. After getting dropped off at the bus stop I made a 3 mile hike to get to their Fedex Ground location hidden in a scary industrial place. I later found a second bus stop around 1/2 mile. I wish their website and tracking would of clarified which stop to get off at. So after a 4 hour commute by train, bus, and walking I finally got my greased up dirty bent package. This is after of course the customer service people on the phone twice said the delivery man would call me before he drops it off. Hmmm…Now how is this possible when the 3rd customer service person said drivers don’t have company issued cell phones. What? So he has a personal cell and the whole bullshit about how he would call me was complete bullshit. Well he did come. I waited all day or he said he came at 2:51pm. I was there. Nobody pressed the doorbell, gave me a call, or email notification. You suck Fedex.

I delivered pizzas for 3 years and my customer service was better then this. Isn’t it the goal for Fedex, UPS, and USPS to complete the mission? Delivery the mail? Seems USPS is the only one who can continually complete the job. Fire your horrible brooklyn drivers and hire me! I’ll use my personal cell to call all my customers so they get their package on time instead of days later! I care.

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