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Family intervention, lack of support, and motivation for those in need – Trading stocks, home-based businesses opportunities, ex.

My middle sister came into town today because her husband’s sister lives in New York City too. I always love to see my nieces and nephews growing up. Family intervention came into play because none of my family, friends, or even business associates support any of the things I’m passionate about. My sister tells me trading stocks isn’t stable, unpredictable, and I can’t create a career from it. For the most part she’s right and I can’t argue with her because I still have not been able to continually trade profitable into a position where I can live off my trading as well as the home-based business opportunities I run. It’s tedious being in a position where no one supports you except the salesman who motivates and supports you to join his business or buy his next product. He isn’t your friend, but he’s your only friend so you continually do anything he says. I can switch this over to drugs. Nobody supports or motivates you to do things you really believe in so you use drugs because your drug dealer tells you it’s okay, everyones doing it, and you’ll feel better. And for the most part he’s right and he’s your only friend while your family belittles you and you have a lack of a support system for you to grow. So I accept that what I want so badly that I always feel is right at my finger tips, but falls through 99% of the time. My sister pointed out as most do that everything I do is something that is “going to get me rich quick”, however what she doesn’t know and everyone else who doesn’t support what I do is that I actively market, advertise, and run my businesses whether it be trading or home-based as a business. It takes work, hard work, they never see therefor think I’m just trying to do some scheme to get rich. It is upsetting and frequently devastating to any bit of confidence and motivation lack still in me. Even practice trading takes a lot of work. No one except myself seeks the thousands of paper practice trades, stock research, and charts I’ve analyzed for plays. Trust me it’s no get rich scheme it’s work that takes lots of time, effort, and study just like any other profession. It sucks having only the salesman as your friend, but he is the only guy that still motivates you to go out and get it. If only family, friends, and business associates were more helpful maybe I would be where I feel I should be today. The road I travel is far less traveled and many of the seeks detour and give up. America wouldn’t be the greatness it is today without all the entrepreneurs and traders who didn’t give up even if it took their crazy ideas 30 years to become realistic things that improved the lives of everyone. It’s a mother fucker but it’s important I don’t give up, ever.

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