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UPS – Negative Customer Review, Really Upsetting experience with customer center in Brooklyn, NY

I recently ordered a piece of computer gear through a company which used United Parcel Service (UPS @ $67.89) and received my missed customer slip because I live in a small apartment building. I was like no biggie. I called the number on the slip because it gave the option to pick it up after 7PM at the local UPS customer center where all packages come and go. It was 40 minutes from my place, but I figured I’d make the time so I could just get it out of the way due to my neighbors The Deli and The Chinese Rest. not being so keen on holding my UPS packages.

First the UPS woman that answers my initial call to request to pick it up was rude. I asked her maybe a dumb question, but a smart one for me because it was pitch dark out and the area where I had to go was unknown and towards where my friends that live there tell me is a ruff area. I ask her if the area is safe at night? She gets an attitude with me while I’m being completely professional and polite. She either could of said I don’t know, yes, no, or it is well lit in a commercial area. Hell, I didn’t know! If she was in a UPS call center in the area she must of lived there and got upset by my question and took it personal. I told her I’d come get it and she told me it would be available 8:30-10. Then I asked do you mean 8:30-10am or pm? She did not specify and then became more rude. I felt like what did I do? I’m just calling to inquire about my UPS package with only 2 questions so far with simple answers.

Next I get on the subways to go there. Two trains. I mistakenly took one too far which ended up making the trip an hour to get there. I arrive and go into the center where a flock of people, unorganized, with 2 men behind the counter talking to customers, seems there is an upset vibe going on, and then I see the ripped paper sign taped in 3 different places, “MUST HAVE ID AND MATCHING ADDRESS ON ID TO RECEIVE PACKAGE”. I should of just left then. The UPS customer service woman on the phone NEVER mentioned anything about bring ID or a “matching address”. Okay bringing an ID with my UPS slip made sense to confirm who I am. A state ID should be enough right? No. It is finally my turn and I tell the two men I was not told to bring proof of address. When I sign for a UPS or Fedex package I don’t have to prove I live there. I could be anyone saying yes “I’m so and so”. But here I am at the place, took the time (MY TIME) to get there and they are telling me that my Virginia state ID and two school NY ID’s plus my package receipt slip with my name printed on it is not enough and turn me away. So let me break it down I pay UPS to ship the package and even though I paid for it and have 3 ID’s because I didn’t bring my mail with me I can’t pick up a package???? Am I asked to show my mail to the UPS driver when he drops it off? Talk about being frustrated. I’ve already heard about how corporate UPS screws over its employees during the holidays because the only thing important is UPS over family, God, and personal matters. Now I fully understand why the pick up service is such assholes to its customers. Now when I choose if choice is possible I’ll stick with USPS. I usually always go with the USPS just because it is cheaper and more reliable. You pick up your package and you bring your receipt and ID. So two days later I made a second trip with my mail, passport, and ID’s. Total time to get package 2 1/2 hours of my time. What a waste.

UPS stock at $67 is actually up around 20% for the year doing well with some ups and downs. After my experience I wouldn’t consider it a long-term investing stock. As a young New Yorker I’m a person transiting. I haven’t lived in a spot more then 4 years for the past 12. I was *lucky enough to have JUST changed my bank statements to be mailed to my address because if I hadn’t I couldn’t get my package I paid for and had proof of my identity. UPS work on your customer relationship skills.

So if you are picking up your package these are THINGS YOU MUST KNOW – BEFORE YOU GO!
1. Have all your mail with you
2. Have all your ID’s with you
3. Have your UPS slip with you
4. Bring patience with you
5. Double check your Subway directions
6. Bring a good book

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