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OEX & stocks moves higher after FOMC Fed minutes at 2pm – What to do with debt, nice guy finishes last.

After 2pm I watched a big white candle form on my OEX charts. Sadly my put play before then didn’t work out and lost 25% by the time I agreed with myself that I was wrong. I’d assume wall street liked the Fed’s decision. It can also be said that since the decision has been discussed and the news piece if over normal trading continues.

Some stocks including your normal fast moving tech stocks GOOG, AAPL, and BIDU I’ve see really move recently are solar stocks LDK and JASO which supposedly have very profitable revenues coming up. Earnings for solar is mid-November. I have to admit the days I have gotten to watch the OEX to see it moves doesn’t really impress me for an index of $500 level. Maybe it use to move or only around really market moving events, but compared to AAPL or GOOG it doesn’t move at all.

I slept all yesterday and night so now I’m up because I have a job interview today as a baker’s assistant. It is actually what I have been seeking to learn more about cooking, but the negatives are that I’m probably going to get on $7 bucks an hour for my time. Plus what is more worrisome is that it is a Monday-Saturday 6am-2pm type job. Almost exact as my military schedule that I dreaded. I’m not much of the morning person. I need work though and I can keep practice trading around work since I can watch the markets (if I can) 2pm-4pm.

Since I’ve drowned myself in around 20k @ 28% interest of credit card debt plus the bad student loans of $45k @ 12% plus lets add on $340k @ 6% mortgage which I can’t reduce the interest rate I’d say I am fucked for awhile.

My goal if I can actually keep a job since I’ve been offered one is to pay off my credit card debt. Currently paying $800 month to credit cards just making minimum payments is heart breaking.
I know you must think I’m crazy. I am. I never had credit card debt until 2010 moving to New York City. I was broke moving here from other entrepreneurial things I tried at home. I have to admit I’ve tried probably 5 other businesses since I’ve been here (small but they add up costs). I guess putting myself into a 48 hour week job even if pays low might keep me out of spending more money on things that just never work out. I just don’t understand how such a nice guy who volunteers 20 hours a week to making other entrepreneurs and small businesses people profitable he himself can’t make a dollar and can’t get the necessary volunteer help to make his business a money maker. It’s just depressing. I was watching Maxed Out and how college kids commit suicide from racking up credit card debt. I totally agree. If you just live and going to die with money owning you there feels like no reason to live. I’ve considered bankruptcy but I just wasn’t brought up that way and I’ve worked countless years paying for shit to own my homes. If I did do bankruptcy I’d look to major real estate investments I have around $40k cash of my own money in. If I could sell them and get back my money to pay off my debt I would but markets have been just too bad. I’d lose my initial investment plus pay to sell them. No thanks.

Life is a mother fucker.

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