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Profitable call options for AAPL + put options on GOOG in near future w/technical analysis

Apple (AAPL @ 229) hovered around $230 today as I saw Google (GOOG @ 557) move up for the first time in the past week. I sense Google is getting so big it is finally losing some steam with it’s stock. BIDU @ $608 seems like the new hot search engine stock and to be honest I don’t even know why though I’ve watched it climb over +100 points since the new year (up +500pts within 52 weeks). If it’s the new Google taking it’s steam there should be some great future up/down big moves. Apple as well is getting near Wal-Marts market capitalization, BUT still growing stronger with iPhone/iPad orders. See technical charts.

Apple has been strong into it’s second peak. I believe it’s ready to shoot up. Apple has been sitting in the $200 price range for awhile and new product annoucements + a few hundred thousand backorders for the iPad should put this stock into major motion, who knows maybe even a stocksplit in the future.

Looks like the stock is taking a breather with heavy supportive wicks for the past week and today. I would be surprised if it sold off in the morning to the $225’s then by the close moves past $235 this week.

Google shows the second peak in a downward trend selling off (long-term looking).

Short-term trading Google is hitting the bottom bollinger bands and looks like it is going to make a short run (or longer if the stock gains some ground against Apple). A big buying support wick today. I’m curious if that will last into tomorrow or if that was just the Market Maker selling off all the Stop orders again to continue moving up into the week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google made a come back since it is still a profit machine and its PEG I believe is under 1.00 (value).
If the stock is going to tank it should happen within the month (likely around earnings if disappoint) and if so this baby will likely drop -$100 points easy just technically from a sell off.

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