Paul Meyer Buys Houses

I read somewhere is Starbuck’s (SBUX @ $25) a good stock to buy again, did people stop drinking starbucks coffee? No way!

Starbucks SBUX – is on every corner (yet fighting competiting within the same-store-sales), but consumers love the coffee and I don’t think it’s going anywhere unless there is a takeover or some crazy law that stops corporate coffee anytime soon.
The stock is up 200% since the market plummeted. The recent dividend is great but big deal. I see the stock selling off some in the near future and then with good solid sales continued growth in stock price. There is a big selling off support wick looking like the Market Mover is ready to move the other direction after a quick run up. I’d say the recent buy up will definitely have some original holders of the stock to sell off some profits. I’d definitely play put options on it going into April 2010. SBUX is a buy long-term, but I would be open minded to seeing it possibly fall very soon.

See huge wick at top of run up that was pushed back down. Likely to fall some this week if it is going to fall.

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