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The New Dominos Pizza is awesome – DPZ @ $14 – stock up 64% since new advertising & pizza sales

I had my first new Dominos Pizza (DPZ) delivered to me at school since I’m doing an all-day writing session. At first I noticed when I opened the box it looked kind of greasy on the bottom almost like Pizza Hut. This is Dominos Pizza new “buttery garlic” crust. The pizza was piled with its new cheese and the toppings looked great. I ordered a large hand tossed pepperoni, onions, and roasted red peppers. Yum! Yum! I think I would of liked extra sauce because I’m just an extra sauce type of guy, but I was definitely impressed. I delivered pizzas for them for over 2 years and always thought the pizza was rather plain except for their new specialty pizzas. I would definitely buy again and even over Papa Johns because I feel I lost my taste for them.

My local pizza places in Virginia Beach, VA will ALWAYS top any franchise OR NEW YORK pizza. Those are Chichos Pizza (a surfer pizza bar) and Chanello’s (known as the dirty pizza joint) but I love them both. Both places are more specific in how they make there sauces. Chichos being hot and Chanellos being sweet.

DPZ @ $14 moved up hard just around November 09′ into the new year with their new pizza. I think they are doing an excellent job on their new promotion. All I can see is as a negative campaign back from competition is “We don’t have to change our sauce because we are that good”. But I think change is good and if they want to last another 50 years starting now is always smart. I predict the stock with the new sales and promoting up Dominos again will likely move up to $20 if they do very well in sales with the new pizza if it holds ground and returns customers.

I specifically liked working for Dominos Pizza because out of the 3 major chains (Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos) their stores were always the cleanest, food prep was simple, and most stores had really great technology to deliver quicker with interactive maps united with orders. Whereas the other 2 you had to do it old style making it harder if you were new or a new address popped up no one heard of. You’ll definitely get it fast if you order from Dominos (except on holidays with high ordering volume).

dominos pizza is awesome buy DPZ

nerd eating new dominos pizza

dominos pizza is good for you eat with me. fun nerd.

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